Technical/Engineering A leading professional association with thousands of members who work, in some manner, in training and development. Topics include training, assessment, delivery, and retention including its use in performance appraisal, improvement, and management. Association for Computing Machinery. The association is one of the largest membership groups specializing in computer information systems and technology. The "member services" are excellent with articles from its journals on career information. Provides you with high quality computer-related job opportunities and career-related content organized into 18 vertical skill sets and 19 major metropolitan markets. Employers are rewarded with access to thousands of prescreened resumes, which you may post for free, from real people including many of the best and brightest IT talent in the industry. More than 4,000 companies post jobs to The world's largest Information Technology trade journal maintains classified ads and career information on this site. You may request jobs that match your skills be sent to you via email. It also contains an extensive listing of career related articles that can be keyword searched. FREE! This specialty site focuses on recruiting electrical, mechanical, computer, civil, environmental and MIS personnel for member businesses central New York. You can search posted jobs by keyword, category, education level, or salary. Post your current resume or us their resume Wizard which provides step-by-step formatting for a perfect profile. It has some excellent technical resources as well as entertainment, fun and lifestyle considerations. This is a top site for information technology, engineering and other technical fields. Thousands of jobs are posted daily; all have direct contact information and the ability to apply online. "JobSeeker" emails the jobs you want and "ResumeOnline" lets you store your resume on the web. This site also contains an excellent battery of job tools for the technical professional. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers has over 300,000 members and dominates recruiting through its professional membership. Allows job seekers to view positions by location, keyword, entry-level, or international locations. Contact information is available members can post their resumes for free. There are many career articles in salary information posted on the site. It contains a long list of job links to various professional organizations. The Indiana Information Technology Association (INITA) is the voice of the IT industry within the state of Indiana. There are more than 2,000 IT companies within the state employing 41,000 people. By joining INITA will put you in touch with the information technology community, help you learn about the trends, provide you an opportunity to promote your products or services, and grant you access to industry information. The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) with more than 10,000 members, is the largest student-managed organization in the country. NSBE is comprised of more than 270 chapters on college and university campuses, 75 Alumni Extension chapters nationwide and 75 Pre-College chapters. These chapters are geographically divided into six regions.