All External Links Asiafacts: ESL in Asia. This site has all you need for Teaching ESL and all subjects in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong. TEFL, jobs, recruiters, employers, "ESL recruiters", "ESL employers", success in finding that good job, info on living and working in your country of choice, qualifications, salaries, visas, accommodations, much more. There are jobs for those with no teaching qualifications or experience and jobs for qualified teachers.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) This site offers used car classifieds & prices; repair guides; a listing of new cars for sale; a tool for comparing two cars with each other; a free "lemon check;" and links to financing information, motorcycle discussion groups, relevant yellow pages directories and auto-related net events.
CATEGORIZED: Auto Purchases Search the job database using several parameters or simply browse by field. Check out the Career Tools section that provides resume tools, salary calculator, and more. Subscribe and use My Career Center to build and store your resume, store job listings, solicit job alerts via email.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) From here you will find links to many of Cornell's centers, laboratories, institutes, and programs. You can also download publications such as the Small Business Development directory, the Annual Report, and the quarterly newsletter, Connecting with Cornell.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications Your gateway to 17,000 articles, multimedia, a talking dictionary, and world atlas.
CATEGORIZED: Encyclopedias, Maps Paul and Sarah Edwards proclaim themselves as "self-employment experts" and give advice on this site to those who also want to be their own bosses. Get tips in text, audio, and video on how to start your own business and create a customer database.
CATEGORIZED: Small Business Guide The Indiana Career and Postsecondary Advancement Center ICPAC) offers a wide variety of services to help assess your career goals and educational needs. The CAREERS section offers interactive career assessment tools. Take the 5-10 minute Career Interest or the Merkler Style Preference Inventory. This site also offers information regarding financial aid and has dozens of links to associations and government agencies.
CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools Open your FREE account and put your resume online. Search the webs largest job collection--all direct from employer websites--jobs from big and small companies, public and private organizations or anywhere at all. You can research the database of over 45,000 employers and subscribe to their newsletter. You can also get expert advice, and access salary surveys/calculators, relocation tools, networking opportunities, & training/testing tools.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Search (General), Resume Services Based in the UK, Hobsons International Collegeview is a global gateway to education. Find organizations and web sites that provide helpful information on international study, view multimedia virtual tours of select U.S. colleges and universities and even request information from these schools and have it sent directly to you.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices The Indiana University Information Technology Services offers classes in several technologies. These are instructor level but it also links to other self instruction knowledge data to supplement the classroom instruction. These hands-on classes include topics like: computers, email, PowerPoint, Excel, Acces, PhotoShop, web pages, word processing, CGI application, Outlook, Windows, Unix, etc. These are offered at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels many times per year. There are fees for the classes and they are open for non-IU parties.
CATEGORIZED: Training & Development The Philanthropy Journal On-line, brought to you by the Philanthropy News Network, posts non-profit classified jobs on this site. Contains entry and experience level jobs which are searchable by region and title.
CATEGORIZED: Non-Profit Jobs Powered by Search Beat, the JOBS section provides access to many articles designed to help you gain employment. And if you don't want advice, dive head first into the job search (which draws from 4 of the top job search websites) where jobs are categorizied by region, country, and job type. Click out to Search Beat, the "one-stop web guide," and access the many topics from arts to news and recreation to the world.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) The official home page of the Ministry of Tourism of the government, this site allows you to virtually travel through Mexico's tourism destinations and experience the natural beauty of the beaches as well as the culture of its colonial cities and pre-Columbian heritage. It also presents a wealth of recreational, cultural and historical information in addition to details of the wide variety of touristic and support services such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour guides, etc. The official pages of the Ministry of Tourism will provide contacts and information regarding Mexican Tourism offices, Embassies and Consulates worldwide, and allow access to research and statistics on Mexico's tourism activity, as well as insight on how to do business or invest in Mexico and take advantage of these opportunities.
CATEGORIZED: International The National Center for Education Statistics website offers an extensive online publications section with a searchable database where you can locate statistics on various aspects of the state of education today.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields Get an education online by attending class at times and places that fit your schedule via 100% internet courses. Many accelerated degree programs from very respectable faculty.
CATEGORIZED: Graduate Study, Training & Development InterCity Directory: WhozOnTop is a website tracker that lets people know what new businesses are open. Also available is an inter city job link where you can browse ads by industry or location.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Canada) The Oakland University Placement & Career Services offers the Definitive Guide To Internet Career Resources which contains one of the longest and best lists of links to job, resume, and career management resources on the web. Often contains no description of the service, but a quick click lets you evaluate it for yourself. Almost too massive. The site encourages career services to post their information by sending an email.
CATEGORIZED: College Career Services This site provides the latest market quotes.
CATEGORIZED: Financial Services You can access data, economic info at a glance, surveys, publications and research papers, regional information, and a search engine. The Occupational Outlook Handbook is the single most important publication in all of career literature – researchers grind away daily to compile an incredible mound of data. Hit the link to the occupational clusters, which detail exactly what pay, benefits, and working conditions you can expect and project long- and short-term success rates for each job. It also provides data for total employment by occupation that includes the number of self-employed and unpaid family workers.
CATEGORIZED: Compensation, Job Search (Specialized) The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. Revised every two years, the handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in over 800 occupations. You can even find more data on employment outlooks from this site with a little searching.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields This site offers access to various shopping pages and includes some consumer events, such as an online sweepstakes.
CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping This site offers an online assessment test identifying a person's motivations and how to use them for success in career and life planning. The site also matches your results to three O*Net job titles for free. Several in-depth appraisals and reports are offered for a fee.
CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go site contains important information (current as of August 1999) for anyone visiting or relocating to Japan. This is the complete guide to working, visiting and living in Japan. This site consists of three jam-packed pages with everything you need to know from the flight over, to mail to banking and customs.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (Global) United States Information Agency: This site offers information on US policies, regions, information and services.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) The Career Interests game allows you to match your career interests and basic skills with similar careers by exploring your interests and matching those to possible occupations. It uses the basic Holland codes.
CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools BizLINKS Resources is a government licensed Permanent/Temporary Personnel and Executive Placement company. Established in early 1993, present clients come from a broad spectrum of industries including the financial, manufacturing, and services sectors. A fully computerized applicant and customer handling system with a team of well trained consultants to provide both personalized and efficient services. In addition, provides job applicants the opportunity to extend a wider reach through electronic resume services. Registration is free.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) The site offers tools for both job seekers and recruiters. It matches the applicants' stated interest with incoming positions and pushes information to the potential applicants via email. Volunteer opportunities and internships are posted for free. Good articles and career management and job search.
CATEGORIZED: Internships, Job Search (General), Volunteer Jobs Quick lookup of phone numbers anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.
CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories Provides experienced professionals the opportunity to confidentially seek and be considered for some of the most prestigious jobs in the country. This service is free for experienced professionals possessing the skills and expertise our clients demand. Executives who are mid-management or higher will find this site to be helpful in landing appropriate high-level jobs.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) We’re your only resource for part-time and moonlighting projects to make that extra income on the side. We help professionals make their free time- productive time while helping employers tap into hard-to-find talent!
CATEGORIZED: Temporary Agencies The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is the world's largest general science organization and publisher of the peer-reviewed journal Science. With more than 138,000 members and 275 affiliated societies, AAAS serves as an authoritative source for information on the latest developments in science and bridges gaps among scientists, policy-makers and the public to advance science and science education.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Science/Math American Association of Finance and Accounting. This site has 250+ professionals (CPA, MBA & JD's) that work with fellow professionals. Combined, they have over 1,500 years of recruiting experience and have successfully completed in excess of 25,000 searches.
CATEGORIZED: Search Firms This is a fairly comprehensive shopping site.
CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping At this site, you may find out about a variety of financial needs and services for senior citizens. Topics include the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program, Electronic Funds Transfer, Supplemental Security Income, Home Equity, Managing Your Money, Smart Investing and Paying for Long-Term Care, among others.
CATEGORIZED: Financial Services, Investment Advice This site provides brief online reports and ordering information for more complete publications detailing current pay rates for various jobs and industries, including Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Non-Profit, Manufacturing, Service, Marketing and Consulting. Additional resources include inter-city wage and salary differentials and an annotated bibliography of pay survey reports.
CATEGORIZED: Compensation
CATEGORIZED: Television This is ABC’s online news service. You may scan articles, join chats and check weather reports.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Weather Reports About Australia: Employment opportunities in Australia contains links to about twenty different online career guides. Also located on this link you will find links to different news groups that might be of service when locating a career.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Australia) A network that provides access to jobs for students, recent graduates, expatriates, and adventure seekers. Link out to any of four sites (SummerJobs, OverseasJobs, ResortJobs, & InternJobs) according to your needs. Each location allows you to post your resume, review company profiles, and look at jobs available worldwide.
CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles, International Jobs (Global), Internships, Job Search (College) A PC-based HRM and payroll system that provides tracking and reporting for employee benefits, attendance, payroll taxes, job costing, EEO, workers compensation, OSHA, etc.
CATEGORIZED: H.R. Info. Systems Abracat is a tool created by AdOne, an Internet classifieds company, that presents ads for hundreds of small market newspapers throughout the US and Canada. It is a national Internet consumer service that fulfills individuals "to do" list in their town, or any town. From job opportunities to home repairs to house hunting, Abracat simplifies and localizes the Internet so consumers can make smart decisions and purchases. AdOne created Abracat through a strategic partnership structure with 700 of the top U.S. newspapers and other leading Internet content providers, giving consumers access to more than 13 million local listings in 50 states, updated daily. Additionally, unlike other sites, Abracat can help consumers find things in both major metro areas and the smallest towns in America. Receive emails of jobs that match your requirements.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) This site is dedicated to those looking nationally for a teaching job or other academic position. It lists available positions in colleges, primary and secondary educational institutions for faculty, staff, and administrative professionals.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Accounting and finance professionals will love this site. Post and view resume profiles for free and view online jobs. Must Pay to list. Great links to industry and professional information.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Job Search (Specialized) ACCRA is a nonprofit organization promoting excellence in research for economic and community development. With the increasing economic importance of information and the growing recognition of those who are skilled in analyzing data, community researchers and economic developers play a vital role. The one professional organization informing, educating, and developing these professionals is ACCRA. Producer of the nationally renowned Cost of Living Index (COLI), ACCRA is the only national organization representing community research professionals.
CATEGORIZED: Cost of Living, Training & Development The Accuweather website is very comprehensive: it provides national radar and satellite maps of the U.S., along with weather reports for U.S. cities & regions and satellite, temperature & weather maps for nations around the globe. Many specialty reports also are available, including aviation reports (for premium service subscribers), school closing notifications, and travel weather.
CATEGORIZED: Weather Search by industry to find out what occupations are included or search by occupations to find out what industries employ them. The resources library will connect you to more resources online if you need more information.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields Association for Computing Machinery. The association is one of the largest membership groups specializing in computer information systems and technology. The "member services" are excellent with articles from its journals on career information.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Technical/Engineering Explore the Ad Age news features, conference & events, and marketing database, which includes such information as rankings of national advertisers, research companies & brands, and a salary survey (some research functions require a fee).
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Financial Services, Investment Advice This site includes a variety of career development information culled from the University of Waterloo Career Development Manual. Web links from this site include both UW & non-UW resources related to topics such as researching job opportunities, assessing personal skills and interests, writing resumes, and evaluating job offers.
CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools, Career Fields, College Career Services, Compensation, Cover Letters, Graduate Study This site is packed with news quips, features, and interviews with key players – the Career Network link to a thorough job section. I was very impressed with the number and quality of the jobs at this site.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) The official Web site of the United States Air Force: Includes job listings and pay charts for officers, civilians, and enlisted personnel.
CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs This is a general website on job searching and job relocation. You may search for jobs by title, city, state, country, keyword, job category, and/or company name. The links on job relocation are very useful and provide quality information on the community one may be reloacting to.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment Across the top of each page you will find a listing of all the geographical regions, which are then broken down by country and covered in detail. The site continues to expand its coverage to include as many individual countries as possible. On the left side of the page is a listing of the most popular topics. Click on those topics from the home page and you gain access Africa-wide information, or click on them once you are in a geographical region's section and the results will be tailored that region you are in.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (General) American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. With more than 330,000 members, the AICPA is the premier national professional association for CPAs in the United States. This site offers the latest news and information, as well as conference information, job listings, and an online resume posting and referral service.
CATEGORIZED: Financial, Professional Associations The International Association of Students in Economic and Management (AIESEC) is a global network of 50,000 members across more than 85 countries and territories at more than 800 universities world-wide. AIESEC facilitates international exchange of thousands of students and recent graduates each year. Student members facilitate international traineeship exchanges and supporting activities that provide practical learning experiences for thousands of young people as trainees, and which also provides an incredible learning experience for its members and involved stakeholders.
CATEGORIZED: International Info (Global) The American Institute of Physics (AIP) offers online journals and electronic services, education and student services, and employment information.
CATEGORIZED: Professional Associations, Science/Math Association for International Practical Training: Assists non-American citizens seeking internships or short-term experiential training in the U.S. and American citizens seeking internships overseas with on-the-job training experiences.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience: Founded in 1948, an international network that coordinates on-the-job training for students in the fields of engineering, computer science, mathematics, natural/physical sciences, architecture, and agricultural science. The goal of the IAESTE is to provide U.S. students with international internships in more than 70 member countries and to supply U.S. companies with qualified technical interns from around the world. This combination of on-the-job training and cultural immersion prepares participants for the challenges of the global marketplace.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) AJB is a partnership between the U.S. Department of Labor and the state operated public Employment Service. As you may expect, AJB gets its job listings from federal government openings and state public employment agencies. You can define searches by location, highly specific job function, or keyword phrases. Other links are available to a variety of public and private employment pages. America's Job Bank does have application options and contact addresses. Best of all, this service is FREE!
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Government Jobs, Job Search (General), Resume Services
CATEGORIZED: Search Engines Find out about resources, seminars, training, conferences, and special events sponsored by the American Management Association, the world's leading membership-based management training organization.
