PROJECT 12: Case Interview Technique


Certain employers might use this specialized interview technique to identify the qualities they prefer in a candidate. Although you may not encounter this technique at your stage of the job search, this project will prepare you for this style of interview if you should experience it as some point in your present or future job searches.

This technique is used most by investment banking, consulting firms, and very large corporations in selection of fast-track candidates for high potential job openings.


Chapter numbers listed within the project refer to Career Planning Strategies, Hire Me! (5th Edition).

Your finished project should fulfill ALL of the requirements below.


Case Interview

A.     Read the section in Chapter 18 pertaining to the case interviewing method.

B.     Using Google, Yahoo, or another website search engine, enter the phrase “case interview” and look at relevant websites. You may also find the following websites helpful:,, and See Career Resources and Career Links for others. Review the McKinsey and BCG consulting firms’ websites to see what they ask.

C.    Situation: Write one to two pages summarizing the information on case interviewing from one of these websites. Describe what case interviewing is, where you would likely see it used, and some examples of case interviewing. This interview approach is common in some high-stress industries such as investment banking and management strategy consulting. Why do strategy consulting firms and investment banks use this approach?

D.    Case Scenario: In one to three pages state a likely case scenario that an interviewer might use with you. DO original work. DO NOT plagiarize this section from the Internet or any other source. Describe what you think your scenario is trying to assess. In short, write a brief case and one or two other pages indicating how you would approach the case if it were given to you in an interview on or off campus.

E.     Identify a job title and brief job description summary with qualifications listed. You may use a real firm.

F.     Case Competencies Assessed: Describe how you would respond to the case in part D. Develop an outline that shows that you possess the competencies required to be a success on the job described in part E.

Deliverables: Turn in to your Career Counselor:

Ø      One-page description of a case interview.

Ø      One-page case that you have created that is relevant to something that might be given to you in your career field.

Ø      Job description of a position that you are seeking where a case interview might be appropriate.

Ø      List of eight of your competencies that you will exploit in your case interview answers.