Must be uploaded to the UCSO website before 4:00 p.m. on Friday of the first week of classes.

OVERVIEW: Required Project

The resume is the fundamental tool around which all of the UCSO’s career services revolve. It is an instrument with which you will sell yourself to prospective employers by organizing and presenting your goals, education, experience, activities, and honors. The utmost care should be taken in its preparation. It is vital that this resume be well organized, articulate, and completely free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors.

NOTE: Project 1, Project 2, and Project 23 (the final project) are required projects and must be completed in order to pass the course.


Read the Resume/Cover Letter Guide on the UCSO website for instructions on completing and submitting this project. You must follow these instructions carefully to earn full credit for Project 1. You need to begin constructing (or finalizing) your resume now. See the sections on Resume Services and Registering with Career Services in the Policies and Definitions manual on the UCSO website.


A.     ALL sections of the UCSO resume template MUST be completed in order to obtain credit for this project. Your original X220 resume, if not substantially updated based upon the information received in the discussion session and Lecture 2, will fail this project.

B.     The career objective is recommended to be included in this resume and should be both clear and concise. The other sections should be thorough and descriptive. You are expected to draw heavily from class and the textbook in order to prepare a well written, professional-looking general resume. In Project 3 you may develop a longer 2- to 3-page Networking Recommender Resume free-form style.

C.    Because the UCSO resume is typically viewed on the web, it may be slightly longer than one page. For the purpose of this resume and this project, it is more important to include all pertinent details than to be concerned with length initially; but, the finished project must be only approximately one page.

D.    You should incorporate the suggestions from the first Discussion Session titled “Creating Your Resume” into your resume design. Lecture 2 will have a component on “Creating Your Networking Resume” that you can share with your networking partners and recommenders for networking purposes.

E.     In addition to your uploaded resume on the UCSO website, you should also send your MS Word resume via attachment in Oncourse email to your Career Counselor. Bring a paper copy of your resume with you to your counseling lab session in Week 2. Your Career Counselor will advise you on how it might be improved.

The resume must be submitted prior to the deadline following the directions on the web and as outlined in the UCSO Resume/Cover Letter Guide.

Deliverables: You should turn in to your Career Counselor (via Oncourse email attachment and paper copy):

Ø      Your resume.

The resume should also be uploaded into the UCSO website.

Projects 1, 2, and 23 are required to pass the course. You must choose from the list of optional projects to add to the required point accumulation and required number of projects to earn the grade you desire. Project 23 must be the last project you turn in. Project 23 is due during your final lab session in Week 10 of the semester. To prepare for that final requirement you must submit Project 2, the Career Plan, during the Week 2 lab with your newly assigned Career Counselor.