CATEOGRIZED: H.R. Services, Management, Professional Associations is a general book and music retail site. It includes customer reviews, author interviews and information about the company.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications An excellent resource and customer locator. Browse the online classifieds, read the Business Network Directory, obtain expert advice on issues, or visit the Business Planning and Resources Library of small business information and tools. Also check for detailed information and special offers regarding a wide array of American Express financial services. Ancillary services also available through this site include travel managment and expense reporting tools, industry news and alerts, publications and free online personal financial planning tools.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Credit Cards, Employer Profiles, Small Business Guide Offers an impressive list of internship porgrams with non-profit organizations. Good articles regarding finances for young people. Also contains a budget calculator.
CATEGORIZED: Internships, Non-Profit Jobs Official home page for the American Heart Association, this site offers excellent information regarding heart attacks and strokes, from an interactive risk assessment to prevention, treatment and recovery. Also contains information regarding how to show your support through donatations and volunteerism.
CATEGORIZED: Health Guides Take the guided tour of available services and 50,000 plus jobs and employer profiles. Post your confidential profile in this database. Try out the interactive interview chat room. Invite employers to "talk" with your group before your on-campus interviews.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) At the America West , you may check flight schedules & fares; book flights; find out about America West products, services and vacation packages; and find out about employment opportunities with the company.
CATEGORIZED: Airlines, Travel Services At this site, you may trade stocks, mutual funds, bonds & options; visit the company store; and read internet- & finance-related articles.
CATEGORIZED: Financial Services The American Stock Exchange is the ultimate source for stock information on the Web.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Financial Services This site is put on by the Association of Mutual Fund Investors, it offers you the product of thier research at the lowest possible price --- a family of six do-it-yourself mutual fund investment programs called Hotlines. Each hotline provides you with signals --- via toll-free telephone, our website, fax or email --- that spell out when to Buy and Sell specified no-load mutual funds. Implementing each hotline is easy. All that you need to do is to instruct your broker to execute the signals provided by the hotlines. You may begin with a free 3-month trial, but should you continue after that, the fees will range from $140-$600 a year, depending upon the hotline you choose.
CATEGORIZED: Mutual Funds American Media Incorporated (AMI) was founded in 1977. For the past 21 years, the company has grown to be recognized in today's corporate training industry as a world leader in the production of how-to training products and services. More than 100,000 organizations world-wide look to AMI's award-winning videos, audios, self-study books, interactive multimedia and custom-designed training services for answers to their toughest employee training and development challenges. Access AMI, Business Advantage Inc., and American Media Publishings catalogs online.
CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services The American Mathematical Society provides many professional services to the community. This site offers all of its publications online, the latest news, online reference tools and a job resource center.
CATEGORIZED: Professional Associations, Science/Math The outplacement industry consists of those firms and professionals who help organizations plan, implement and follow-up individual terminations or group layoffs. This site offers a jobs board, conference information, a networking bulletin board, and useful links.
CATEGORIZED: Management This site gives apartment hunters flexibility in specifying a range of personalized search criteria, such as location, rent, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and more than 25 amenities (i.e. whether an apartment allows pets, has parking or includes a washer and dryer). Contains highly visual, detailed ads where renters can view up to dozens of full-color, expandable photos of any apartment community on the site, including its exterior, shared amenities (such as a pool or exercise facility) and every room of every unique model. The video walk-around provides a full range of motion, enabling a user to zoom in and out for closer inspection of an apartment’s interior and grounds. Floor plans and hundreds of other pieces of information, like proximity to local transportation and schools, are also included. Provides a service called "Smart Mail" which alerts users via email when they have added apartment communities that meet their search criteria and directs them to a Web page featuring their matches. Also provides customized directions to reach any advertised apartment community and relocation information.
CATEGORIZED: Housing Guides Search for an apartment by selecting the state, and in some cases the metro area that you are interested in. Also access their moving resources portion that contains information on utilities, truck rentals/movers, furniture, storage, etc. There is also a "shop and compare" option where you can save prospective properties and compare them against each other.
CATEGORIZED: Housing Guides The society, established in 1893, is made up of more than 12,000 deans, professors, instructors, students, and industry representatives. This site offers conference information, job listings, and access to online newsletters and the ASEE magazine PRISM.
CATEGORIZED: Professional Associations If you speak Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, you need to visit this site. Especially if you are seeking employment outside of the USA. Database contains 20,000 plus emails of bilingual professionals who can receive emails from employers. Site is building a unique community of bilingual professionals for Asian employment purposes.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia), Job Search (Specialized), Resume Services The emphasis here is on high quality jobs all over the world, with a concentration in Asia. You can search by country and then scroll through the job listings, or do a more customized search using keywords or phrases.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) This site is a news service and marketplace. It provides access to business and general news from Asia. Business reports/services include market analyses, investor news and live stock prices from the Asian markets. Additional resources include round-the-clock information on flights to and from Changi Airport and reviews of restaurants and nightspots in Singapore. You can also post your resume for potential employers and search the online database for current opportunities.
CATEGORIZED: International This site is a treasure trove of information on Asian and other countries. It includes resources for educators and access to international news publications, such as Asian Week, Phnom Penh Post, China Daily, Africa News, Haiti Online, Jornal do Brasil, and many, many more.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) Offering wide variety of articles and FAQs. Articles touch on subjects such as job hunting skills and strategies, to make your job the right job, how to look beneath compensation, as well as limited advice on resume building.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Advice This site provides placement testing for IUPUI students, online testing software for high school students and links to other university websites with testing information or services. Tests administered by the IUPUI Office of Development include the American College Test (ACT), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Miller Analogies Test (MAT), Professional Assessment for Beginning Teachers (PRAXIS), and the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Assessment Tools A leading professional association with thousands of members who work, in some manner, in training and development. Topics include training, assessment, delivery, and retention including its use in performance appraisal, improvement, and management.
CATEGORIZED: Performance Evaluation, Professional Associations, Technical/Engineering The American Society for Training and Development offers a magazine subscription for members, job listings, training program listings and a marketplace that includes audiotapes & videotapes, books & interactive media. This is an outstanding resource site.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Professional Associations, Training & Development Offers a state-of-the-art course development software product designed to assist in the operation and delivery of information quickly and economically. The course distribution methods include diskette, CD-ROM, LAN, or Internet. The cost with add-ons for development and deployment is in the $1000-$2000 range.
CATEGORIZED: Training & Development At the ATA website, you may check flight schedules and fares; book flights; find out about ATA vacations & special fares; and find out more about the company.
CATEGORIZED: Airlines, Travel Services No matter where you are in your career, there are programs and compatible training material to assist you in getting to that next rung on your career ladder--and they're all available at this site!
CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Database of au pair jobs by country and nationality. You can search for a family that is right for you according to gender, nationality of family, and location of the position.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) This site provides search tools for individuals interested in buying, financing or leasing a new or used car. Review test drive reports submitted by consumers and investigate warranty, insurance and trade-in value information.
CATEGORIZED: Auto Purchases Buy a new or used car, sell your car, find out about financing & insurance, and conduct research on vehicles of interest. Available information includes specs, photos & invoice pricing; Kelley Blue Book values; recalls & service bulletins; car reviews; and the "Car and Driver" Buying Guide.
CATEGORIZED: Auto Purchases Check out real-time weather reports for selected U.S. cities. Reports include temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, barometric pressure and more.
CATEGORIZED: Weather National Banking Network is the oldest and largest association of independently owned recruiting firms all specializing in the Banking and Financial Services marketplace. Their site offers resume posting and job referrals as well as Banking and Finance-related links to sites that offer resume and interviewing assistance and additional job opportunities.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Interviewing, Job Search (Specialized), MBA Job Service, Resume Services At this site, you may get a term life quote, conduct a life insurance needs analysis and scan tips for finding the best auto insurance.
CATEGORIZED: Financial Services An innovative Internet publisher providing millions of students, educators and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge. Features a full-text searchable database containing over 200,000 web pages, including over 22,000 quotations and 4,765 poems. A very comprehensive reference site, combining the best classic reference works with the best modern reference works.
CATEGORIZED: Encylopedias, Online Publications Distributor of human resource recognition products. Employees and teams can be recognized with certificates, plaques, products, awards, etc.
CATEGORIZED: Performance Evaluation This classic and well-established job database gives you the option of searching via a clickable map or via a list. Either way, you access some of the best jobs in town. It you’re interested in getting work in the Bay Area, plan to spend some time at this site.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Offers how-to information, articles, case studies, and tips on using business technology tools.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Small Business Guide This organization serves as a nucleus of support and uses its continual nationwide contacts with working black women to identify and address the critical needs of black women in the workforce as it relates to their career mobility and achievement. There are links on upcoming events, articles, and job opportunities.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment Professionals in human resource who specialize in benefit design and management will find this site to be full of relevant publications and information. Resumes can be posted free. Job leads in the field can be viewed.
CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Resume Services This site is for the Human Resource professional who specializes in managing benefit programs. Job seekers and explorers of the HR profession can gain insight into the profession. Good bulletin board for questions regarding benefit regulations and options. Contains both resume posting possibilities and job lead listings.
CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Job Search (Specialized), Resume Services, Search Firms Ben and Jerry's website offers company information such as annual reports, contact inforamtion, as well as online postings of job openings and information about their benefits package.
CATEGORIZED: Employer Showcase Search the over 10,000 job opportunities by category, location, or keyword. Post your resume Contains useful links to resume articles, major city profiles, relocation information, and more. Go to the LOCAL STATE SITES where you will find job listings and career links for the state in which you are most interested. Read about local companies who are recruiting and get insight from neighborhood hiring professionals.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) Best Western (1-800-780-7234) - View their Worldwide Hotel Directory and make reservations online, retreive/cancel reservations online, find out information regarding discount clubs, and sign-up to receive special email notices about new offers, promotions and programs.
CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides Contains franchise information on all lines of businesses. Many franchises are linked to this site. More focused on the entrepreneur with some cash to invest and willing to work hard on owning a business
CATEGORIZED: Franchising, Small Business Guide Bowling Green State University offers two college level courses in career planning. UNIV 131 - Career and Life Planning helps students assess personality, interests, values, aptitudes and abilities and has as an excellent "Values Inventory" integrated into the course. UNIV 331 - Career Exploration course includes self and career exploration, resume construction, employment search techniques, interview skills preparation, and discussions of the first job expectations and realities.
CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools, College Career Services This site offers online yellow pages where you may search by category, business name, city and state. There is also a "more tools" section that offers classifieds.
CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories is a limited search engine designed to help locate other members of
CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories This site is designed for job seekers with Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, French and German backgrounds. Register and select criteria so applicable job openings can be sent to you via email. Also allows you to post a resume.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) The BizWeb Guide presents you with a long list of links when you open the URL, but you can use a simple search engine to narrow your choices. Clicking on any business sends you to a corporate profile. At the end of the profile is a contact name, an email address, mailing information, and links to the relevant home page.
CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online provides cutting-edge information on career resources for Black collegians. Job search strategies, graduate school opportunities, career and industry reports are abundantly explored. This site is the cyberspace partner of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment This company is dedicated to unlocking profitable business opportunities in the affluent African American market. Founded in 1968 by Earl G. Graves, who launched Black Enterprise magazine two years later, the company has diversified into several other fields in the U.S. and abroad such as the Black Enterprise magazine (1970) and BE Unlimited (1994) which is a division devoted to upscale lifestyle and education events for African Americans. This site gives information on investing, entrepreneurs, and personal finance.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment - Black E.O.E Journal: This is the homepage for the Black Equal Opportunity Employment Journal Magazine. The magazine keeps America in touch with all minorities by providing career opportunities, community awareness, and higher education.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment This shopping site features brand name clothing.
CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping Purchase a limited selection of K-mart merchandise online.
CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping You can’t beat Bloomberg for tracking companies and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). Bloomberg hosts lots of charts that will help you make decisions about sectors, stocks, and companies. Click on the Career link to find the info.
CATEGORIZED: Financial Services, Job Search (General) A general books and software retail site, Barnes and Noble also offers “Books in the News,” “Authors Online,” electronic books and highlights from The New York Times Book Review.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications BNA is a human resource library that is one of the most complete sources of HR related information. Contains sample forms, policies, job descriptions, performance evaluations, etc. Very targeted legal searches in labor laws, EEOC, compensation, etc.
CATEGORIZED: Compensation, HR Services A site devoted to employment in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Here you will find job listings focused in Boston, Cambridge and other Eastern Massachusetts cities and suburbs. You may also post a resume.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized), Resume Services lets users simultaneously search the world's most respected encyclopedia, expert reviews of the Web's best sites, timely articles from leading magazines, and related books all for FREE. Special interactive features extend these resources to create a distinctive, authoritative Internet destination. It includes the complete, updated Encyclopedia Britannica as well as seeected articles from more than 70 of the world's top magazines (including Newsweek, Discover, and The Economist). Their guide to the Web's best sites includes more than 125,000 sites, and you can also search the text of more than 100 million Web pages to find more information.
CATEGORIZED: Encyclopedias Designed specifically for college graduates, this site offers advice from experts, stories from your fellow job-seekers and tons of relevant information to help you slide smoothly from campus to the working world. You can search a database of literally thousands of early-career jobs requiring 0-5 years of work experience; view job descriptions and employer contact information, and apply for jobs online. Paste in your resume, type a cover letter, click "apply" and you have immediately applied for a job. Want added power? Register at no cost and you can store desired jobs in your job cart making it easier to to gather together jobs you want to apply for later or to just keep a list of interesting positions. You can also upload and store a resume that can be viewed by all of the employers that use BrassRing Campus to find entry-level candidates, apply easily and track job applications, receive daily or weekly email about new jobs by creating an "agent" to search for you. Check out the site map to avoid missing anything!
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Advice, Job Search (College), Resume Services One of the best online resources for high-tech professionals with thousands of searchable (by date, keywords, industry, location, and company) job listings and relevant tech articles and career resources. You can create your own detailed account which will enable recruiters to easily find you or let Brassring do the searching for you and they will e-mail jobs that match your qualifications on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also post and store up to 5 different resumes and cover letters and see how many times your resume has been viewed by employers. Be sure to check out the CAREER ADVICE section where you will get essential career advice and tech specific job-hunting tips and CAREER EVENTS section to view the schedule of upcoming Brassring events and upcoming events near you.
