Resume Services

Many websites allow you to load your resume onto their sites. They often charge an employer a reasonable fee to search for resumes on their website. It is usually free for you to upload your resume onto such a site.

Many college career service offices also allow you to upload your resume onto their website. They have developed their own "web resume book" or purchased such a service from a vendor. Thousands of employers are moving away from the "resume view" process using hard copy resume books. It is so much easier, and more effective, just to scan a resume database for the "keyword strings" or "selected criteria" to "pre-identify" potential applicants to interview.

The WWW has changed the way that thousands of employers now select job candidates. Most of the traditional ideas still work but if you don't avail yourself of the latest technology, you could lose opportunities for interviews.

Selection Criteria. Most job descriptions give specific job-related requirements and the HR staff typically does their first screen on these required variables. Listed below are some of the variables that employers often use in this initial screen.

    Degree Level
University Name
University Name
Location Desired
Minimum Salary Desired
Years of Experience
Language Proficiency
Date Available
Professional Organizations
Areas of Job Interest
It is very easy to scan through resumes with software looking for key variable or word strings. The full resume is reviewed only after it matches all of the job-related criteria.

Data Fields. Rather than scan through actual resumes, some websites request that you complete a database. You are given several tables with drop-down choices to select with your mouse. This constructs a database which allows web-based software to much more rapidly scan thousands of resumes in a shorter time period. Within seconds, employers could select "qualified" candidates and download or print resumes.

You want to place your data and resumes on many of these sites. All sites intuitively lead you through the process of entering data into their servers. On most sites the data can be entered in less than 15 minutes.

HTML resumes. Many sites allow you to upload your actual resume to their server so employers can print a copy once your skills and abilities in the database match their needs. This upload/download facilitates the employer's access to you for further resume screens and internal distribution by HR staff to live hiring managers. You can then be contacted via telephone, fax, or email (preferred) for subsequent interviews.

The World Wide Web requires information to be in HTML format so your word processed resume must be converted to this format. In most cases, you can maintain the same "look" on your resume.

All major word processors allow you to "save" your resume in HTML format. Once you do that, you often must view your resume and do some minor html coding to ensure that centering, columns, tables, tabs, line spaces, etc. are as you intended. You then can upload your HTML resume to the site.

Many people don't have a good knowledge of HTML so there are other ways to get a properly designed resume uploaded. Some sites present you with templates that are small boxes and tables in which you replace the "sample info" with your own data. They are very easy to use and then automatically submit. The boxes may be the standard resume elements: Career Objective Education Activities Honors Skills Internships Work Experience References Once you "fill in the blanks," you click a submit button which sends your resume forward. You can then, with your password, print out your own resume. Some sites allow multiple resumes for different career objective resumes.

Writing HTML resumes. There are several excellent HTML editors that you can use to prepare your own HTML resume without the use of the preformated templates. These give you great functionality so you can use any style or format that fits your needs.

Microsoft FrontPage, Netscape Composer, and Corel all provide excellent HTML editors. They function exactly like the word processor that you are already familiar with. The resume is already saved in HTML and, thus, you maintain your exact "rich text look" after you upload your resume.

