OVERVIEW: Required Project

This course is designed to help you in your current job search, and to provide you with skills for career planning and future job changes. This project gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with what the course has to offer and to strategize about how you can use what you learn in this course to your advantage. While there is no requirement for you to carry out all of the plans you outline in this project, it will help to guide you through the semester and your career search.

The goal of this project is to help you define your job search plans by identifying various methods of job searching and determining which you think you will employ. It will also help you explore how you will make practical use of what you have learned in this course to help you reach your career search goals.

If you have already made an employment decision, you can see how the career management part of your long-term goals can be enhanced by selecting appropriate projects that best fit your on-the-job or graduate student needs. You are given the option to modify projects in a manner that better addresses your needs provided that you discuss this in advance with your Career Counselor.

NOTE: Project 2 must be turned in on Week 2 and will be graded in your Week 3 lab session. We want to allocate as much time as possible to your resume during Week 2.


A.     From the list of projects (see X420 Project Planning Form) select 5-8 projects (including the required Project 1: Resume, the required Project 2: Career Plan, and the required Project 23: Career Portfolio) that you think will best meet your needs in this class whether you are in an active job search, already have a firm job offer, or are planning to continue your education with graduate school. To aid you, consult the eight career track recommendations in Section 7of the syllabus.

1.      Search Track

2.      Management Skills Track

3.      Graduate Study Track

4.      Entrepreneurial Track

5.      International Track for U.S. Citizens

6.      Foreign National U.S. Employment Track

7.      Foreign National Home Country Employment Track

8.      Independent Career Track (Flex Track)

B.     For each “optional” (not required) project selected, include at least one sentence explaining how you feel this project will actually assist you.

C.    Whether you are still in a job search or have already accepted an offer, list the resources you intend to employ or have employed during your job search. These can include the UCSO, networking, career websites, career fairs, search firms, etc. Briefly describe how you will or did use each resource in your job search strategy.

D.    Complete the X420 Project Planning Form  with your tentative plans and send as an attachment via Oncourse email to your Career Counselor.

Read the requirements for Project 23 so you will be prepared to collect your necessary information and projects through the semester.

This project should be turned in to your Career Counselor in your Week 2 lab and discussed in Week 3 lab. You will not be restricted to the projects you have selected but may choose others as replacements as the semester progresses. You should consider this class as a whole and make a plan (which you may alter) that suits your individual situation.

X420 Project Planning Form


Deliverables: You should turn in to your Career Counselor (via Oncourse email attachment and paper copy):

Ř      The completed X420 Project Planning Form