CATEGORIZED: Job Advice, Job Fairs, Job Search (General) In July 2000, Behavioral Technology, Inc. and Novations Group merged to become BT.Novations. BT.Novations helps clients understand and address key organizational factors to reduce unwanted turnover, improve productivity and profitability, and increase customer and employee satisfaction. Using a research-based approach, BT.Novations offers an integrated set of capabilities to address the areas of employee selection, development, and performance management. Resources include seminars on conducting behavioral interviewing, performance evaluations and identifying a position's core competencies and integrating them into the candidate selection process.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Assessment Tools, H.R. Services, Interviewing, Performance Evaluation, Training & Development Shop for building products, join online chats and scan construction- & development-related news.
CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping It's easy enough to visit most of the globe as a tourist but it's not always easy to work and spend extended time abroad so that you get to know another country in a way a tourist never does. BUNAC programmes make it possible for young people, all over the world, to do just that. After selecting the country where you reside, BUNAC will show you what jobs are available within Europe and Australia.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe & Australia) In addition to accessing some BusinessWeek articles (subscribers have full access), you may use the BusinessWeek tech buying guide, investigate mutual funds, browse business books & book reviews, and use the BusinessWeek job search engine. Don't miss the B-SCHOOLS link where you will find a number of high profile evaluations of several types of MBA Programs. BW produces a number of different stories about MBA evaluations. Many students find these articles useful as they contemplate whether to attend an MBA Program and, if so, which program to attend.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Financial Services, Graduate School, Job Search (General), Mutual Funds This online "superstore" offers computers, books, software, games, music and videos.
CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping represents the new efforts of Business Women's Network to reach millions of business women through the power of the Internet. In addition to offering content from its own resources, BWN will work to form co-branding partnerships with other high-quality sites on the Internet to provide business women with the best tools and services available on the Internet. The first in a series of deals has been the partnership formed between BWN and JobOptions to provide the Career Center.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment One of the first Internet employment sites in Australia, Byron Employment provides candidates a huge selection of jobs (broken down by industry) from leading agencies around Australia. They also provide a free service called JobMail which automatically emails you details of those jobs on the database that match your specific search criteria.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Australia) Provides several different options on finding work in Canada. You can view a directory of internships, research a career or specific employer, get up-to-date knowledge about future career fairs, and review guidelines for ethical recruitment--just to name a few.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Canada), Job Fairs CCC is the gateway for students seeking full-time jobs and internships locally, nationally, and worldwide. The Students section outlines their Job Search, Career Resources and Community offerings to job-seeking candidates. You must register and build a CANDIDATE PROFILE, which is what companies would use when searching for candidates, before accessing many of their services. FREE!
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, International, Internships, Job Search (College) This site offers virtual tours, interactive maps, videos and links to websites for colleges in the U.S.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices Campus Review is Australia's only national newspaper dedicated to post-secondary education news analysis. It combines both the higher education and vocational education and training (VET) sectors into a single, unified field of journalism. It is a subscription-based newspaper which charges a fee for full access, which includes the job listings.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Australia) Car and Driver Online provides access to the magazine's articles, the Car and Driver buyer's guide, and information on vehicle road tests, car shows and other news.
CATEGORIZED: Auto Purchases Access positions by many different criteria including company, position, location (including international), and keyword. Employers conduct online virtual job fairs where they and prospects have real-time interviews from the privacy and comfort of their home, office, or school. The jobs at cover a nice range of areas with an emphasis in computing, engineering, accounting, business development, marketing, and administration. Also a great resources for company profiles.
CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles, International Jobs (Global), Job Fairs, Job Search (General) A non-profit firm in Silicon Valley that offers career counseling. Good materials on self-assessment, marketing, workshops, etc. See books on Career Management.
CATEGORIZED: Job Advice The CareerBuilder Network offers a world of opportunity to jobseekers by providing access to more than 3 million jobs throughout the Internet--all tailored to one's individual search. With the my careerbuilder service, you can easily manage your entire career building experience when you receive instant email updates on job leads, a job leads folder to store your favorite job prospects, and the ability to post and manage up to five resumes (including the ability to block resumes from being viewed by designated companies) and a cover letter. Tap into a "one-stop search experience" by using the Mega Job Search tool which provides access to jobs on more than 75+ leading career sites or go to the Virtual Skills Center that includes many tools and resources to enhance and validate the skills of the career-minded professional.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Advice, Job Search (General) Owned by ADAMS MEDIA, one of the largest publisher of career related books and directories, this site offers a myriad of services available to job seekers. Links to hundreds of company pages, an "executive search directory," and an index of news groups. Also visit the online job fairs in cities from coast to coast and get up-to-date advice on subjects such as creating a stand-out resume, avoiding the biggest interview mistakes, and exploring that "hidden" job market. Posting resumes is free and the database is purged regularly.
CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles, Job Advice, Job Fairs, Job Search (General) The leading career fair organizer for college graduates. CCA's college recruitment conference program is different from other career fairs because students attend by invitation, which are extended to students whose background, interests, achievements and qualifications best match the requirements of participating employers. Hundreds of employers from major cities participate each year. A specialty career fair is offered for foreign national MBA's and Masters in IT/Engineering students to meet and interview with the worlds leading global companies.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Fairs, MBA Job Services Many interesting articles on job searching and a FREE transition newsletter. Also offers some free courses!
CATEGORIZED: Job Advice Contains dates and detailed information on all the upcoming career fairs. can also put you in touch with hundreds of hiring companies recruiting for thousands of current job openings for professionals like yourself. By simply posting your resume, recruiters can search the database containing your resume to find qualified candidates for current job opportunites.
CATEGORIZED: Job Fairs Recruiting events and publications include the Boston and San Francisco Career Forums and the Nikkei Placement Guide. DISCO Career Forums have become a tradition for Japanese-English speakers in attaining their ideal jobs. The Nikkei Placement Guide is an invaluable recruiting directory of bilingual employment opportunities. It provides vital corporate recruiting needs as well as job hunting hints.
CATEGORIZED: International, Job Fairs EMDS places thousands of candidates every year with top-class recruiters, from Arthur D. Little and BP right through to Unilever. For the candidate looking to maximize his/her potential and begin or develop an international or local career, EMDS can, and consistently does, make this happen. They have over 80 Forums worldwide each year, year-round job opportunities through a "search and selection" function, and online job applications with over 600 widely respected, international companies.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, International Jobs (Global), Job Fairs This is the Wall Street Journal's entry into the recruiting market. This site has a very effective alliance with one of the largest executive search firms in the world. It also contains a listing of executive recruiters and has alliances with several human resource associations. Charges a fee to employers to post jobs but allows free viewing of the jobs posted which can be searched by keyword, company, or location. There are many high-quality articles with career advice and salary surveys to keep job seekers informed about career management issues.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Advice, Job Search (General) This site has many features such as cover letter help, assessment tools (may require a fee), and an online bookstore offering the best books to assist you in your career. Its form letters and business lessons cover every aspect of the job hunt from door opening to termination settlements. William S. Frank has put together a real time saver.
CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools, Cover Letters, Job Advice, Online Publications Developed by Directors of MBA Career Development at Harvard Business School, CareerLeader offers a complete online business career self-assessment program. The fee for this service is $95, with $20 discounts available to alumni of participating schools. Tools at this site include analysis of the goodness of fit between your interests, work values & abilities and various corporate cultures; rating of your entrepreneurial attributes; and assessment of your career weaknesses. The site offers follow-up personal career counseling for subscribers for an additional fee.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Assessment Tools, Job Advice Provides a vast array of resources and interesting articles devoted to the job search and life in the office. Search jobs based on various criteria, post and manage your resume online, access information about prospective employers, review a large database containing sorted articles.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Advice, Job Search (General), Search Firms The parent, BSA Advertising, has produced stunning graphics with a great search engine. Innovative, award-winning site. Use the search bank to view jobs by location or job category or list the companies and see what each has to offer. Enter the college information center and checkout who's coming to campus. Link out to Career Fairs to check out the college career fairs in your area.
CATEGORIZED: Job Fairs, Job Search (General) Post your resume and make it immediately available to employers searching their database. Search the job database by job location, job category and/or keywords. And use "The Personal Job Shopper" service which is an automated system that searches the database for recently posted jobs matching your criteria. Matching jobs are automatically emailed to you. You do not need to post a resume to use the Personal Job Shopper service. Therefore, you can use it confidentially to keep informed of job openings in your area without the concern of having your intentions announced to the public.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) Offers and enormous number of links to its definition of the best sites on the web, including employer, job, education, search, resume, and career management sties.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Job Advice Careers in Business is designed to help you find a satisfying job in the business world, whether you're angling for a fast track investment banking job or a fulfilling non-profit career. This site brings you the latest scoop on various business career areas including jobs, salaries, what people are saying and entry requirements.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Financial, Job Search (General), Management, Marketing, Non-Profit Jobs For the past 17 years, Careers in Retailing has informed college students about the career paths that are available in the retail industry. Discover career opportunities in management development, sales, marketing, operations and technology. Includes profiles of many of the leading retailers.
CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles, Job Search (College, Specialized) Through information and networking opportunities-—including informational Web sites, email campaigns, job fairs, career days, social functions and seminars-—careersINsite helps students, regardless of their major, learn about Indiana's tech-firms and what they're seeking. Students gain access to a full range of information in order to learn more about technology job opportunities in Indiana. careersINsite lets you meet real people in the tech sector, interview them about their careers and their companies and make a personal connection--right in Indiana. With great universities, top-rated technology firms, fantastic culture and low cost-of-living, Indiana is the perfect place to start your career. careersINsite brings Indiana's thriving technology industry to your doorstep. careersINsite personnel operate on the campuses of Purdue University, Indiana University, IUPUI, Ball State University and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Internships, Job Fairs, Job Search (College, Specialized) Job seekers can register their skills and match them against employer specifications, or search openings by key words have the results selectively forwarded to email. Resumes can be posted anonymously so the job seeker can control the contact data. The site has agreements with other Web addresses such as, and America's job bank and there are also some excellent salary information and relocation datalinks.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) Over 1000 job descriptions from the US Bureau of labor statistics and the Australian Department of Education's were teamed up to produce this highly informative show. Visit the Virtual Career Show by going to CONNECT or go to OPTIONS for vacant jobs and you can LEARN about choosing a career and applying for a job.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Australia)
CATEGORIZED: CareerWeb provides job seekers with national and international job listings, an online resume service, and JobMatch, which notifies users through email when new job listings are posted that meet an individual's job search criteria. The site also includes an online bookstore and free articles on work-related topics such as gender relations and discrimination, critical thinking, working mothers, self-employment and empathy on the job.
CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools, Employer Profiles, Job Descriptions, Job Search (General) This site offers job postings and career information for women as well as the ability to post a resume. Create your own personalized career management account on this site and you can: Create, edit, and delete up to three online resumes and cover letters so you may apply online to jobs; create up to five automatic Job Search Agents that email you when a job listing matches your interests; save interesting jobs to your personal folder; and keep track of all the jobs you have applied to.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment Documents and reviews websites. Mark Mahler and Gerry Crispin wrote a book of the same title. They update and archive their reviews here. Comment on cost to post, cost to see jobs, cost to post resumes, cost to view resumes specialties, industry focus, and purpose.
CATEGORIZED: HR Services, Job Advice Through this site, you may buy a new or used car, access tips on financing & insurance, and conduct research on vehicles of interest. Available information includes dealer invoice prices, rebates & vehicle reviews; Kelley Blue Book values; recalls & service bulletins; and miscellaneous news and features.
CATEGORIZED: Auto Purchases Business attire is a hot topic. Why? It affects your career opportunities and your income. This site provides expert tips and case studies on how to power up your nonverbal communication and dress down for success.
CATEGORIZED: Interviewing Through this site, you may order a variety of specialty catalogs (including some international selections) to be sent to your home (catalog cost varies). Business-related catalogs address needs such as furniture & equipment, computers, business apparel, motivation & training and advertising/promotion. Non-business catalogs include those providing apparel, electronics, gifts, home goods, computers and recreational/hobby-related goods.
CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping This is CBS’s online news service. You may scan articles, check weather reports and participate in online polls.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Weather Reports Purdue International Career Center: Provides electronic access to information sources about international job opportunities. This service is a cooperative work of the University Placement Service and the Purdue University Libraries.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) The RPI site is a "megalist" of resources for the online job search. Hit hundreds of career related sites by titles and topics.
CATEGORIZED: College Career Services This German Youth exchange for young professionals is a unique opportunity to train and work in the selected career fields in Europe. The German and USA governments fund this 12-month stay in Germany which includes: 2 months German training (no prior German required), 4 months professional training, 5 months internship, and placement with a German family. Focus is on 18- to 24-year-olds with business or technical training.
CATEGORIZED: International, Internships At CDW’s site, you may browse and purchase various products, including printers, computers, scanners, modems, networking supplies and software. This site also provides access to company information, including job opportunities, and you may sign up to receive a free newsletter.
CATEGORIZED: Computer Vendors Centre for International Trade (CIT) is a member organization established with the objectives to improve, facilitate and expand international trade. With over 3,500 members from every corner of the world (including embassies, government agencies, trade associations, companies, firms and individuals) they network and cooperate with and offer courtesy discounts to each other. Assistance they provide includes all aspects of international trade including information, trade opportunities, financial assistance, management consulting, transportation, resources and travel information.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) Get a list of recruiting companies all across the country or search for available positions by profession. Check often, the fairs change frequently. CFG advertises their fairs to the public 60 days prior to the event.
