PROJECT 20: Graduate Study Application


This project will provide an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with graduate school admissions requirements and admissions procedures.

It is recommended that Projects 19 and 20 be done as a set.


Read Chapter 21 in the textbook.

Your finished project should fulfill ALL of the requirements below.


A.     School Program Assessment: Write one paragraph summarizing why (or why not) this school would be a good choice for you. Your total project, including your term-by-term course of study, should be four to six pages. You are welcomed to copy and paste from the schools website as long as you intersperse your comments on topics as they relate to you within the body of your analysis.

B.     References: Nearly every program requires that you submit the names and contact information for three references. Identify the three best references that you intend to use. One must be an IU faculty member or administrator and one should be a work supervisor. The third reference should be a character reference from someone older than you who has know you for at least five years. For each person write a short email/letter to him/her asking for permission to submit his/her name. Always include the following points in these three emails:

1.      a reminder of who you are and circumstances of acquaintance

2.      description of your plans

3.      attached resume

4.      transcript, if relevant, attached

5.      plan of study

6.      identify the school

7.      request to use as reference

8.      procedures description

9.      Thank you in closing.

Submit all three letters, even though they are similar. Be sure to follow the correspondence format from Chapter 20, including location of the inside address for each email or letter.

C.    Essay: Write a two-page essay using the essay questions that are found in the online application form. In essence, you should complete at least one application that you copied and pasted into a MS Word document and edited for submission to both your Career Counselor and the academic institution.

Deliverables: Turn in to your Career Counselor:

      One-paragraph explanation of why this school suits you

      Four to six pages of course of study with comments

      Three references with email requests to each

      Two-page essay.