Career Fields The National Center for Education Statistics website offers an extensive online publications section with a searchable database where you can locate statistics on various aspects of the state of education today. The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. Revised every two years, the handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in over 800 occupations. You can even find more data on employment outlooks from this site with a little searching. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is the world's largest general science organization and publisher of the peer-reviewed journal Science. With more than 138,000 members and 275 affiliated societies, AAAS serves as an authoritative source for information on the latest developments in science and bridges gaps among scientists, policy-makers and the public to advance science and science education. Accounting and finance professionals will love this site. Post and view resume profiles for free and view online jobs. Must Pay to list. Great links to industry and professional information. Search by industry to find out what occupations are included or search by occupations to find out what industries employ them. The resources library will connect you to more resources online if you need more information. Association for Computing Machinery. The association is one of the largest membership groups specializing in computer information systems and technology. The "member services" are excellent with articles from its journals on career information. This site includes a variety of career development information culled from the University of Waterloo Career Development Manual. Web links from this site include both UW & non-UW resources related to topics such as researching job opportunities, assessing personal skills and interests, writing resumes, and evaluating job offers. National Banking Network is the oldest and largest association of independently owned recruiting firms all specializing in the Banking and Financial Services marketplace. Their site offers resume posting and job referrals as well as Banking and Finance-related links to sites that offer resume and interviewing assistance and additional job opportunities. Offers and enormous number of links to its definition of the best sites on the web, including employer, job, education, search, resume, and career management sties. The International Service Agencies mission is "to help millions of people over seas and in the U.S. who suffer from hunger, poverty, and disease or from the ravages of war, oppression and natural disasters." Many diverse member agencies contribute information and volunteering possibilities. As the oldest and most dynamic advertising organization in all of Chicago, if not the United States, CAF has much to offer you. The CAF continues to play a unique role in Chicago's advertising community because it continues to cherish the very principles upon which it was founded to create growth opportunities for both the businesses and individuals who make up Chicago advertising. In February 2002, CAF will be hosting its 20th annual Career Day program which is designed for Midwest area college and university students who are interested in finding out more about a career in advertising. Drake Beam Morin is one of the largest outplacement firms in the world. They allow individuals to register at their site and participates in their outplacement services including the use of networking, interest tests, and other resources. Employers can post jobs that might be useful for their clients who are undergoing outplacement counseling. The site also hosts the famous career guide to the World Wide Web called "The Riley Guide." To get the most complete look at what they offer, it's best to look at the site map. Many states are setting up Department of Labor, Employment and Training Career Centers to help you write resumes, search for jobs, and take self-help classes. The America's One-Stop Career Center System lists nearly one million jobs each year by region and job skills. From there, job seekers can apply for unemployment benefits, register for state job service, and talk to a federal/state career counselor. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Good Works, is the national directory for social change organizations and public interest careers. Excellent career advice to those wishing to do volunteer work or work as a paid staff member of a not-for-profit firm. Services people seeking none traditional employment in social change organizations. A comprehensive collection of links to every imaginable area of social service: affirmative action, addiction, adoption, counseling, disaster relief, death and dying, suicidology, welfare, obsessive-compulsive disorder, learning disorders, and so much more. This is a prime site for researching in your field and for finding links to relevant hiring associations and organizations. Over 325 health-related sites are available through this "magna" network. The site emphasizes career opportunities with hospitals, healthcare corporations, long-term care facilities and other healthcare organizations. Opportunities available in the fields of nursing, physicians, marketing, financial, administrative positions, and nearly every other medical specialty. Access the fully searchable job database or sign up for their Job Search Agent and receive jobs via email that match your search requirements. Also post your resume for free and let employers find you. Headquartered in the Netherlands, this provides a well-designed international industry "niche." All jobs and resumes are posted for free. Job postings can be searched by category or date and contains an interesting array of jobs in the hospitality industry. The international Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans is the largest association for employee benefit plans. This site contains a forum for 35,000 members to post employment listings. Offers extensive information on the profession relevant to candidates interested in HR careers. This distribution and publishing (Indianapolis-based) company specializes in career products involving self-directed job searchings, life skills, career tests, video tapes, books, pamphlets, etc. Used by thousands of career professionals and individuals to purchase career development materials. Subscribe to their free newsletter. This is a Meta List of online job-search resources and services. There are links to University Placement Offices as well as online reference materials designed to aid students in