CATEGORIZED: Job Fairs CFO magazine post a regularly updated list of job openings for CFOs, treasurers and senior financial executives. You can also fill out a profile and receive finance job opportunities via email that match your skills and interests.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) The International Service Agencies mission is "to help millions of people over seas and in the U.S. who suffer from hunger, poverty, and disease or from the ravages of war, oppression and natural disasters." Many diverse member agencies contribute information and volunteering possibilities.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Non-Profit Jobs, Volunteer Jobs As the oldest and most dynamic advertising organization in all of Chicago, if not the United States, CAF has much to offer you. The CAF continues to play a unique role in Chicago's advertising community because it continues to cherish the very principles upon which it was founded to create growth opportunities for both the businesses and individuals who make up Chicago advertising. In February 2002, CAF will be hosting its 20th annual Career Day program which is designed for Midwest area college and university students who are interested in finding out more about a career in advertising.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Job Fairs A major hub for jobs in Chicago: This is a terrific all-around site for finding a job in Chicago. You find salary guides, job leads in a wide variety of fields, and helpful resource links.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Read The Chicago Tribune internet edition at this site. Find information regarding job openings, virtual job fairs, financial news and much, much more.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Job Fairs, Job Search (Specialized) The Chronicle of Higher Education is the academic world's No. 1 source of news and information. There is a fee to subscribe, but then you can register to receive a daily email highlighting developments in higher education and updates on grant opportunities; access the career network which includes advice on careers in academe; access current job announcements including an advance look on Friday's before the printed newspaper is mailed; and view the fully-searchable complete-text version of the current issue of The Chronicle as well as the archives.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized), Online Publications The Feds fund several "Centers for International Business Education and Research" each year at some of the top ranked B-Schools. The international job seeker needs to log onto these sites for information pertaining to economic outlooks, contacts by country, market potentials, trade leads, etc. This Michigan State University site is one of the best catalogs of international business information but you might also want to browse the other "CIBER" locations as well.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, International Jobs (Global) The Center for International Education (CIE) is a part of the Division of Undergraduate Education at the University of California, Irvine. CIE houses two dynamic programs tailored to meet the educational requirements of UCI students through international experiences, but also provides information on study, work and travel abroad for all.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) A nonprofit, nongovernmental, educational organization founded in 1947 with the mission of developing educational exchanges and fostering international understanding. Council Study Centers provide credit-bearing study abroad programs at 36 universities on six continents. Council's International Faculty Development Seminars offer university faculty professional development and international interchange opportunities worldwide.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices, International Jobs (Global) View cardmember benefits, apply for the card, and view statements all online.
CATEGORIZED: Credit Cards Find out everything you wanted to know about your city . . . or a city you plan to visit. You can see a movie, find a job, book a table, meet your match, scan the stars, reserve a room, buy a ticket, bid on a boat, catch a show, or just plain explore a city.
CATEGORIZED: Travel Service Select the Employment Listings and search for available positions by city, state, or even as specific as zip codes. One of the few sites where employers can post jobs for free!
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) CNET provides software reviews & tips; stock quotes, market reports and news headlines; software downloads; and access to shopping.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications Scan the news and weather at CNN’s online site.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Weather CNN’s financial news site provides business-related stories & headlines, as well as market quotes and a reference desk.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications Coach U is a training and development firm which trains professional business and personal coaches, offers seminars focusing on personal and professional development, books, tapes and shareware items to the public, and licenses programs to individuals and firms.
CATEGORIZED: Training & Development The Max M. Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University developed this site that has many sections devoted specifically to MBAs. "Business Connections" offers sites to potential employers, annual reports and financial information on publicly held companies. Students offer tips and hints about managing time and building workplace skills when you visit "MBA Survival Skills." Haven't found just the right business school yet? Check out "Finding the Right School." Many more features . . . every MBA should check out this site.
CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools, College Career Services, MBA Job Services Explore over 200,000 listings according to size, price and type of property as well as get the details on any neighborhood in the United States — including school systems, housing prices, local climate, maps and more. You may also design a custom search profile around your needs and search for houses that match your profile and you will be notified via email when it finds matches. Be sure to check out the Mortgage Center where you can calculate how much you'd like to spend, prequalify for a mortgage, or apply for a loan.
CATEGORIZED: Housing Guides This site provides numerous resources for students, school & college counselors, and teachers. Resources are grouped according to topics of interest, including general information on college choice, financial aid, guidance & counseling and placement & advising. Of special interest are a search engine for professional development workshops, information on international education, and a career search database. Also be sure to check out the Internet Guide for College Bound Students, authored by Ken Hartman, where you can post questions and get advice.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices This website by College Central Network (CCN) provides students and alumni with the ability to search their respective college or universities jobs database as well as those of's with its unique Mega Job Search (SM) Technology—providing students and alumni access to over three million jobs on the Web. CCN also provides college students and recent alumni with resume building, referral, forwarding and archiving functions as well as career resources and online advice.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Search (College) This site provides step-by-step information for choosing, applying to and financing college and graduate school training. It also includes links to related sites, including online college applications, information on internships, and career exploration. Finally, the site provides the CollegeEdge Career and College Guidance System, an online resource for counselors and administrators.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices The largest open access entry level careers web site for college students and recent graduates, with more than 10,000 job postings, 140 resume templates, a searchable employer database, and the entire contents of the best-selling book, "College Grad Job Hunter" online and free for all to access.
CATEGORIZED: Cover Letters, Employer Profiles, Job Search (College), Resume Services Finally a job board for everyone; for students and alumni of every College, University, Graduate School, and Vocational and Adult Education School in the United States. CollegeJobBoard is designed to help students and alumni find internships, temporary jobs, part-time jobs and full-time jobs. Key features: Create up to five online resumes and cover letters to use to apply to jobs; activate your resume so employers can view it, or store it privately for your own use; track your online job applications; create automatic Job Search Agents that will search around the clock and email you when a job listing matches your criteria; utilize the Free Scholarship search engine; review job search tips; and research companies.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Search (College) Welcome to the Collegiate Job Fairs web site. CJF specializes in bringing college grads and the needs of employers together in a unique recruiting environment that best serves the needs of students, employers, and Collegiate Career Centers.
CATEGORIZED: Job Fairs CollegeNET lets you search for colleges, including MBA programs, by region, college sports, major, tuition and several other criteria. From this site, you can hotlink from your search list directly to homepages of the schools in which you're interested; take virtual tours of colleges; conduct a free scholarship search; apply to colleges online; make your academic profile available to college recruiters; jump to other web resources for financial aid, test preparation, college sports & academics; and purchase discount books, software and CDs.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices Helps you develop a list of potential colleges, select the ideal school from that list, fill out an application, look into financial aid, and respond to your acceptance letter. Search criteria includes length of degree program, public or private school, state, location (urban, suburban, rural), enrollment size, and tuition.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices This site requires registration before use and provides profiles of every undergraduate institution accredited in the U.S., advice on the SATs and ACTs, specially-designed tools to help users manage the college admissions and financial aid processes and access to Peterson's database of more than 800,000 scholarships and awards.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices The premier information source for college students, grads and recent graduates who are seeking employment, business opportunities, further education or training. Now the 8th most popular job site overall (PC Data Online), candidates can both search the 100,000+ current job postings and submit a resume to the (free) resume bank. Another free feature, through the Mega Search page, is the ability to simultaneously search and apply to the 20,000 or so of the jobs listed directly through their site, and simultaneously search the databases of eight more high traffic job boards: Wall Street Journal's CollegeJournal, Wall Street Journal's CareerJournal, Dice, BrassRing, USJobBoard, Diversified Search, Prolianz and AllRetailJobs. And the Career Center contains over 600+ pages of employment-related articles and Ask the Experts questions and answers.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (College) The detailed search engine allows you to focus on a wide-ranging set of search criteria that includes diversity, field of study, religious affiliation, athletics, accessibility, etc.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices
CATEGORIZED: Television Free service with a fantastic search engine: Companies Online is a great meta-site to visit if you want to keyword-search for companies. It’s one of the few meta-company lists that allow you to search by name, state, ticker symbol, industry, city, and URL. You can look for companies by category.
CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories With nearly 100,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society is the world's leading organization of computer professionals. Founded in 1946, it is the largest of the 35 societies organized under the umbrella of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Check out the Publictions Center which contains access to several magazines and an online bookstore, as well as conference information, committee standards, and career opportunities around the US.
CATEGORIZED: Professional Associations Provides you with high quality computer-related job opportunities and career-related content organized into 18 vertical skill sets and 19 major metropolitan markets. Employers are rewarded with access to thousands of prescreened resumes, which you may post for free, from real people including many of the best and brightest IT talent in the industry. More than 4,000 companies post jobs to
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized), Technical/Engineering This site is one of the leading job search centers for technical professionals -- offering permanent, contract, and consulting computer jobs nationwide. Browse the fully searchable job database or enter your profile and let Job Tracker email you about new jobs matching your preferences.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) This site basically is an online mall that links to other sites at which you may browse and purchase numerous computing products, accessories and general office supplies.
CATEGORIZED: Computer Vendors, Online Shopping The world's largest Information Technology trade journal maintains classified ads and career information on this site. You may request jobs that match your skills be sent to you via email. It also contains an extensive listing of career related articles that can be keyword searched. FREE!
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Job Search (Specialized), Technical/Engineering The best site for finding temporary jobs with an outdoor twist. Find jobs at resorts, at national parks, on ranches, on cruises, and at campus. For the college graduate not inclined to join corporate America this is an excellent resource linking them to unconventional and alternative career fields.
CATEGORIZED: Internships, Job Search (Specialized) A premier corporate research site. Type in the name of a company, WKN number or ticker and you'll get a list of sites that cover the company. Search over 350,000 company profiles worldwide, including over 20,000 here at our site! Link to their library by selecting from over 100 countries and you'll be able to research companies, industries and economic information. Read research reports on over 15,000 companies. Each research report analyzes sales, dividends, earnings, profit ratios, research and development, inventory, etc. Lots of information located in one central place.
CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles This private training organization focuses upon developing and delivering seminars and workshops on topics in human resource management. Publishes the newsletters: Worker's Compensation Update and Personal Law Update. Provides information that limits legal liability in employment policies and management practices. Focus is on legislation, regulations, court decisions, etc. that focus on employment.
CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services, Training & Development The Office of Distance Learning site at Dakota State University in South Dakota provides information on statewide classes offered as well as by independant study, internet, and video tape courses. You may also view their newsletter and register for listerv.
CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Cowleys Search It!Employment: A one stop shop for employment searching in Australia. This Cowleys service brings together in one convenient location many of the best employment resources on the Web. It focuses most heavily on Australian sites but incorporates useful international sites as well. There are several links that will help you navigate through this site they include vacant positions, classifieds, and other various links.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Australia) Maintained by Consulting Psychologist Press, Inc., this site is essentially a marketplace that provides information on a variety of services and publications for job seekers, career counselors and human resource professionals. Resources include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, along with materials for interpreting the inventory results; the Strong Interest Inventory; and the California Psychological Inventory.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Assessment Tools, H.R. Services, Performance Evaluation, Training & Development This is a directory of books that can be read over the Internet. It includes an index, links to other directories & archives, and special exhibits.
CATEGORIZED: Online Publications Career Strategy Inc. is a Tokyo based executive search firm. Check out the job board that contains various opportunities for individuals who speak fluent japanese. They also provide resume services for a fee.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) Everything you need to know before you go. Whether traveling by public or private transportation, this site contains publications, downloadable forms, and extensive information about crossing any border in the world.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students), Travel Service Gives a layman's tutorial for people interested in using html for creating web pages. Easy to navigate to find answers to your specific questions.
CATEGORIZED: Training & Development The site provides readers with valuable statistics and Webarketing information, enabling them to understand their business environment and make more informed business decisions. CyberAtlas gathers online research from the best data resources to provide a complete review of the latest surveys and technologies available.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Travel Service Provides individuals with access to online courses and resources offered by universities and educational institutions worldwide and aggregates credit and non-credit resources for career development, self development and continuing professional education. There is a fee to use.
CATEGORIZED: Graduate Study, Training & Development Whether you prefer to review books for writing tips or go through the workbooks for a step-by-step guide, this site provides an immense amount of information to assist you in writing the perfect resume. The site doesn’t reflect a lot of cutting-edge information about electronic resumes, but does show how to make traditional resumes shine. Also features a job seekers section with sample letters and questions.
CATEGORIZED: Resume Services Datamasters provides salary survey data to human resource professionals CATEGORIZED by region and various job classifications. It may provide comparable salary data useful for career decision making and salary comparison purposes.
CATEGORIZED: Compensation This specialty site focuses on recruiting electrical, mechanical, computer, civil, environmental and MIS personnel for member businesses central New York. You can search posted jobs by keyword, category, education level, or salary. Post your current resume or us their resume Wizard which provides step-by-step formatting for a perfect profile. It has some excellent technical resources as well as entertainment, fun and lifestyle considerations.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized), Technical/Engineering Drake Beam Morin is one of the largest outplacement firms in the world. They allow individuals to register at their site and participates in their outplacement services including the use of networking, interest tests, and other resources. Employers can post jobs that might be useful for their clients who are undergoing outplacement counseling. The site also hosts the famous career guide to the World Wide Web called "The Riley Guide." To get the most complete look at what they offer, it's best to look at the site map.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Career Fields, International Jobs (Global), Job Advice, Resume Services Drake Beam Morin, the worldwide leader in career management and transitional services, has created an alliance with the I.U. Kelley School of Business. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of career management, planning, and networking opportunities. Some of the free services include:
  • Assessment Tools - to find your best career fit.
  • Career Consultation - telephone consultation with a DBM professional.
  • Networking with fellow alumni.
  • Forums to participate in discussions on timely topics.
  • Online Career Resources - career management, job search and resume programs, current articles by career stage.
  • Job Leads through the Virtual Job Fair, Internet Resources and other links.
  • JobMatch - a matching service that automatically matches a candidate's professional experience and job function preferences to employers looking for candidates.
There are some fees for a few of the assessment tests. I.U. alums and students will need a password which is provided free to students on the BPO website under "Self Assessment Tests."
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Assessment Tools, Job Fairs, Job Search (College) This commercial website promotes its products on selecting, interviewing, placing, and promoting people. Hundreds of firms use their products. Targeted selection is a proven accurate, legal, and credible system for putting employees through an interview-based selection and promotion tool. The site features the latest in selection technology, motivational assessment software, behavioral simulations, and training materials.
CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools, H.R. Services, Training & Development Browse this site for products, offers and news geared toward the computing needs of businesses, families, students, education and government. Besides purchasing products, you may find out more about Dell at this site, including job opportunities.
CATEGORIZED: Computer Vendors At the Delta Airlines website, you may check flight schedules and fares; book flights; and gather information on Delta's frequent flyer program; check on weather and sports information for your destination cities; and find out about vacation packages.
CATEGORIZED: Airlines, Travel Services, Weather Reports This is a top site for information technology, engineering and other technical fields. Thousands of jobs are posted daily; all have direct contact information and the ability to apply online. "JobSeeker" emails the jobs you want and "ResumeOnline" lets you store your resume on the web. This site also contains an excellent battery of job tools for the technical professional.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized), Technology/Engineering Using internet technology and career forums as media to foster mutual communication, DISCO International's aim is to bring global companies and job seekers together in a free and open manner. As international recruitment specialists, their strength is their cross border network combined with a deep understanding of the situation of job seekers on a country by country basis. For Europe-based IT specialists, top Business graduates or Japanese-English bilingual candidates DISCO International is bringing a new perspective in international recruitment. It offers a wide range of recruiting products and services, including job fairs (Career Forums), direct placement, publications, customized programs, and consulting.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia, Europe), Job Fairs DigitalThink is the leader in designing, developing and deploying e-learning solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. DigitalThink offers a fully integrated solution that combines course content aligned with its clients' business objectives, a compelling, results-oriented e-learning experience, and robust technologies that are fully outsourced. E-Learning takes advantage of the Internet by building courses with content, exercises and interactivity that are only possible online. Plus, courses are accessible anytime, anywhere and foster interaction among students and between students and expert tutors.
CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Search thousands of jobs from top employers. Advertise your resume across a network of top job sites. Or, create a job agent to automatically notify you of job postings matching your criteria!
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) At Compaq’s online shopping site, you may browse and purchase desktop computers, portables, workstations, servers and add-ons.
CATEGORIZED: Computer Vendors This government website provides one-stop online access to resources, services, and information available throughout the Federal government for people with disabilities. There is information on everything ranging from rights to tax credits and deductions.
CATEGORIZED: Diversity This is a general website on job searching and job relocation. You may search for jobs by title, city, state, country, keyword, job category, and/or company name. The links on job relocation are very useful and provide quality information on the community one may be reloacting to.
CATEGORIZED: Diversity The Discover Care website provides information about services, promotions, maps of Discover Card CASH locations, access to online shopping sites, an online brokerage service and information about the DiscoverCard youth program.
CATEGORIZED: Credit Cards, Financial Services This proprietary personality matching technology is available to Corporate Recruiters and Hiring Managers through Recruitment Solutions ASPs (Technology companies that provide applicant tracking and other recruitment oriented services through a web-based interface).
CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services Provides a vast array of services for Disney vacations in and outside of the US. Online booking allows customized packages to suit everybody's needs, or simply purchase park passes. Also contains information regarding the Disney Cruise Line which includes a stop in Nassau, The Bahamas, and another at Disney's own private island oasis, Castaway Cay.
CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides The Disney Institute offers unique "out-of-the-box" professional development programs. You learn how to apply Disney success strategies to your organization. These seminars offer first-hand ways to turn textbook theory into operational realities. Offers "best practices" benchmarking opportunities in all progams.
CATEGORIZED: Training & Development This website is specifically for hispanic engineers. You can search the job database by clicking a geographical region on the national map or by using the search form. Or, you can sign up to the list server to receive them via email.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment This site promotes two publications that offer information on diversity and minorities in engineering and information technology. Surf the site to locate job leads, or simply to review the up-to-date articles.
CATEGORIZED: Diversity, Minority Recruitment This site gives minority job seekers a place to interact with companies to work for, and continues to enhance and develop its core business, retained executive search.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment At this site, you may get stock quotes, check out the latest financial news, request free tax & investing software, and visit the DLJ Marketplace.
CATEGORIZED: Financial Services Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is the leading provider of business-to-business credit, marketing, purchasing, and receivables management and decision-support services. Make sure to check out their products as there are many useful tools for H.R. professionals. Their website is accessible by purchasing a membership.
CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles, H.R. Info. Systems This site is designed for the job candidates who are recent college graduates seeking opportunities in the United Kingdom and Europe. Search available jobs by sector, degree, and location or become a member and receive details of relevant vacancies by email as soon as they appear on the site. Check out the employer directory to find out what you need to know about the companies looking to recruit the best graduates.
CATEGORIZED: International Many states are setting up Department of Labor, Employment and Training Career Centers to help you write resumes, search for jobs, and take self-help classes. The America's One-Stop Career Center System lists nearly one million jobs each year by region and job skills. From there, job seekers can apply for unemployment benefits, register for state job service, and talk to a federal/state career counselor.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, H.R. Services, Job Advice, Job Search (General) At this site, you may find out about rates & reservations, special offers, international locations and franchise opportunities.
CATEGORIZED: Rental Cars Find a company by looking up its domain name. This is a great tool for locating the physical address of a company. If you have the company’s domain name, or official URL or web address, you can at least get some basic information most of the time, such as a contact phone number and physical location.
CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories Formerly, this site still offers job openings in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other Pacific Rim countries. Can post resumes for a fee. Good job advice for that area.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) The men's online guide to dressing with style. Also offers the MenStyle video.
CATEGORIZED: Interviewing 1,001 job interview questions from Joyce Lain Kennedy: Rehearse your interview questions! You need to surf to get to the questions on 1,001 interview questions. You also have access to a sample chapter from Kennedy’s best-selling book Job Interviews for Dummies (IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.).
CATEGORIZED: Interviewing, Online Publications This is the site for candidates who are interested in oil, mining, geoscience, environmental, GIS and related subjects. Earthworks promotes paid, volunteer, and internship opportunities in national parks and wildlife refugees managed by nonprofit conservation organizations. Job seekers typically pay a small sum for using this site. Employers can post jobs for free.
CATEGORIZED: Internships, Job Search (Specialized), Volunteer Jobs Buy, sell and trade goods on this site. You also may join chats and scan news items.
CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping The Employee Benefit Research Institute library staff compiled a listing of internet resources for employee benefit information. The information on this site is most useful to the human resource professional working on benefit program design but it gives the average employee insights into how benefit programs are designed.
CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs The site is especially useful for college students seeking internships and careers in environmental science after graduation. With all of their current positions listed by region on the site, they place over 600 interns each year into environmental positions. Also provides environmental news and conferences to help members stay up-to-date.
CATEGORIZED: Internships How much did Bill Gates make last year? This site allows you to unearth the salaries of some of the highest paid executives. Search by company name, ticker symbol, location, or business type. Once you locate the company, click on the name to view the summary. Definitely useful when asking for a raise!
CATEGORIZED: Compensation Obtaining student financial aid to attend college is a highly confusing process. The U.S. Department of Education offers this annually updated site as a financial aid primer that gives links to the FAFSA, the departments free application for federal student aid.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices This agency administers many laws and regulations of the US Federal Government. This site offers details explaining the responsibilities of the EEOC and complete texts of all EEO laws.
CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services EFG, Inc, is an Information Technology Recruiting Firm that works both nationally and internationally in 47 Countries and Regions of the World. Headquartered in Michigan, they specialize in the placement of both permanent and contractual employees at all salary levels and/or hourly rates--from programmers to Presidents. They maintain an extensive database that contains applicants from over seventy countries of the world--nearly 20,000 worldwide applicants that are purged on a monthly basis.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) Continuously updated articles, information, teaching jobs and resources, and practice materials for people teaching or learning English as a foreign language, EFL, or as a second language, ESL. English teachers and students will find that this site includes material, which is also relevant to ELT, ESOL, TESOL, TESL, TEFL. Teachers and students can make new friends and practice their English within the chat room.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) When the Electronic Embassy Web site was established in 1995, only two of Washington's foreign embassies were on the Web -- now most of the embassies have homes on the Internet. Tour "Embassy Row" or browse the "Foriegn Embassies" directory, both of which allows companies serving the international community, and those working, living, and traveling internationally, to find their audience.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) Allows you to locate properties within a specified distance of the city you will be visting. Shows maps, surrounding eateries and attractions, and allows you to book online. J.D. Power and Associates has just ranked Embassy Suites the highest overall in guest satisfaction among all-suites hotel chains. A member of the Hilton family of hotels.
CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides Find out who's recruiting on-campus, learn about our recently upgraded computing center, and just enjoy navigating through the many links.
CATEGORIZED: College Career Services EmplawyerNet is the preeminent job opportunity and career development site for the legal community. It provides invaluable recruitment tools to lawyers, law students, paralegals, employers and law schools.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) This generic employment website covering a multitude of industries and occupations. The site was developed specifically for the Australian market and continues to introduce value-added software making the site more attractive to both recruiters and job seekers. Their job match service does all the searching for you, providing you with regular email updates on relevent positions and their online resume service allows you to store a resume. For each resume or job profile that you store, you will need a separate registration number. Registration is free and your details are kept strictly confidential.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Australia) Established in 1997, is a premier provider of solutions for job seekers, recruiters and employers with the idea to provide an “All in one” solution. Tools for job seekers include millions of available jobs right at its users fingertips by searching not only their job postings but also currently over 3,000,000 jobs in over 300 major career sites simultaneously. Become a registered user for FREE and receive a web based email account, calendar, and organizer and access to a resume search reminder service -- and once again, it's all FREE.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) This is a huge site for all types of careers. This site has links to over 9,000 different companies, employment agencies, and placement firms world wide. There are tons of links for hundreds of different companies. On this site you can post your resume in the freelance marketplace or job board for free.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global), Job Search (General) Newly updated and expanded with more than 50,000 articles plus links giving you access to millions of articles and pictures in Electric Library, puts tons of information right at your fingertips. It's free, quick and useful!
CATEGORIZED: Encyclopedias The magazine's Small Business Square offers advice on everything from marketing to finance. Discusses locating capital, building a customer base, expanding business, marketing techniques, etc. Helps identify fellow business owners.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Small Business Guide Since 1968, Equal Opportunity Publications, Inc. (EOP) has led the way from affirmative action to diversity recruitment by publishing career-guidance and recruitment magazines for women, members of minority groups, and people with disabilities. "First in diversity, best in results" is the slogan that summarizes EOP's successful record of helping job-seekers from underrepresented groups find employment and in aiding companies and government agencies eager to recruit from this diversified workforce. Check out the resume Database which provides the opportunity to have your resume sent FREE to any advertiser who is looking to hire. Also check out the list of the dates and locations of career fairs and job expos across the country.
CATEGORIZED: Diversity, Job Fairs, Minority Recruitment, Resume Services Through this site, you may order a personal credit profile, obtain financial reports & other information about Equifax, which provides consumer and commercial credit information services, payment services, software, modeling, analytics, consulting and direct-to-consumer services.
CATEGORIZED: Credit Reports, Financial Services This site lists research reports for purchase. Reports address topics such as cost of living, wage & salary structures, and demographic data for metropolitan areas in North America; detailed two-city comparisons of salaries, cost-of-living expenses, taxes and health costs; and detailed median and mean pay information by position.
CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Compensation, Cost of Living, H.R. Services If you've ever thought about living overseas, this website is specifically designed to turn your intentions into a reality. A popular magazine and a directory comprise thousands of webpages on the subject of moving to romantic places, including articles and links on overseas opportunities & jobs, overseas real estate, international investments, telecommuting from abroad, hidden artist colonies, foreign schools, escape routes, global nomadic housing for expatriates, unique lifestyles, disappearing magic, overseas retirement, embassies worldwide, photographs of foreign places, international contacts, links and a huge database of expatriate resources.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students), International Jobs (Global)
CATEGORIZED: Television FREE membership entitles you to receive special promotions regarding eSportsWorld Conferences, digital & print newsletters (a resource guide and marketing information about the latest breaking industry news), access to timely industry reports and feature articles, and special networking opportunities. Their conferences would be great for career networking purposes for graduates interested in sports marketing.
CATEGORIZED: Online Publication Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Good Works, is the national directory for social change organizations and public interest careers. Excellent career advice to those wishing to do volunteer work or work as a paid staff member of a not-for-profit firm. Services people seeking none traditional employment in social change organizations.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Non-Profit Jobs, Volunteer Jobs The business world is a minefield of potential gaffes and social blunders, and Jacqueline Whitmore has helped thousands of men and women navigate through the hazards. As founder and director of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, she teaches manners, helps CEOs master the art of "schmoozing," and shows high-ranking executives how to create a favorable impression in the boardroom or at the dinner table.
CATEGORIZED: Interviewing EUROGRADUATE LIVE features thousands of Graduate Opportunities across Europe. You can also find expert advice on Career Planning, useful links to other great sites and details about postgraduate options.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) EuroJobs: Submit your CV, search for jobs by region, find related information about working in Europe. Here you can click on a country in Europe and find the vacancies available. Also, there is a job robot that will help you find the career of your choice.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) European Employment Services (EURES) aims to facilitate the free movement of workers within the 17 countries of the European Economic Area. Partners in the network include Public Employment Services, Trade Unions and Employer Organisations. The partnership is coordinated by the European Commission. After selecting a preferred language, you can search through job information, job openings, and obtain helpful career guidance.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) This site provides a wealth of Euro-related information divided into four main headings. "ABC" is aimed at the general public and sets out to provide clear answers to key questions concerning such things as the objectives of the European Union, European citizens' rights and the history of the EU. "News" is aimed principally at journalists and other people professionally involved in the information industry. It contains official press releases from the EU institutions and information on major forthcoming events. "Institutions" provides a general introduction to each of the institutions as well as links to their home-pages. "Policies" sets out the Union's activities by subject, giving an overview of the policies as well as more detailed information for students and professionals.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) Here you will find international airfare programs as well as specific travel options within Europe such as car rental or train travel with premier service at discount prices. Also view European maps.
