International Career Center Lectures
A Short Primer on Behavioral Interviews
Accepting a Job Offer
Addressing Interview Issues
Assessing Your Talents and the Employer Cultural Fit
BAT Performance Management Example
Be Prepared to Lead
Behavioral Interviews-More than a Gut Feeling
Bridging the Cultural Gap
Building Your Career Portfolio
Career Center
Career Center Services
Career Education Plan
Career Fair Preparations
Career Planning-Assessing Your Talents
Career Planning-Exploring Your Options
Case Interviews
Class Evaluation Form Questions
Coaching As a Leadership Style
Communicating at Career Fairs
Consulting As a Career
Course Grading and Projects
Creating a Career Center
Creating Networking CC Resume
Creating Your Career Portfolio
Creating Your Cover Letter
Designing Your Resume
Developing and Using the Cover Letter
Drafting Your Resume
Employer Selection Process
Employment Communications
InfoSearch Strategy
International Careers
Internet Job Searching-CB
Job and Internship Search Strategies
Managing Your Career
MBTI In Career Decisions
Network Database Development
Network Development
Networking Resume
Networking-Building Relationships
Online Recruiting and Interviewing-Enterprise
On-The-Job Success-PM
Packaging the Truth
Power Selling in the Interview
Power Selling Your Talents in the Interview
Presenting Your Interview
Professional Attire for Men
Professional Attire for Women
Professional Employment Services
Projecting a Professional Image
Proper Electronic Communication (10)
Researching the Job Market for Your Profession
Resume Preparation-Networking Résumé
Resume Writing Workshop
Skills for Success in a New Job
Targeting Your Resume-Create a Match
The Art of Influencing Others-Networkers
The Follow-Up Interview
The Interview Process
The Job Description
Three Types of Interview Methods-BBI
Using Search Agencies
Web Selection Tools-P&G
Welcome to Career Center Courses
Your Career Portfolio Project
Your Creative Job Search