PROJECT 7: Employer Profile


Knowledge of the company with which you are interviewing is critical to your success. Extensive research prior to an interview is an effective way to help you to stand out above other candidates. But how do you know which areas to research? How can you best find the information you need before your interview? The purpose of this project is to develop skills in performing in-depth research on companies in preparation for interviews.


Read Chapter 19 in the textbook with special attention to Figures 19.1 and 19.2.

Your finished project should fulfill ALL of the listed requirements. If you also chose Project 6, you must select a different employer for Project 7.

A.     Choose Employer: Select an employer that you are interested in working for, one with whom you have an interview scheduled, or one with whom you have already accepted employment or currently work for. Research the company extensively, exploring information on the web and in annual reports, employment brochures, investment reports, advertisements, business periodicals, newspapers and magazines. You may find the following websites helpful:

1.      VAULT Online Career Library

2.      WetFeet

3.      IU Libraries—Careers

4.      Career Resources

5.      Career Links

6.      Careers-in-Business

B.     Research Employer: In one or more paragraphs identify the organization you chose and why you chose it, and describe the research you conducted, listing all of your sources. You are welcome to use a firm that you are considering interviewing for full- or part-time positions, a former employer, or if you have accepted employment, the firm that you selected. Turn in five pages of research that you printed about the employer.

C.    Profile: Using the Employer Profile template as a guide (in syllabus appendix and Figure 19.1 in the textbook), develop a three- to five-page profile on the company you research.

D.    Why Us? Two common questions in an interview (or when assessing your current employer) is: “Why do you want to work for us?” and “What factors lead you to select us to interview (or work for)?” Assuming that you are joining the firm you have selected, what factors did you identify as reasons for joining it?

Give a 2-minute summary of why this is the best firm possible for you to be working for. Be convincing to the firm and yourself.

Deliverables: Turn in to your Career Counselor:

Ø      One page on why you chose this employer with an explanation of your research sources

Ø      About five pages of printed materials from your research

Ø      Completed Employer Profile template using Figure 19.1 as a guide

Ø      Two-minute interview answer to why you selected this employer.