CATEGORIZED: Travel Service A great networking site for executives who earn more than $100,000 a year. Position information is generated from members, search firms, and corporations who post their openings for free. There are many thousands of listings covering all fields and specialties. Career tips and other resources are updated regularly. The membership idea and networking connections provide an excellent vehicle for senior level executives to facilitate their careers.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Contains an online list of executive recruiting organizations and search firms. Typically head hunters only want to talk to candidates with more than 5 years of experience who are earning over $60K but there are many exceptions, especially for hard to find jobs.
CATEGORIZED: Search Firms This UK based site offers information on relocating overseas or returning to your home country, doing business abroad, and posts job openings. Also offers up to date article applicable to overseas relocation issues.
CATEGORIZED: International Need to book a flight or rent a room? Need driving directions to and from your destination? Find anything you would need to know regarding flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and more. Browse through the "deals" for various vacation packages from casino destinations to sports and adventure, from skiing vacations to Hawaiian vacations. Also ranks the best travel destinations, provides slide shows and tourse, and gives you seasonal weather conditions. Once you've decided on a destination, use the detailed street maps of the United States and road maps of Canada, Mexico, and Europe to find your way. Or get accurate directions to U.S. addresses and cities throughout North America, with detailed turn-by-turn maps.
CATEGORIZED: Maps, Travel Service This site allows you to order a credit report, value a property, order public record reports and obtain information on topics such as divorce & credit; bankruptcy; applying for a loan; how to get credit; moving; remodeling or refinancing a home; buying foreclosed homes; managing your business credit; and much more.
CATEGORIZED: Credit Reports, Financial Services, Housing Guides Provides a central place to find the career insight and connections needed to launch and develop your career. Register and create a resume that can be viewed by employers who will contact you when you're the right match for a position or search through a database of thousands of jobs and internships targeted to the entry-level demographic to find the one that fits YOU. Additional resources include the ability to research over 25 industries (including non-profit service, e-commerce, journalism, arts, consulting and financial services), view more than 300 company profiles, participate in virtual job fairs, and read articles containing career and life advice. CATEGORIZED: Premier Partner, Employer Profiles, Internships, Job Fairs, Job Search (College) Export Hotline Online: Helping companies conduct business across borders by intelligently connecting them to the information and services they need to succeed. In order to use this site you have to sign up, it is a free process that only takes a few minutes and is worth your time. After the initial sign-up you will be eligible for discounts on valuable products and services. Also on this site you can research markets, find buyers and suppliers and monitor late breaking news.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (Global) A free searchable scholarship database that allows you to locate sources of financial aid that are suitable for your unique situation.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices Sponsored by the U.S. Food and Drug Association, this site has received numerous web related awards for it's content and clarity. Looking for some information in particular? Use the index or the search function.
CATEGORIZED: Health Guides The Federal Research Service Inc., established in 1974, brings you an accurate and authoritative database for federal job openings. The database is updated every work day, contains verified positions for which a federal agency is actively recruiting, provides the information needed to apply for the job (contact, telephone number, etc.); and includes all kind of federal employment - white collar, blue collar, Congressional staff openings, Judicial openings, fulltime, temporary, etc.
CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs The federal government collects massive amounts of data from hundreds of sources. Surfing here will give you a comprehensive central access point for locating and acquiring government information and job possibilities with over 1,000 openings posted/updated every day.
CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs The FEI is a professional organization representing 14,000 senior financial executives from over 8,000 corporations throughout Canada and the United States. This site offers information about chapters and members as well as information about conferences and career services.
CATEGORIZED: Financial The Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF), which was founded in 1987, is a cutting edge organization dedicated to women's equality, reproductive health, and non-violence. In all spheres, FMF utilizes research and action to empower women economically, socially, and politically. Provides links to available positions with Feminist and Progressive organizations and many articles.
CATEGORIZED: Diversity At this site, you may place trades; review information & performance data on Fidelity and other funds; explore Fidelity annuities, securities, life insurance, retirement planning and other services; and check out the latest financial news.
CATEGORIZED: Financial Services, Mutual Funds Created by Mark Kantrowitz, author of The Prentice Hall Guide to Scholarships and Fellowships for Math and Science Students, this page provides a free, comprehensive, independent, and objective guide to student financial aid. Specific resources include information for international students, disabled students, female students, veterans, etc.; lists of types/sources of aid; financial aid calculators; scam alerts; discussion groups; and personal financial planners. Sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).
CATEGORIZED: College Choices, Graduate Study While originally designed specifically for to market home equity loans to internet users, this site now provides so much more information on personal finance decisions about home and auto loans, credit cards, insurance and more. The site also features easy to use financial calculators that allow users to experiment with different scenarios and make the best decision for them.
CATEGORIZED: Investment Advice Headquartered in London, this site focuses on job openings for multi-lingual professionals interested in investment banks, insurance, and other financial firms at the executive level.
CATEGORIZED: International FindLaw, the leading Web portal focused on law and government, provides access to a comprehensive and fast-growing online library of legal resources for use by legal professionals, consumers and small businesses. Visitors to the FindLaw site will find a broad array of features that include Web search utilities, cases and codes, legal news, and community-oriented tools, such as a secure document management utility, mailing lists, message boards and free email.
CATEGORIZED: Professional Associations At the Continental Airlines website, you may check flight schedules and fares; book flights; check on your flight status; find out about Continental's frequent flyer program; investigate currency exchange rates; check weather reports in your destination city; and find out more about the company.
CATEGORIZED: Airlines, Travel Services The Fool exists to educate, amuse, and enrich the individual investor; to prove to you that the best person to manage your money is YOU; to propose that the key to investment success is doing one's homework; and to show that 'homework' can be fun. You CAN do it. Whether you're looking to manage your finances, get information on your stocks, ask a Foolish question, or mock the Wisemen of Wall Street, there's a place here for you. Either take a tour or dive right in.
CATEGORIZED: Investment Advice Access articles from Forbes Magazine, as well as participate or listen in on online discussions. The site also includes targeted areas of articles & advice, including a small business center, a mutual fund center and the Forbes Buyer’s Guide. Be sure to check out the companies section which lists and details the 200 Best Small Companies, The Private 500, America's 500 Leading Companies, The Platinum 400, and the International 800. And sign up for free email newsletters.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Contact Directories This site is designed by foreign MBA students to help all non-U.S. citizens in pursuing their goals through an MBA. The extensive resources and original content was taken from student's experiences and research. With over 100 pages and more than 5,000 carefully selected links, is now the most complete resource of its kind. You will find information specifically targeted to the foreign MBA student like immigration issues, special challenges in the recruiting process, etc. as well as information targeted to the wide MBA community and those interested in Business in general like how to network, or where to find academic information. A very comprehensive site.
CATEGORIZED: Graduate Study, International Info. (International Students), MBA Job Services This site offers access to the tables of content and some articles from Fortune Magazine, along with links to a Fortune/CareerMosaic job search engine and other news sites.
CATEGORIZED: Business Publications The #1 project marketplace for freelancers, consultants, and independent contractors. Provides useful articles, a search engine to find work, and allows you to create a personal profile to manage your business.
CATEGORIZED: Small Business Guide Futurestep is an executive search service for management professionals brought to you by Korn/Ferry International, the world's largest executive search firm, and The Wall Street Journal. Serves mid-level professionals with a free and confidential service in areas like consulting, legal, IT, HRM, accounting, finance, marketing, sales, etc. Upon registering, you get customized feedback on culture, positions, industries, etc. including personal motivators and estimated market value. Focuses on the $60-$200k experienced market. Does not advertise jobs but asks if you want your information send to a specified job.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Assessment Tools, Job Advice, Job Search (Specialized), MBA Job Services At Gateway’s site, you may read the latest company news, browse & purchase products and find out more about the company, including investor & college relations & current job openings.
CATEGORIZED: Computer Vendors Find a job with a gay friendly employer. Visit employer website pages and search from over 9000 jobs or go directly to the job listings database and search jobs by profession, location, etc. Includes a special link to job opportunities from employers that need you now! Post your resume to help for gay friendly employer to view or search the employer profiles to find out more about a specific employer.
CATEGORIZED: Diversity GFN, the first Internet company solely focusing on the Gay and Lesbian market, makes it easy to find gay sensitive and/or specific workplace information. Offers articles to help with your job search and partner benefits as well as help/advice on career related issues. Other information includes: viatical settlement options and procedures, investment clubs, mortgages, group insurance, tax strategies for unmarried couples, estate planning and news on publicly traded corporations about their benefits and workplace policies for their gay and lesbian employees and investors.
CATEGORIZED: Diversity Gil Gordon is an expert in telecommuting, home office and working from home. Excellent articles and links to other related sites. Advises employers on how to make their telecommuting programs more successful by growing and developing employees. Great career advice to employees who need this option.
CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services, Training & Development The internet's premiere specialty recruitment center. Global Careers is the place for transportation, commerce, and finance majors. They offer global recruiting, free posting of resumes, recruitment services, and application tools. Soon Global Careers will be adding branding, sales and marketing, information technology, consulting, and communications to their list of majors they service.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) The Global Connector, presented by the Global Programs Office at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, provides you with a wealth of international information in one place. The easy to use drop-down menu system is a precise, yet fully functional way to access information by country or industry.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) What is an MBA and what can it do for you? Every student looking for the answers to these and many other questions should visit this site. You can also gather information on GMAT exams and MBA programs at schools around the country. It features easy access to information about applying to graduate business school and financing an MBA, a searchable database of more than 400 graduate management programs, direct links to 325 business schools with their own websites, and a Calendar of Events including schedules for MBA Forums and Destination MBA events.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices, MBA Job Services The Alamo site provides information on rates & reservations, special offers, and programs & services, including weather reports, maps & city information for your destinations.
CATEGORIZED: Rental Cars This site gives a good feel for what the Army is all about -- teamwork and tough-minded leadership. Job seekers find links to various jobs (including playing musical instruments in the Army band) as well as some nifty enlistment incentives.
CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs A very comprehensive and efficient source for international trade leads. This site offers daily trade news, trade offers, a weekly newsletter, and links to other related business sites. The Golden Bridge Trade Center is one of the top sites of its kind on the web today.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (Global) This site provides a free online networking community exclusively for alumni of the top 150 worldwide universities and colleges enabling these alumni to network on business, career and social levels in a private, secure environment.'s online networking community offers alumni many features including a searchable alumni directory, an Alumni Association website builder, mentoring, job searching, resume posting, personal profile building, online chatting, and free email.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (College), the largest global networked marketplace for skilled services, recently acquired, the pioneer in web-based solutions for campus recruitment used by leading colleges. It connects members to the hotest companies, 600+ staffing brokers, and a growing base of over 450,000 skill-tested independent professionals. Membership includes free online skill testing, and other services like online training and benefit plans. Job/project matching and online management tools give members increased autonomy to manage their careers, projects, and recruiting processes.
CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Job Search (General), Training & Development Enter your zipcode and how far you are willing to travel to work and let the site do the work. It pulls up all the jobs that match that criteria, broken out by career fields. Or try the advance search which allows you to select the field and location parameters.
CATEGORIZED: Search Firms Contains easy to use current information rich data online directories. Gives a brief computerized description of graduate school programs and how to make further contact. Many programs advertise here and provide direct links to their own sites.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices U.S. Immigration for Canadian Businesses and Professionals: Contains information about temporary and permanent U.S. immigration work permits for Canadian businesses and professionals.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (International Students) The GRE Program assists students in their transition to graduate education through a variety of services and publications. This site includes brief factual information on the GRE General Test and Subject Tests, information on scheduling and financing the tests, test preparation guidance, and more.
CATEGORIZED: College Choices, Graduate Study Concentrates on college students seeking summer jobs in campus and the recreation industry in the U.S. Information on what camp directors seek in prospective camp counselors. Affiliated with the Petersons' Guide organzation.
CATEGORIZED: Internships Graduate Recruitment and International Placement (GRIP) is an organization that seeks to recruit high caliber graduates and alumni from top universities and business schools for international career opportunities with more than 70 European clients. GRIP posts a list of the top business schools in the nation as well as a list of universities throughout the United States. They focus their efforts on the finance and consuliting industries.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) A comprehensive collection of links to every imaginable area of social service: affirmative action, addiction, adoption, counseling, disaster relief, death and dying, suicidology, welfare, obsessive-compulsive disorder, learning disorders, and so much more. This is a prime site for researching in your field and for finding links to relevant hiring associations and organizations.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Job Search (College) Subscribe to the free online newsletter or become a member (there is a fee for this service) and receive access to their online database. Land a job with sponsorship for H-1B visa fast. Send your resume ONLY to those American firms that previously offered jobs with sponsorship for H-1B visa. Does not guarantee companies in database are currently looking for employees.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (International Students), MBA Job Services Check out this site for the massive amount of links available regarding student resources, campus activities, and academic programs. Link to the Career Center and find additional resources including various assessment sites and career planning guides.
CATEGORIZED: College Career Services With over 250,000 job postings representing more than 10,000 of the nation's employers, is the fastest growing job awareness site today. is rated first among cross-industry, national online recruiting services in quality of results and user satisfaction. Search the jobs by job type, industry, field of interest, company or use the keyword function. Be sure to check out their International Gateway for job openings all over the world. Registered users can post their resume and save frequently used search criteria at no charge. And with the over 30 targeted online job fairs offered, the feature that sends a "reminder" of the upcoming event is a real plus. Click on the Resource Center to see the full outline of their features.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, International Jobs (Global), Job Fairs, Job Search (General), Search Firms Over 325 health-related sites are available through this "magna" network. The site emphasizes career opportunities with hospitals, healthcare corporations, long-term care facilities and other healthcare organizations. Opportunities available in the fields of nursing, physicians, marketing, financial, administrative positions, and nearly every other medical specialty. Access the fully searchable job database or sign up for their Job Search Agent and receive jobs via email that match your search requirements. Also post your resume for free and let employers find you.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Healthcare, Job Search (Specialized) A free gateway to reliable consumer health and human services information developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Healthfinder can lead you to selected online publications, clearinghouses, databases, websites, and support and self-help groups, as well as the government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that produce reliable information for the public.