Summary. Each website operates a little differently but the concepts are all the same. You should load your resume onto as many sites as you have time to review. It's easy. It's free. The employer pays a fee on a subscription, advertising, search, or other novel way. Take advantage of this opportunity to broadly circulate your resume. AJB is a partnership between the U.S. Department of Labor and the state operated public Employment Service. As you may expect, AJB gets its job listings from federal government openings and state public employment agencies. You can define searches by location, highly specific job function, or keyword phrases. Other links are available to a variety of public and private employment pages. America's Job Bank does have application options and contact addresses. Best of all, this service is FREE! If you speak Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, you need to visit this site. Especially if you are seeking employment outside of the USA. Database contains 20,000 plus emails of bilingual professionals who can receive emails from employers. Site is building a unique community of bilingual professionals for Asian employment purposes. National Banking Network is the oldest and largest association of independently owned recruiting firms all specializing in the Banking and Financial Services marketplace. Their site offers resume posting and job referrals as well as Banking and Finance-related links to sites that offer resume and interviewing assistance and additional job opportunities. This site is for the Human Resource professional who specializes in managing benefit programs. Job seekers and explorers of the HR profession can gain insight into the profession. Good bulletin board for questions regarding benefit regulations and options. Contains both resume posting possibilities and job lead listings. Professionals in human resource who specialize in benefit design and management will find this site to be full of relevant publications and information. Resumes can be posted free. Job leads in the field can be viewed. A site devoted to employment in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Here you will find job listings focused in Boston, Cambridge and other Eastern Massachusetts cities and suburbs. You may also post a resume. Designed specifically for college graduates, this site offers advice from experts, stories from your fellow job-seekers and tons of relevant information to help you slide smoothly from campus to the working world. You can search a database of literally thousands of early-career jobs requiring 0-5 years of work experience; view job descriptions and employer contact information, and apply for jobs online. Paste in your resume, type a cover letter, click "apply" and you have immediately applied for a job. Want added power? Register at no cost and you can store desired jobs in your job cart making it easier to to gather together jobs you want to apply for later or to just keep a list of interesting positions. You can also upload and store a resume that can be viewed by all of the employers that use BrassRing Campus to find entry-level candidates, apply easily and track job applications, receive daily or weekly email about new jobs by creating an "agent" to search for you. Check out the site map to avoid missing anything! The largest open access entry level careers web site for college students and recent graduates, with more than 10,000 job postings, 140 resume templates, a searchable employer database, and the entire contents of the best-selling book, "College Grad Job Hunter" online and free for all to access. Whether you prefer to review books for writing tips or go through the workbooks for a step-by-step guide, this site provides an immense amount of information to assist you in writing the perfect resume. The site doesn’t reflect a lot of cutting-edge information about electronic resumes, but does show how to make traditional resumes shine. Also features a job seekers section with sample letters and questions. Drake Beam Morin is one of the largest outplacement firms in the world. They allow individuals to register at their site and participates in their outplacement services including the use of networking, interest tests, and other resources. Employers can post jobs that might be useful for their clients who are undergoing outplacement counseling. The site also hosts the famous career guide to the World Wide Web called "The Riley Guide." To get the most complete look at what they offer, it's best to look at the site map. Since 1968, Equal Opportunity Publications, Inc. (EOP) has led the way from affirmative action to diversity recruitment by publishing career-guidance and recruitment magazines for women, members of minority groups, and people with disabilities. "First in diversity, best in results" is the slogan that summarizes EOP's successful record of helping job-seekers from underrepresented groups find employment and in aiding companies and government agencies eager to recruit from this diversified workforce. Check out the resume Database which provides the opportunity to have your resume sent FREE to any advertiser who is looking to hire. Also check out the list of the dates and locations of career fairs and job expos across the country. Open your FREE account and put your resume online. Search the webs largest job collection--all direct from employer websites--jobs from big and small companies, public and private organizations or anywhere at all. You can research the database of over 45,000 employers and subscribe to their newsletter. You can also get expert advice, and access salary surveys/calculators, relocation tools, networking opportunities, & training/testing tools. Sign up for a free "myHotJobs Profile" and create an online resume, control the privacy of your resume, set up automatic job search agents, track your job applications, and view your Resume statistics. You can also view jobs sorted by location, title, date of posting, and then link directly to the real job description. Use the advanced search feature to search on keyword, company, or location. Also offers a message board, an excellent career