Performance Evaluation A leading professional association with thousands of members who work, in some manner, in training and development. Topics include training, assessment, delivery, and retention including its use in performance appraisal, improvement, and management. Distributor of human resource recognition products. Employees and teams can be recognized with certificates, plaques, products, awards, etc. In July 2000, Behavioral Technology, Inc. and Novations Group merged to become BT.Novations. BT.Novations helps clients understand and address key organizational factors to reduce unwanted turnover, improve productivity and profitability, and increase customer and employee satisfaction. Using a research-based approach, BT.Novations offers an integrated set of capabilities to address the areas of employee selection, development, and performance management. Resources include seminars on conducting behavioral interviewing, performance evaluations and identifying a position's core competencies and integrating them into the candidate selection process. Maintained by Consulting Psychologist Press, Inc., this site is essentially a marketplace that provides information on a variety of services and publications for job seekers, career counselors and human resource professionals. Resources include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, along with materials for interpreting the inventory results; the Strong Interest Inventory; and the California Psychological Inventory.

> The leading association of professionals dedicated to improving organizational and individual performance. This site covers topics such as measuring and evaluation performance, performance management systems, training, and research in the field. HR consultant in performance management and evaluation. Focus is on criteria in rating systems with a standardized scheme for goal setting and writing effective evaluations. Software includes job descriptions, personal policies, industry specific competency modules, team building, and coaching.