CATEGORIZED: Health Guides Healthtouch Online is a resource that brings together valuable information from trusted health organizations. Contains a vast amount of information on health issues, as well as a drugs and pharmacies.
CATEGORIZED: Health Guides HealthWeb provides links to specific, evaluated information resources on the web selected by librarians and information professionals at leading academic medical centers in the Midwest. Selection emphasizes quality information aimed at assisting health care professionals as well as consumers in meeting their health information needs.
CATEGORIZED: Health Guides The Hertz site can be read in several different languages and provides information on rates & reservations, special offers, international locations, and programs & services, including computerized driving instructions, cellular phones, child car seats & safety tips.
CATEGORIZED: Rental Cars One of the world's best-known human resource consulting firms that specializes in benefit program management and compensation.
CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Compensation Hilton Hotels (800-774-1500) - From this site you can locate a hotel, check for availability, and make reservations. Also be sure to check out their leisure and business packages.
CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides World Hire Online. offers news releases on different industries, careers and solutions. After you complete the free registration process you are free the browse the different career postings on
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global), Job Search (General) is an online service for diversity career development and recruitment. They provide quality services and networking opportunities while linking multicultural and bilingual professionals with the fastest-growing, most-profitable industry sectors both nationally and internationally. This site is for all levels of experience, from seasoned multicultural professionals to college graduates to interns. Many of their clients operate in a global economy or industry sector that seeks highly skilled, multicultural, and/or bilingual professionals that can best represent them in their respective target markets.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment Welcome to, the web site dedicated to the needs of Hispanic Americans in the workforce. Here you'll find excellent career opportunities with companies interested in hiring top talent from the Hispanic American community. Also contains many useful articles.
CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment Offers many services and features unique to candidates who want and have credentials to work in Hong Kong. Can protect confidentiality with email only response.
CATEGORIZED: International Surf to the classified ads under JOBMARKET in this Hong Kong newspaper. You can search by company, agency, or job title. Find tips on how to compose an application letter and write an appropriate resume. Also find useful hints when preparing for an interview and techniques used during interviews.
CATEGORIZED: International Locate any of the Holiday Inn properties and reserve online. Check out their last minute deals and promotions, and learn more about as well a join their Priority Club.
CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides Homefair provides a "salary calculator" (both English and Spanish versions) to compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. and international cities. The "lifestyle optimizer" allows users to create a list of the 10 best cities for them to live in, based on user-specified ranking criteria (e.g. demographic, economic, or climate conditions). This site also provides crime indexes for over 500 U.S. cities and, through CityReports, a side-by-side comparison of two cities' cost of living, climate, demographics and other information (first report is free). Related links include tools for analyzing relocation costs and organizing your relocation.
CATEGORIZED: Compensation, Cost of Living Locate a hotel, view area map, and reserve online. Recently acquired by Hilton.
CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) website will be able to answer most of your questions online regarding investment, doing business or traveling in Hong Kong.
CATEGORIZED: International Hoovers, "the company that covers companies," offers a website with a lot of useful information to assist the job seeker in his or her search. The Career Center section offers links to over 12,000 company profiles, job openings, job search tools and to a career links section with useful tools like a salary calculator, relocation guides and job hunting tips.
CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles, Job Advice, Job Search (General) Headquartered in the Netherlands, this provides a well-designed international industry "niche." All jobs and resumes are posted for free. Job postings can be searched by category or date and contains an interesting array of jobs in the hospitality industry.
CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, International Hotel Reservations Network is the Internet's largest source of discount accommodations worldwide and has almost 3,000,000 customers. HRN offers savings of up to 65% off regular hotel rates in some of the world's most popular and expensive cities. HRN provides discount accommodations in more than 3,000 premiere properties in over 140 major destinations in the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, North America and Asia.
CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides Sign up for a free "myHotJobs Profile" and create an online resume, control the privacy of your resume, set up automatic job search agents, track your job applications, and view your Resume statistics. You can also view jobs sorted by location, title, date of posting, and then link directly to the real job description. Use the advanced search feature to search on keyword, company, or location. Also offers a message board, an excellent career magazine, and a unique career fair.
CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Search (General), Resume Services Hotmail is a service from Microsoft that offers you free email hosted on the Web. With a Web-based email account, you can check your email from any computer hooked up to the Web. While providing a great service, the sign-up process is somewhat lengthy and you have to provide some detailed information to feed the advertisers that support the site.
CATEGORIZED: Computer Services Post Your Resume for Free. will offer your resume to 1000's of Recruiters, Headhunters and Employers.
CATEGORIZED: Resume Services At the Hewlett Packard site, you may browse and purchase various products, including printers, computers, servers, workstations and software. This site also provides access to customer service and company information, including job opportunities.
CATEGORIZED: Computer Vendors, Employer Showcase HRC WorkNet is a national source of information on workplace policies and laws surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity. WorkNet can help you find information on which employers have LGBT-friendly policies, how to get domestic partner benefits at your company, the laws in your state, what's in the news about LGBT issues in the workplace, and many more.
CATEGORIZED: Diversity Their mission is to enable Canadians to participate fully in the workplace and the community. They provide a section for work-ready individuals who want a quick path to job listings, work search help, resume writing and workplace information, as well as information on career and personal development through governments, school boards, private trainers, and other community agencies. And they offer benefits and financial assistance to millions of Canadians through a number of different programs. There are various other specialized links as well.
CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Canada) This is a very extensive catalog of materials, personnel forms, background screening, legal posters, HR software tests, training aids, communication materials, and motivational aids available. Surfing through the catalog gives you a great idea of the work of the H.R. professionals.
CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services Targeted to jobs in the human resource profession, the positions are classified by HR discipline and level in the organization. Also contains articles about HR issues.
CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Hotel & Travel Index and team up to create a comprehensive resource targeted to travel professionals. As needed, you can search to locate participating hotels by country/region, state or city or register to receive weekly emails that contain the latest special offers and promotions.
CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides This site is one of the top 1,000 sites on the Web, and with good reason. Everything you could ever want to know about HTML, organized into tutorials. This is a super-stop for anyone wanting the basics of putting together a website or to enhance an existing site. All sorts of freebies are readily downloadable, plus you can sign up for free email.
CATEGORIZED: Computer Services HumanMetrics is Israel-based company founded in 1995 to provide Internet online testing in the field of human typology and relationships. Company's team consists of psychologists, psychophysiologist, mathematicians and has 30 years of experience in application and development of comprehensive tests.
CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools One of the largest and most thorough directory of executive search firms. Cross-classified in several different ways with complete contact information.
CATEGORIZED: Search Firms Provides rates and reservations, a worldwide guide, information pertaining to special offers, Gold Passport features, specific information about resorts and meeting planning, and gift/reward certificates that can be purchased online.
CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides The International Business Forum (IBF) provides information about business opportunities in the international marketplace. It is intended for companies wishing to export or expand into foreign markets as well as for those interested to acquire products and services from other countries.
CATEGORIZED: International At the IBM site, you may catch up on company news, track IBM’s stock history, shop for software, servers, workstations, parts & other supplies, and find out about job opportunities at the company.
CATEGORIZED: Computer Vendors ICC's International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce (IBCC) is the hub of chambers of commerce worldwide. IBCC strengthens the global chambers network. It provides a unique world chambers forum for the international exchange of experience and expertise on issues affecting global chambers of commerce, particularly those in emerging and transition economies. As the chamber centre, IBCC has as members over 800 chambers of commerce and 130 national associations, and regional organizations of chambers of commerce. IBCC administers the ATA Carnet System and its international guarantee chain and promotes the global electronic network for chambers of commerce, the World Chambers Network (WCN) and the World Chambers Congress. It also offers assistance and training for world chambers, encouraging entrepreneurial development in commerce and industry.
CATEGORIZED: International Info. (Global) This site offers the following services and more:
  • A brief review of the basics of CEFs, discount/premium and the factors affecting them, major differences between mutual funds and CEFs, the advantages and disadvantages of investing in closed-end funds over mutual funds, and the basics of investing in CEFs.
  • Weekly and daily charts of CEFs specifically tailored for the CEF investor, with features such as weekly net asset value, discount, moving average of the discount, relative discount, +/- 5% relative-discount envelope of market price, ex-dividend dates, and a snapshot of recent data.
  • A review of how the CEFs fared during the last business day, organized based on price movement, NAV estimate movement, discounts, volume activity, and relative discounts based on a broad range of moving averages of the discount.

  • While some services are free, most have subscription rates that range from $120 to $240 a year.
    CATEGORIZED: Mutual Funds In this site, a project of Action Without Borders, you will find: 22,000 nonprofit and community organizations in 150 countries, which you can search or browse by name, location or mission; thousands of volunteer opportunities in your community and around the world, and a list of organizations that can help you volunteer abroad; and the best Nonprofit Career Center on the Web, with hundreds of job and internship listings. In addition, you can use Idealist to define what information you'd like to receive by email from among the job openings, volunteer opportunities, internships, events and resources posted here by organizations all over the world.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global), Internship Jobs, Non-Profit Jobs, Volunteer Jobs The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers has over 300,000 members and dominates recruiting through its professional membership. Allows job seekers to view positions by location, keyword, entry-level, or international locations. Contact information is available members can post their resumes for free. There are many career articles in salary information posted on the site. It contains a long list of job links to various professional organizations.
    CATEGORIZED: Professional Associations, Technical/Engineering The international Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans is the largest association for employee benefit plans. This site contains a forum for 35,000 members to post employment listings. Offers extensive information on the profession relevant to candidates interested in HR careers.
    CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Career Fields This is the Southwest Airlines Home Gate. At this site, you may investigate flight schedules and prices; order your tickets; find out about Southwest's frequent flyer program; and drop off your resume.
    CATEGORIZED: Airlines, Travel Services IHRIM is the leading professional organization dedicated to enabling members to achieve their objectives through the management of human resource information with technology. It promotes professional growth through educational programs and provides numerous opportunities for members to share experiences, ideas, and solutions that will help them add value to their companies through information management.
    CATEGORIZED: HR Services, Professional Associations The International Herald Tribune is written for people who need to know what's happening and what it means. These are people who move across continents, who bridge sectors and industries, and who are at home in several cultures. Their lives, their businesses and their tastes require a daily newspaper that is at once as broad and as focused as they are. This paper combines the extensive resources of its own correspondents with those of The New York Times and The Washington Post--a global publication that leaders in business and government rely on to tell them how important events around the world affect their work, their political choices, their investments and their families.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (Global), Online Publications The Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations site contains an excellent library of HR information on employee relations, HR services and workplace issues. Extensive links to HR news and HR links to libraries, databases, and archives on all types of HR issues.
    CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services At the American Airlines website, you may check flight schedules and fares; book flights; book hotel accommodations; check on ground transportation and other airport information in your destination city; find out about American Airline's frequent flyer program; and find out more about the company.
    CATEGORIZED: Airlines, Car Rental, Hotel Guides, Maps, Travel Service Gain access to diversity sensitive employers like Boeing, General Motors, Pfizer, and Starbucks, along with academic institutions such as Johns Hopskins and such government entities as the National Security Agency. The site's multicultural "villages" offer tips for breaking down walls, and getting help when needed. Profiles and articles provide prospective on how far workplace equality has come and how much further it needs to go.
    CATEGORIZED: Diversity IMEX is dedicated to promoting international trade on the Internet, along with a cooperation and understanding among people and nations. IMEX Exchange helps international focused companies, organizations, and countries develop and implement their Internet strategies through web page design, marketing, networking, and education.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (Global) The Black Collegian magazine appeals to Minardi professionals on this Web site. The search engine can be use to find jobs by keyword, job title, state, or internships. An interesting concept called "villages" has been created for African, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, and other global minorities. Magazine articles on career management are specific to each community. Diversity recruiters aggressively use this site.
    CATEGORIZED: International, Job Search (Specialized), Minority Recruitment This non-profit group is encouraging volunteering with non-profit organizations in the U.S. and worldwide. Offers specific volunteer options and career advice.
    CATEGORIZED: Volunteer Jobs Inc. Online provides consulting to people starting and running businesses, including resources such as books, videos, software, conferences and seminars. Archive articles from Inc. and Inc. Technology – publications for entrepreneurs – are available free from this site.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Small Business Guide A software vendor for incentive pay programs to attract, retain, and reward top performers. More firms are turning to pay for performance incentive compensation programs. HR professionals can use this to select incentive factors, goals, objective, employee evaluations, and qualifying scores.
    CATEGORIZED: Compensation, H.R. Info. Systems A selective guide to the most useful and authoritative resources for scholars, students, teachers, journalists, activists, and citizens. The focus of this site is politics and law. This site tries to pull all the best resources in GLBT politics and law together in one place. This index is selective with emphasis on sites of national or international interest rather than those limited to particular states or cities. It provides links to external sites containing job postings, advocacy and support organizations, and information pertaining to current laws.
    CATEGORIZED: Diversity The primary function of the International Center is to assist and support international students in their time of study at Indiana University. The Center also acts as a link between international students, international students organizations and the general community. The various services, programs and events sponsored by the Center are intended to emphasize the positive aspects of cultural, social and political diversity among peoples the world over.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (International Students) This site allows you to link to a listing of all positions available at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. This bulletin is updated each Tuesday morning, and positions remain open until 5:00 p.m. the following Monday.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) The I.U. Libraries, in cooperation with the BPO course BUS X420 "Business Career Planning and Placement," presents a list of outstanding resources related to career planning and job search research. This is a listing of external links to research resources that provide students access to contact names, addresses, company information, and other useful career-related information.
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Employer Profiles The Russian and East European Institute was established in 1958 on Indiana University's Bloomington campus. It coordinates one of the country's foremost programs in Russian and East European Area studies. The Employment section contains istings in various field for people who are seeking employment in Russia or Eastern Europe or who have expertise in the languages, history, or culture of these areas. Very current job openings are noted, older ones are in the archives. Announcements are removed after the application deadline or thirty days, whichever comes first.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) Indiana INTERNnet is an internship-matching program linking employers, students, colleges and universities by providing both high-tech and high-touch support. It is a powerful Web-based matching and reporting system that is coupled with personal assistance, consultations, a toll-free hotline, resource materials, and much more which will help to increase the number and quality of internships in the state. Indiana INTERNnet allows students to search for internship opportunities and post resumes, apply directly online for internships of interest, participate in online discussions, and review tips for successful internships/resume building/interviewing/etc.
