INSTRUCTIONS: Save this file by clicking on FILE, SAVE AS. . ., and selecting the location.  Then simply pull it into Word. Email the completed form to the professor.

Please answer all of these representative questions in the space provided below.  Each answer should be 5 to 8 sentences in length.
1. Evaluate the amount of information that was given to you in terms of its ability to frame the situation and your final objective.
2. What are the "strengths" of using this type of exercise to simulate a real world situation and thus aid in your learning process?
3. What are the "limitations" of this activity-based learning approach?
4. Discuss how you would recommend that the case be restructured when it is done again in the future.
5. Use specific examples and verbiage of where you might change the case in the future so that your thoughts can more easily be integrated into the next redesign.
6. Discuss the length and time commitment of this HRM course compared to a typical course.