PROJECT 10: Secondary Interview


You have made it past the initial interview and have received an invitation for a second-round interview. What does this mean? Will this interview be the same as the first one? What should you look for and try to accomplish in this second-round interview? This project will prepare you for a second interview by familiarizing you with its structure, content, and purpose, and to help you understand how a second interview differs from the first interview with a company. There will be a lecture on this topic during the semester.


Read Chapter 9 in the textbook and review the lecture PowerPoint on Secondary Interviews.

Your finished project should fulfill ALL of the requirements below.



A.     Select an organization with which you have interviewed or in which you are sincerely interested.

B.     Interview Expectations: Write a one- to two-page description of what you can expect during a second interview. How do you prepare? How is it different? Who might interview you? Length? Schedule? Testing? What are your expectations? All of this info is in Chapter 9 on Secondary Interviews. Summarize as it relates to your selected employer. Do not submit your research only.

C.    Hypothetical: Pretend you have been invited for an onsite second interview with the employer you selected. Near the end of the day’s interview(s), you may be asked to express your impressions. Visualize the day’s schedule and write one full page of comments on your hypothetical impressions. Address each “player” or area of concern in the day’s activities.

D.    Follow-up: Write a paragraph stating “what happens now.” Address how and when you could expect an offer and explain what you do concerning expenses. Assuming that you are going to get an offer, describe the information that you will need to use in comparing your offer package. When and how do you want the firm to respond?

E.     Evaluation: Using one of the four Interview Evaluation forms linked below, complete any one of them as a hypothetical evaluation. Assume that you are the final evaluator who compiles everyone’s evaluations. Using some empathy, if you were the consolidator, what would you write on the form? (Select, copy and paste any one of the Word forms into your word processor or email and edit it and submit the completed form to your Career Counselor.)

  1. Interview Evaluation
  2. Selection Summary
  3. Interview Report
  4. Powell’s Trait Checklist

Whichever form you select, you should write on the form why you made the choices you used as a quick identifier. Your boss will want written comments on the form, not just check marks.

F.     Continue to assume that you are the evaluator. Write a one-page email to your boss explaining why you are recommending that an offer be made to this person. Discuss both strengths and weaknesses. Your own reputation as a potential manager is on the line. You must justify your decision using facts and an appropriate analysis that is likely to also be filed into your own performance appraisal folder. Attach your own resume to the email so your boss can also see the applicant’s background that you are expanding upon.

Deliverables: Turn in to your Career Counselor:

Ø      Interview expectations

Ø      Hypothetical schedule of the day’s activities

Ø      Follow-up expectations

Ø      Completed Evaluation Form

Ø      Recommendation email