resume preparation and conducting job searches. Recently redesigned and updated, JobWeb has made it easier for students and graduates to tap all resources needed for an effective and successful job search. In addition, Career Planit (NACE's web site for undergraduates) has been "folded into" JobWeb, turning JobWeb into a robust, all-inclusive resource. Click on the JobWeb logo to open a page FULL of links to specialized portions of the site including: Online Career Fair, Resumes & Interviews, Career Development (which contains assessment and exploration tools), Internships/Co-ops, Salary Info, Job Market Research, and After College. Contains a tremendous amount of career information so if you can't find what you're looking for, use the "Search JobWeb" feature. This site is primarily for UC Berkeley students, Staff, Faculty and Bay area residents. However, you may search to find links to career exploration sites which may be useful to those from other geographical areas. This can be found through the ELECTRONIC REFERENCE RESOURCES menu. The American Marketing Association site contains excellent data on the marketing profession. The worlds largest and most comprehensive society of marketers. Surf this site being sure to hit the job site, referral services, and resource guide. The society publishers "Engineering Times". Excellent career information for engineers, computer technologists, consultants, and anyone interested in a technical or semi-technical assignment. This site has a good list of firms interested in technical talent. This site comprises a guide to graduate careers and postgraduate study in the U.K., Ireland and other countries. It includes profiles of various jobs and typical educational backgrounds/requirements and a search engine for positions in the U.K. The page links to useful career sites, including job search databases and company listings, throughout Europe. * Must have password to access company profiles This is where the professionals and real estate connect. Job seekers can register and request that positions matching their skills be emailed to them. Jobs can be searched by title, company, keyword, etc. One of the largest "outplacement" firms in the world, they have offices in nearly every major city in the United States. Uses a very strong thorough job search process in assisting outplaced employees of clients. Only client resumes are place on Right's resume online service and employer's must have a password to review them. No headhunters are allowed to browse this database. Site contains some of the best career advice attainable for the experts. One of the largest search firms specializing in accounting, finance, treasury, and information systems. Provides excellent career information and salary guide lines for the financial profession. The Accounting Research Center supports RAW to this huge site that offers links to information on taxation, finance, auditing, professional associations, accounting firms, and links to firms recruiting information. Also link to the American Accounting Association from this site. This professional organization manages an excellent site for research and development professionals to find employment and consider all career options. The job ads are similar to the classified ads normally placed in their professional magazine. Jobs can be searched by discipline, state, country, education, organization or keyword's. Candidates may register the email and have openings sent to them. There is an abundant amount of science career information that facilitates the job search, networking, and graduate education programs. This site offers services for both non-members and members. Free services for non-members include job- and resume-posting; 1997 salary information; a searchable directory of employers; and information on events of interest to Intelligence professionals, such as career development symposia. Showbiz list job opportunities for the film, television, recording, multimedia and entertainment attractions job markets. You can select openings by company, job category, location, posting date, etc. The large entertainment organizations often post on this media site. The site holds opportunities for restaurants from all over the world. Restaurant chefs, managers, sales, marketing, etc. are just a few of the opportunities listed. The search engine allows you to review resumes and post jobs. There is excellent occupational information on culinary careers and a good introduction to the educational programs from schools throughout the U.S. A although the site is not exclusively oriented for jobs and resumes, it offers a great occupational information resource. Although this is an alumni site for the MBA Program of NY, its value to non-alums is the links to executive recruiters, corporations, and career information. Provides information for hundreds of occupations. The collection includes career specific books, career planning books, job futures books, and occupational files on hundreds of occupations as classified by the National Occupational Classification system. Search this site for information on careers, colleges, graduate schools, financial aid and scholarships, and campus life. This site allows you to conduct line-by-line comparisons of up to four schools for admissions, demographics, financial aid and more. For those conducting job searches, the site provides over 1,000 career profiles; a listing of "hot job tracks;" advice on using want ads, search engines and headhunters; the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey; and advice on resumes, cover letters, interviews and salary negotiation. This site is packed with information. Go to the Student Center and you will find invaluable articles, insightful advice AND a networking directory. Other offerings include sample resumes and cover letters for different industries, salary benchmarks, "a day in the life profiles", and relocation tools, as well as message Boards that provide students with a forum to seek advice and discuss school life, summer internships, and recruiting. Use VaultMatch to post your resume and be contacted by potential employers, or search an extensive free job board that contains thousands of top job openings. Subscribe to targeted e-newsletters with breaking news and exclusive stories in various industries. is primarily a website dedicated to finding people. There are options to search by first name, last name, email address and regular street address. This site also offers links to, a premier career research site, as well as links to online resume banks.