Mutual Funds This site is put on by the Association of Mutual Fund Investors, it offers you the product of thier research at the lowest possible price --- a family of six do-it-yourself mutual fund investment programs called Hotlines. Each hotline provides you with signals --- via toll-free telephone, our website, fax or email --- that spell out when to Buy and Sell specified no-load mutual funds. Implementing each hotline is easy. All that you need to do is to instruct your broker to execute the signals provided by the hotlines. You may begin with a free 3-month trial, but should you continue after that, the fees will range from $140-$600 a year, depending upon the hotline you choose. In addition to accessing some BusinessWeek articles (subscribers have full access), you may use the BusinessWeek tech buying guide, investigate mutual funds, browse business books & book reviews, and use the BusinessWeek job search engine. Don't miss the B-SCHOOLS link where you will find a number of high profile evaluations of several types of MBA Programs. BW produces a number of different stories about MBA evaluations. Many students find these articles useful as they contemplate whether to attend an MBA Program and, if so, which program to attend. At this site, you may place trades; review information & performance data on Fidelity and other funds; explore Fidelity annuities, securities, life insurance, retirement planning and other services; and check out the latest financial news. This site offers the following services and more:

  • A brief review of the basics of CEFs, discount/premium and the factors affecting them, major differences between mutual funds and CEFs, the advantages and disadvantages of investing in closed-end funds over mutual funds, and the basics of investing in CEFs.
  • Weekly and daily charts of CEFs specifically tailored for the CEF investor, with features such as weekly net asset value, discount, moving average of the discount, relative discount, +/- 5% relative-discount envelope of market price, ex-dividend dates, and a snapshot of recent data.
  • A review of how the CEFs fared during the last business day, organized based on price movement, NAV estimate movement, discounts, volume activity, and relative discounts based on a broad range of moving averages of the discount.

  • While some services are free, most have subscription rates that range from $120 to $240 a year. As a free registered user, you will receive a weekly email newsletter, a free copy of one of Mutual Funds Magazine's sister advisory publications, access to the fund and loan performance calculators, and information regarding the top performing fund of the day. Become a charter member at $9.99 a month and you will receive unlimited access to current and all back issues of Mutual Funds Magazine, see closing quotes on all funds, performance rankings, profiles on over 4,000 funds, as well as access you personalized page to monitor your own portfolio. Learn about TIAA-CREF and it's products such as retirement plans, SRAs, IRAs, mutual funds, personal annuities, life insurance, long-term care, trust services, and saving for college. Or access your existing account information. This site provides a wide variety of services including articles, job search tools, market quotes, business advice and software product reviews. This site requires a thourough search as it has a lot of information.