WEEK 10 – At a Glance

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Lecture Evaluation

Reading Assignments:

Chapter 22

Lab 10 Counseling Session:

Review Projects – Final Lab


No Lectures after Week 9


P22: Ethics

P23: Career Portfolio - Required


Discussion Sessions have concluded for the semester.


Lab Counseling Session – Lab 10

General Project Directions:

Ø      Send projects as an attachment via Oncourse Messenger Email to your Career Counselor.

Ø      Send to your Career Counselor before your lab appointment.

Ø      Bring a copy with you to the appointment so your Career Counselor can mark on it with you present.

Ø      Counselor will grade, sign, and return at your appointment time for verification.

Ø      Save your projects. They could be useful to you later. Be prepared to make an oral presentation to your counselor on your project.


Follow project directions carefully. See full descriptions of projects in project section.

You must attend your assigned lab for review of your projects.


Career Resources (UCSO) / Career Links (On Oncourse)

Ø      Use textbook as a resource for your projects.

Ø      Many career-related websites follow your textbook Table of Contents structure.

Ø      The UCSO Career Resources also provides links to helpful research resources.

Ø      Career Links is a more extensive list of research websites.


Project 22: Ethics

Always number this as Project 22, not by the number of projects you have turned in.

Overview: (See full descriptions of projects in project section)

The subject of ethics is not only a personal matter, but it is also a social and sometimes moral issue. What you believe to be right and wrong and how you conduct yourself in certain situations can make an impact – from tiny to enormous – on you, your company, your coworkers, and society in general. Consider all the legal problems in the business world in recent years stemming from employees violating ethical principles. This project will provide you with an understanding of the powerful role of ethics in everyday activities and in the business world. This is a project especially valuable to students planning to work in public accounting or financial institutions or to students going to graduate school.

Project Instructions:

Actual project instructions are located in the Projects Section of the syllabus.


Project 23: Career Portfolio - REQUIRED

Always number this as Project 23, not by the number of projects you have turned in.

Overview: (See full descriptions of projects in project section)

This project is a required final exercise. Its goal is to encourage you to review the content covered in the class and, based upon the projects that you completed, develop a “strategic career plan portfolio” that you can use many times during your working life as a strategy foundation.


The career portfolio is not intended to create a lot of new work for you. If you have been reading the textbook, attending lectures and discussion sessions, and completing appropriate career-related projects, most of your written work is finished. This is a reorganization and refinement project.


A career portfolio is a compendium of many facets of your past behaviors, competencies learned, evaluation of your competency efficiency, and future career activities.


If a career partner of yours reads your career portfolio, they will shortly have a thorough understanding of your past, present and future as it relates to your career plans and aspirations in the next three to five years. This is essentially “My Career Portfolio Website.”


Regardless of which career track you originally selected, your final career portfolio will become your personal strategic plan. It is amazing the number of high-powered MBA graduates who are willing to spend years working on a corporation’s strategic business plan but spend almost no time working on their own personal strategic career plan. This is your opportunity to do your own strategic career planning as your textbook has defined it.


NOTE: Project 23 must be presented orally to your Career Counselor at your last lab session in Week 10 following all other projects that you wish to submit.

Project Instructions:

Actual project instructions are located in the Projects Section of the syllabus.


Discussion Sessions

DISCUSSION SESSIONS have concluded for this semester.


Thank you for allowing our team to be of assistance in your career development. We wish you the best of success with your future career endeavors and life experiences.