Training & Development The Indiana University Information Technology Services offers classes in several technologies. These are instructor level but it also links to other self instruction knowledge data to supplement the classroom instruction. These hands-on classes include topics like: computers, email, PowerPoint, Excel, Acces, PhotoShop, web pages, word processing, CGI application, Outlook, Windows, Unix, etc. These are offered at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels many times per year. There are fees for the classes and they are open for non-IU parties. Get an education online by attending class at times and places that fit your schedule via 100% internet courses. Many accelerated degree programs from very respectable faculty. ACCRA is a nonprofit organization promoting excellence in research for economic and community development. With the increasing economic importance of information and the growing recognition of those who are skilled in analyzing data, community researchers and economic developers play a vital role. The one professional organization informing, educating, and developing these professionals is ACCRA. Producer of the nationally renowned Cost of Living Index (COLI), ACCRA is the only national organization representing community research professionals. The American Society for Training and Development offers a magazine subscription for members, job listings, training program listings and a marketplace that includes audiotapes & videotapes, books & interactive media. This is an outstanding resource site. Offers a state-of-the-art course development software product designed to assist in the operation and delivery of information quickly and economically. The course distribution methods include diskette, CD-ROM, LAN, or Internet. The cost with add-ons for development and deployment is in the $1000-$2000 range. No matter where you are in your career, there are programs and compatible training material to assist you in getting to that next rung on your career ladder--and they're all available at this site! In July 2000, Behavioral Technology, Inc. and Novations Group merged to become BT.Novations. BT.Novations helps clients understand and address key organizational factors to reduce unwanted turnover, improve productivity and profitability, and increase customer and employee satisfaction. Using a research-based approach, BT.Novations offers an integrated set of capabilities to address the areas of employee selection, development, and performance management. Resources include seminars on conducting behavioral interviewing, performance evaluations and identifying a position's core competencies and integrating them into the candidate selection process. Coach U is a training and development firm which trains professional business and personal coaches, offers seminars focusing on personal and professional development, books, tapes and shareware items to the public, and licenses programs to individuals and firms. This private training organization focuses upon developing and delivering seminars and workshops on topics in human resource management. Publishes the newsletters: Worker's Compensation Update and Personal Law Update. Provides information that limits legal liability in employment policies and management practices. Focus is on legislation, regulations, court decisions, etc. that focus on employment. The Office of Distance Learning site at Dakota State University in South Dakota provides information on statewide classes offered as well as by independant study, internet, and video tape courses. You may also view their newsletter and register for listerv. Maintained by Consulting Psychologist Press, Inc., this site is essentially a marketplace that provides information on a variety of services and publications for job seekers, career counselors and human resource professionals. Resources include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, along with materials for interpreting the inventory results; the Strong Interest Inventory; and the California Psychological Inventory. Gives a layman's tutorial for people interested in using html for creating web pages. Easy to navigate to find answers to your specific questions. Provides individuals with access to online courses and resources offered by universities and educational institutions worldwide and aggregates credit and non-credit resources for career development, self development and continuing professional education. There is a fee to use. This commercial website promotes its products on selecting, interviewing, placing, and promoting people. Hundreds of firms use their products. Targeted selection is a proven accurate, legal, and credible system for putting employees through an interview-based selection and promotion tool. The site features the latest in selection technology, motivational assessment software, behavioral simulations, and training materials. DigitalThink is the leader in designing, developing and deploying e-learning solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. DigitalThink offers a fully integrated solution that combines course content aligned with its clients' business objectives, a compelling, results-oriented e-learning experience, and robust technologies that are fully outsourced. E-Learning takes advantage of the Internet by building courses with content, exercises and interactivity that are only possible online. Plus, courses are accessible anytime, anywhere and foster interaction among students and between students and expert tutors. The Disney Institute offers unique "out-of-the-box" professional development programs. You learn how to apply Disney success strategies to your organization. These seminars offer first-hand ways to turn textbook theory into operational realities. Offers "best practices" benchmarking opportunities in all progams. Gil Gordon is an expert in telecommuting, home office and working from home. Excellent articles and links to other related sites. Advises employers on how to make their telecommuting programs more successful by growing and developing employees. Great career advice to employees who need this option., the largest global networked marketplace for skilled services, recently acquired, the pioneer in web-based solutions for campus recruitment used by leading colleges. It connects members to the hotest companies, 600+ staffing brokers, and a growing base of over 450,000 skill-tested independent professionals. Membership includes free online skill testing, and other services like online training and benefit plans. Job/project matching and online management tools give members increased autonomy to manage their careers, projects, and recruiting processes. This site provides information, quizzes and newsletters/articles on colleges, MBA programs, career choices, study skills and financial aid. Resources include tips for success on the job, writing resumes and cover letters, informational interviewing, careers in the FBI, volunteering and self-employment. A business newsletter contains GMAT tips, critical-thinking quizzes and reminders The world's largest "Train-the-Trainer" company, Langevin Learning Services offers hundreds of workshops