WEEK 3 – At a Glance

Announcements: Oncourse and Career Services (USCO)

Reading Assignments:

Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 20

Lab 3 Counseling Session:

Review Projects

Lecture 5:



P3: Employment Communications

P4: Interview Preparation Analysis

Lecture 6:


X420 Lecture Schedule

SCOOP: Schedule  /  Description

Discussion Sessions Schedule


Lecture 5: SCOOP #2

Lecture 6: SCOOP #3

Remember to attend SCOOP sessions during your scheduled class time. You may attend any room of your choice. If you attend more than one in one day, be sure that one is during your scheduled time. You may receive points for up to nine SCOOP sessions.


You should plan to leave a copy of your resume with the presenters if you are interested in interviewing with a particular company. Please remember that even if you have accepted employment, it is very important for you to keep your options open, especially for future networking purposes. On average, changing jobs every 3-4 years is normal.


If you are planning to do Project 19, Graduate Study Research, or Project 20, Graduate Study Application (see Week 9), you should order your supporting materials NOW if they are not available online.


Lab Counseling Session – Lab 3

You must attend your Counseling Lab Session to discuss Project 2 and Projects 3 and 4 if you choose to do either one of them.


We strongly urge you to complete Project 3 which includes the cover letter and the networking recommender resume.

You must attend your assigned lab for review of your projects.


Career Resources (UCSO) / Career Links (on Oncourse)

Ø      Use textbook as a resource for your projects.

Ø      Many career-related websites follow your textbook Table of Contents structure.

Ø      The UCSO Career Resources also provides links to helpful research resources.

Ø      Career Links is a more extensive list of research websites.


Project 3: Employment Communications

Always number this as Project 3, not by the number of projects you have turned in.

Overview: (See full descriptions of projects in project section)

To obtain a desired position or to advance within a company you must be able to write effective letters. A cover letter is essential to create interest in your resume, but it does not end there. You are evaluated by the competency of your correspondence with recruiters, networking contacts, and companies interested in hiring you. This project will enable you to create a career correspondence “portfolio” consisting of two error-free letters to be used during your job search and your recruitment resume expanded into a networking recommender resume. Your networking resume will be used quite often as you network your way to success. This project will include your networking recommender resume and two letters: a cover letter and a thank you letter.

Project Instructions:

Actual project instructions are located in the Projects Section of the syllabus.


Project 4: Interview Preparation Analysis

Always number this as Project 4, not by the number of projects you have turned in.

Overview: (See full descriptions of projects in project section)

Of you are to engage in a successful job search, you must first explore various self-assessment instruments in order to help identify your interests, skills, abilities, and personality type. This will enable you to prepare for your job search and for interviewing by understanding your personal qualities as they relate to job offerings. This is very important in preparing for future interviews. You are helping employers make a fit between your credentials and the job descriptions.


Whether now or years after graduation, nearly everyone eventually conducts job interviews. Recruiters are trained to identify your competencies during the interview. What do you want them to know about your credentials? How well you prepare greatly influences the final evaluation by the interviewer.


The Self-Assessment projects are strong recommended for non-business majors, but business majors are also welcome to complete the project. For business majors who completed some form of self-assessment in X220, this project will help you to focus on your personal qualifications as they relate to your job decision. How can you best discuss your relevant personal characteristics 6during your interview?


Recruiters are going to be probing into your background to see which candidates are most qualified for their openings. You must be prepared to explain how your experiences, values, interests and abilities place you at the top of the list. Any of the options given will help you prepare. You will draw upon the results as you prepare your interview presentation.

Project Instructions:

Actual project instructions are located in the Projects Section of the syllabus.


Discussion Sessions

·        5:30 or 7:00 p.m. (First come, first seated)

·        Often repeated at each hour

·        Focus on communication, management, and leadership skills needed at work

·        Can be used to replace points missed in lectures (all types).