magazine, and a unique career fair. Post Your Resume for Free. will offer your resume to 1000's of Recruiters, Headhunters and Employers. This is a Meta List of online job-search resources and services. There are links to University Placement Offices as well as online reference materials designed to aid students in resume preparation and conducting job searches. USA provides a central location to search ALL of the services listed on this page and more. Its extensive listing makes this site a convenient option for accessing a multitude of career-related search engines. Recently acquired by Korn/Ferry International, the world's leading executive recruitment company, is a leading online college recruitment company exclusively serving clients' requirements for college graduates/entry-level professionals. Using technology and leveraging the efficiency of the Internet, JobDirect satisfies the needs of three communities: employers, college campus career offices and students. As an early pioneer, it allows employers to conduct extensive searches, for a subscription fee, in a database of thousands of student resumes. Employers view resumes, track candidate status, and get statistical reports. Student resumes come from college placement offices and custom-designed 32-foot technology vehicles that tour hundreds of colleges and universities allowing students to enter resumes. The leading internet career site dedicated to professional jobs in finance, accounting, banking, investment, insurance and related fields. Job seekers will find current jobs from blue chip firms such as Banc of America Securities, Deloitte & Touche, Freddie Mac, John Hancock Mutual Life, Standard & Poors and hundreds more. The service is free for job seekers to search openings, post resumes, apply for jobs online, receive alerts via email about jobs matching their criteria, and see the statistics on how often their resume has been viewed by companies. Recently redesigned and updated, JobWeb has made it easier for students and graduates to tap all resources needed for an effective and successful job search. In addition, Career Planit (NACE's web site for undergraduates) has been "folded into" JobWeb, turning JobWeb into a robust, all-inclusive resource. Click on the JobWeb logo to open a page FULL of links to specialized portions of the site including: Online Career Fair, Resumes & Interviews, Career Development (which contains assessment and exploration tools), Internships/Co-ops, Salary Info, Job Market Research, and After College. Contains a tremendous amount of career information so if you can't find what you're looking for, use the "Search JobWeb" feature. This site is targeted at both those who have, or those who are pursuing an MBA. You can create, publish, and update your Professional Profile online. The profile allows for a level of privacy where you choose how much of your personal contact information is published. If you prefer to be anonymous, you can publish your Profile without your name and address, supplying instead, for example, just an email address or phone number. Then, recruiters interested in your skills and qualifications can contact you directly to discuss employment opportunities. This site provides assorted articles containing advice on job hunting online, long-distance job hunting, planning and undertaking a job search, networking, using career fairs and employment agencies, and resume/cover letter preparation. In addition to articles, the site links to other job search resources, including an internship search engine, the Birkman Career Style Summary, and information on colleges and graduate/professional schools. Strictly a cover letter/resume distribution site containing over 9,000 recruiters. The "basic zap", which includes sending your information to 3 self-selected industries with the option of geographic filtering, costs $49.99. There are additional fees associated with any additional services. Resumix sells software to employers that reads, stores, searches, views, and tracks resumes. The technology is based on optically scanning thousands of resumes that many large employers receive. Let Resumix teach you how to prepare a resume that is easily scanned. A resume builder software purchase walks you through the process. Some of the best advice online for resume preparation from the industry leader's resources. One of the largest "outplacement" firms in the world, they have offices in nearly every major city in the United States. Uses a very strong thorough job search process in assisting outplaced employees of clients. Only client resumes are place on Right's resume online service and employer's must have a password to review them. No headhunters are allowed to browse this database. Site contains some of the best career advice attainable for the experts. This site offers services for both non-members and members. Free services for non-members include job- and resume-posting; 1997 salary information; a searchable directory of employers; and information on events of interest to Intelligence professionals, such as career development symposia. resumeTutor provides an interactive workbook designed to make resume writing easy and fun. While resumeTutor won't actually write a resume for you, it will teach a lot about how to write a resume. PLEASE NOTE: If you want a web site to assemble and format a resume for you, this is not the site for you. This is a teaching tool, and it is recommended that you print your workbook pages and use them as material from which YOU will assemble and format your resume. This web site will not save any of your work, so it's up to you to print out your workbook pages! Provides a service to corporations that allows them use the Web to quickly and cost-effectively post jobs, attract and evaluate talent and manage the hiring process. Also great for job seekers with options to post resumes as well as review job postings from several sites. is primarily a website dedicated to finding people. There are options to search by first name, last name, email address and regular street address. This site also offers links to, a premier career research site, as well as links to online resume banks.