on instructional design, web-based instruction, presentatin skills, and programs typically taught by HR training professionals and consultants. Formerly ViaGrafix, this site provides thousands of free step-by-step tutorials, tips, and Q&A forums for everyday life as well as affordable online, CD-ROM, and video courses. Use these options to enhance your business skills at the fraction of the normal costs by choosing the right mix of content, technology and services to meet your needs. Learnativity is an online source of information for anyone involved in education, organizational learning, and training. Assists in locating links to training opportunities on all types of topics held in various locations. Although the 1999 conference was cancelled, be sure to hit this site for information regarding information for the 2000 event. Learning Tree has provided public or on-site training sessions to more than 20,000 organizations since 1974. Check out their site for course descriptions. There is a fee for these services. LearnItOnline is a unique Website specializing in self-paced computer skills training. Designed for employees who canít make it to the classroom or who need a quick, just-in-time review, LearnItOnline uses realistic, interactive software simulations to teach computer skills. Check out the course descriptions as well as the online demo. This McGraw-Hill site offers Internet and offline correspondence courses, print-based materials, computer-based training (CBT), and multimedia. A great tool for training specialists and educators who want their students to experience adventures, expeditions, maps, atlas', etc. Contains many resources for anyone who teaches and wants to keep student attention. There's no better way to further your career than with an MBA. Of course, there's also no more convenient way to get that MBA than with Indiana Wesleyan University's MBAOnline Program. The courses are designed for today's working professionals. They overcome time and geographic barriers by delivering courses via the Internet. Contains presentation tips, online advice, and many resources for electronic presentations. Useful for students, executives, managers, faculty, and job interviewees. The Society for Human Resources Management(SHRM) is the global voice of the profession. The 100,000 plus HR professionals are likely to be using this site for any job searching that they do for themselves or for their company. While the site offers a wealth of information, especially to its members, here are some of the highlights:

  • Browse HR positions by location, title, post date, keyword search, etc.; register to have them emailed to you.
  • Peruse the Information Center and Library which offers articles on Benefits and Compensation, as well as a Job Description Databank that contains hundreds of job descriptions catagorized by function and industry.
  • View up-to-date information regarding SHRM Conferences and Seminars. Pick from 350+ courses covering computers, finance, hobbies, and more. You can join SmartPlanet for free which would give you access to a sampling of the courses offered, but does not give you access to all courses. You may find a free membership a good way to get started with us. After your trial membership, you may decide to pay for courses as you go, or purchase a one-year standard membership. A one-year standard membership with SmartPlanet gives you unlimited access to all courses designated Standard or Free. The current price of membership is $69.95 per year for people who choose to come on board during our inaugural period. Effective February 1, 2000, the regular price of a standard membership will be $99.95 per year. An information resource of special interest to educators and human resource professionals who design delivery of course information. Provides resources on trends online that use latest technology for delivery of content. Topics include course development software, classroom technology, web/CD delivery systems, distance learning, electronic textbooks, etc. As a non-profit organization, Tallent Alliance offers your company the opportunity to benefit from the latest Internet technologies and human resource strategies for career management. Once your company becomes a member of the network, you may request a password access to our 12 Career Centers, 57 Workshops, and the proprietary Career LifeLine services. These services provide you with interactive skill development resources, personal survey instruments, online learning sources, job search tools, outplacement support, career planning strategies and industry research to help you pursue your field of work. This is a nationally recognized site for training professionals features a job market, business showcases, training links, development issues, and FAQs on training and development topics. Individuals searching for work or contracts can create and maintain their resumes/profiles in a database; seek out new career/project opportunities; and register for notification service. Also provides tips, advice, and news for job seekers and employers; as well as a "community center" where job seekers can chat with each other or potential employers. This site provides over 70 comprehensive Guides. Each guide presents a focused technology topic in practical, objective, and understandable terms. is your one-stop IT resource, providing how-to advice and strategic insight to guide IT and business professionals in technology project planning and decision-making. All the Guides may be viewed and printed at no charge. The matching of jobs and applicants is focused on a niche market of training professionals. Provides career advice in training and access to development materials in their bookstore. VCampus is a completely outsourced, remotely hosted and totally scalable distance education and training delivery solution. Their services enable clients to easily manage the enrollment, registration, tracking, testing, grading, administration and certification of distance learners. With a courseware library of more than 1,100 web-based courses and hundreds of thousands of course registrations already implemented to date, VCampus is a industry leader in a web-based learning environment. You may order some of their most popular items from tehir online catalog, or request a copy of the Buyer's Guide which contains the complete line of products. Also check out their software center where you may download many useful software products for free! Provides access to training magazines and newsletters, as well as information regarding upcoming training seminars and conferences. Windham International, a division of GMAC Global Relocation Services (GRS), is a comprehensive global relocation management and consulting firm. They provide clients with a complete range of services that mirrors the responsibilities of the international human resource function, but provide publicly-accessible data on their website, including brief reports and an online article library addressing topics such as global relocation trends, hardship rankings, hiring a nanny, the cost of business attire, currency exchange & regulations around the world and relocating pets internationally.