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Internships, Job Fairs The Indiana Information Technology Association (INITA) is the voice of the IT industry within the state of Indiana. There are more than 2,000 IT companies within the state employing 41,000 people. By joining INITA will put you in touch with the information technology community, help you learn about the trends, provide you an opportunity to promote your products or services, and grant you access to industry information.
    CATEGORIZED: Technical/Engineering The Chamber's H.I.R.E. (Helping Industry Recruit Employees) link is a great way for job seekers to get their names in front of potential employers. Job seekers simply provide basic information and the Chamber provides the information to member companies that are looking for candidates. In addition, the link will connect students to information on Indinanapolis-area companies, demographic and economic market data, and details on cultural and recreational amenities.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized)
    CATEGORIZED: Search Engines This web directory is an excellent place to begin a job search. There is a classified section complete with job listings as well as a white pages section with email and street addresses.
    CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles This is a very good site for international students to gain information about the laws that govern study and work in the U.S. It contains a listing of all forms and applications necessary for visas and work permits, as well as permits and forms required to be filed by employers of immigrants and the fees associated with filing them. Many of these forms and applications are downloadable, and those that are not can be ordered by mail. You also can do an exhaustive search of the law database on specific criteria. You may want to check out the information on CIPRIS (Coordinated Interagency Partnership Regulating International Students). This site also included links to other government offices, including Congress and the White House.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (International Students) This site allows you to shop around for life insurance. InstantQuote presents a list of products based on the personal data you submit and the products available, along with preferred premiums and standard premiums side by side. The site also includes an underwriting guideline chart for each insurance company searched, thereby enabling you to match the lowest premium that fits your profile based on the underwriting criteria used by the insurance company. A July 1998 article in Kiplinger noted that “The lowest rates [when surfing the Net for term life insurance policies] came from InstantQuote.”
    CATEGORIZED: Financial Services Shop for auto, home or life insurance at this site. Along with real-time quotes, policy comparisons and information on locating companies, you may scan advice and get information on small business insurance.
    CATEGORIZED: Financial Services InsWeb is a search engine for various kinds of insurance, including auto, life, home/renter’s and health. Tools at the site include savings quizzes, a life insurance needs analyzer, a body mass index calculator and quick quotes.
    CATEGROIZED: Financial Services Check out weather conditions around the world on this page. Specialty information includes ski reports, golfing and sailing reports, health-related reports (such as air stagnation, UV & respiratory distress indices).
    CATEGORIZED: Weather Hobsons Graduate Recruitment Services is designed to contain information about multi-national companies who are looking to recruit graduates outside of the United States. This site allows you to look at employment options by regional location, global finance or general MBA careers. The site also offers your general career search helpful hints. It is a free service to students.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Advice Interaction: InterAction is a coalition of more than 150 U.S.-based nonprofits working to promote human dignity and development in 165 countries around the world. This site is a good resource of international organizations and volunteer options.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) Assists English/Asian bilingual individuals searching for employment opportunities at multinational companies expanding or setting up operations in the Asian-Pacific region. There are three ways to navigate this site and find a career: the hottest positions, featured employers, and a quick job search. With these three links you can easily steer your way through this site. In addition, they sponsor career fairs, publish the International RECRUIT magazine (IRm), and maintain a proprietary database which includes more than 40,000 Japanese-English bilingual students, recent graduates, and mid-level business professionals in the U.S. and Japan. It also includes opportunities for experienced managerial and technical professionals to work in the U.S. and Japan.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) This is basically an international classified newspaper. You must register to become a member and pay a subscription fee. You will then receive International Career Employment Weekly, access to "late-breaking" current job openings, email notification of special job openings, and various other services.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) CCheck out the JOB ZONE where job listings are categorized by functional area: Technical, Sales and Marketing, Management; and Educational. Search by category, state, region, or use the keyword search. Also allows you to search positions listed for specific companies currently listed in the database.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) With over 2500 internship programs listed, this site contains the largest database of internship program information on the web or in print. Students can search this site for internships worldwide in commercial recreation & tourism, parks & outdoor recreation, therapeutic recreation, municipal/non-profit recreation, hospitality, environmental interpretation/education and sports, fitness & health. Additional resources include links to professional organizations, organization directories and related databases.
    CATEGORIZED: Internships, Non-Profit Jobs, Volunteer Jobs Automated applicant screening that pre-interviews, screens, ranks, gathers references, and schedules face-to-face interviews. Notifies both qualified and unqualified applicants of decisions.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General), Search Firms With more than 200,000 members, INVESTools is able to provide investing advice from 35 proven portfolio mangers. They can provide information on specific stock and fund recommendations and model portfolios, commentaries on companies and markets, and give you up-to-date hotline alerts. Most information on this site is free. However, you may join an advisory group that will cost from $5.95 to $24.95 per month with the first 30 days free.
    CATEGORIZED: Investment Advice "What do I have to pay to fill this vacancy?" This site helps determine pay using their salary survey information. Searches can be tailored to factors such as experience, location, responsibility levels, company size, education level, etc.
    CATEGORIZED: Compensation, H.R. Services This site has a large database of jobs available to search from and is a popular stop on the Web for many recruiters.
    CATEGORIZED: Search Firms This site contains a directory with over 25,000 links to real estate related websites throughout the world. Access articles and editorial opinion by leaders in the real estate industry, and consumer advocates.
    CATEGORIZED: Housing Guides The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) is a US-based nonprofit organization committed to international education in its broadest sense. IREX's efforts encompass academic research, professional training, institution building, technical assistance, and policy programs between the United States and the countries of Eastern Europe, the New Independent States, Asia, and the Near East. With its traditional base in the university research community, and in collaboration with partners from the policy, corporate, media, and private foundation sectors, IREX sponsors and supports programs of advanced field research, professional training, international conferences, seminars, and comparative analysis.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) The leading association of professionals dedicated to improving organizational and individual performance. This site covers topics such as measuring and evaluation performance, performance management systems, training, and research in the field.
    CATEGORIZED: Performance Evaluation, Professional Associations ISTC is a nationally-recognized leader in finding international opportunities for college students and others. Features included are a study program database containing information on over 1,500 programs, a way to fund your study through the scholarships link, work options outlining hundreds of volunteer or intern abroad options. Also check out their bulletin board where you can ask for/share advice with other student travelers and review the "tips" section.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (Global), International Jobs (Global) Airplane, hotel, auto, and destination information in a big site that is backed by travel agents. Allows for online booking, provides several vacation packages for the couple on their honeymoon to the annual family trip.
    CATEGORIZED: Travel Service This provides access to the Excite search engine for shopping on the web.
    CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping This distribution and publishing (Indianapolis-based) company specializes in career products involving self-directed job searchings, life skills, career tests, video tapes, books, pamphlets, etc. Used by thousands of career professionals and individuals to purchase career development materials. Subscribe to their free newsletter.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields If you're looking to make a career move or just wanting to "see what's out there", you can post your resume for FREE and peruse job listings from some of America's top employers and recruitment firms. And be sure to check out their career resources center.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) This is a Meta List of online job-search resources and services. There are links to University Placement Offices as well as online reference materials designed to aid students in resume preparation and conducting job searches.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Internships, MBA Job Services, Resume Services One of the most comprehensive interview resource on the Web:  If you have a question relating to job interviews, it’s likely that you can find the answer here. You'll find a question bank, mock interviews, illegal questions, tips for answering difficult interview questions, and links to more information.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Advice The only employment site in Africa designed to give access to personalized services of recruitment, you create a "Job Seeker" account where you will be able to build up to five resumes and cover letters and apply directly online for job offers. Also available on all wireless devices (PalmPilot, Windows Ce, Pocket PC, etc.), you can view job offers, view messages from prospective Employers, review your resume, see the number of times your resume has been viewed by prospective employers, and manage your applications.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Africa), Job Search (Specialized) This very sophisticated job search tool provides job seekers the ability to view newspapers and regional, national, and international industry specific job sites. The job seeker enters their criteria and it waits for their individual results. Candidates post their resume on the site and recruiters are emailed resumes that match their job openings.
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Search (General), Resume Services Choose from one of the thousands of built-in job descriptions, answer some relevant questions and let Descriptions Now! Direct write sections on Supervisory Responsibilities, Qualifications, Physical Demands and Work Environment.
    CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services, Job Descriptions Recently acquired by Korn/Ferry International, the world's leading executive recruitment company, is a leading online college recruitment company exclusively serving clients' requirements for college graduates/entry-level professionals. Using technology and leveraging the efficiency of the Internet, JobDirect satisfies the needs of three communities: employers, college campus career offices and students. As an early pioneer, it allows employers to conduct extensive searches, for a subscription fee, in a database of thousands of student resumes. Employers view resumes, track candidate status, and get statistical reports. Student resumes come from college placement offices and custom-designed 32-foot technology vehicles that tour hundreds of colleges and universities allowing students to enter resumes.
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Job Search (College), Resume Services This site contains information regarding the Indiana Multicultural Job Fair and the Indiana Collegiate Job Fair. These events are presented by Indiana University and Purdue University campuses statewide and are open to any person looking for professional or internship positions.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Fairs Search online job listings or let JobAgent conduct an automatic search for you. Also post and forward a copy of your resume at the click of a button. Browse through the more than 250 company profiles. Sign up for a free email newsletter with expert job-hunting tips and advice for managing your career and much more.
    CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles, Job Advice, Job Search (General) Currently expanding its coverage and enhancing employment opportunities & services in the Middle East and worldwide, you can view job openings and post your resume.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) JobLatino offers employers, who want to diversify their workforce, a place where they can post their profiles and career opportunities as well as review resumes submitted by job seekers. Job seekers can post their resumes, learn about the fastest growing occupations, read interview tips, review job search techniques, study tips about body language during job interviews and more.
    CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment AACI is proud to bring you this exciting on-line service with the financial help of The Ministry of Science & The Samis Foundation. The site is updated daily by staff and human resource departments all over Israel. You can search the job database by keyword or index. JOBNET is not a placement bureau, so information on the identity of the employer and contact information such as fax and email, and often the name of a contact person and telephone number as well are available to you.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) Originally known as AdNet, and then as E.span, Job Options is one of the oldest job databases on the Web. The site has good job postings, and a feature that sends listings to you via email. Search by a multitude of variables including job type, company name, location, education level, and previous experience. Will also automatically forward your credentials to potential employers if you upload your resume to their database. Firms receive weekly emails containing qualified candidates. There is an excellent section on career tools for job candidates as well as HR professionals.
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, HR Services, Job Advice, Job Search (General) Offers hot links to company web sites and hot links to recruiters. Your complete on-line job application solution. You can apply to jobs, post your resume for recruiters to view, monitor the traffic viewing your resume, track your job applications, and store customized cover letters. You can also set-up your account to have new jobs emailed to you.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (College) Provides a resume service which allows job seekers to prepare a resume in a consistent style and readable format for recruiters. After registering an email, your skills are matched with various positions and the results emailed immediately. The resume database can be accessed by recruiters or they can request resumes matching their posted jobs be sent to them automatically. For recent college graduates there is a lane moving them to bills themselves as your "local" employment connection, as they are focusing on having local sites in every major city in the U.S.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) One of the largest indexes of companies with employment information on the Internet:  If you’re looking for a specific company, look here.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) Professional job fair organizers. This site gives a good list of upcoming fairs in your area. Engineering and computer professionals should visit the Virtual Job Fair. Also lists opportunities to join the JobsAmerica team.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Fairs Land a dream job in the country of your choice. JobsBazaar provides high-quality services and expert assistance for your job search. Some services include: directing recently posted job listings to your inbox based on your unique specifications; searching an extensive database of jobs according to specific criteria including, your skills, preferred location, and more; a location to post your resume; and a discussion Forum where you can expand your network and share ideas with fellow job seekers worldwide at our global JobsBazaar Forum.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) Many businesses never advertise their job openings on the large online employment sites; therefore, many job seekers using those employment sites quite often miss out. This site doesn't take job listings, it pools together the employment sites of individual companies who have their own online employment listings.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) Claims more jobs in the federal government than any other source. Not a fast and friendly site yet.
    CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs An Internet based employment service dedicated to helping you find a sports job in the highly competitive sports marketplace. For $29.95 a month, you can gain access to sports job and internship listings, which are updated daily at the rate of hundreds of new jobs per week. You will also be able to post your resume, for employers to read, and browse through our list of sports and industry contacts.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) The leading internet career site dedicated to professional jobs in finance, accounting, banking, investment, insurance and related fields. Job seekers will find current jobs from blue chip firms such as Banc of America Securities, Deloitte & Touche, Freddie Mac, John Hancock Mutual Life, Standard & Poors and hundreds more. The service is free for job seekers to search openings, post resumes, apply for jobs online, receive alerts via email about jobs matching their criteria, and see the statistics on how often their resume has been viewed by companies.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized), Resume Services Provides an extensive and sophisticated set of personalized recruitment services for job hunters in the world. Every candidate is provided with a ‘My Jobsite’ home page that delivers services tailored specifically for their industry sectors -- at no charge. Search the thousands of current UK job openings by industry or have them emailed to you every night. Find the jobs that's perfect for you and apply directly to the recruiter either online or through traditional routes. As well as applying for specific positions, job hunters can distribute their CV to hundreds of relevant recruitment agencies at the touch of a button.
    CATEGORIZED: International A network of job sites in Austrilia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. You can search through the over 10,000 job listings, or you can set-up a profile and the system will email the job matches to you.
    CATEGORIZED: International Recently redesigned and updated, JobWeb has made it easier for students and graduates to tap all resources needed for an effective and successful job search. In addition, Career Planit (NACE's web site for undergraduates) has been "folded into" JobWeb, turning JobWeb into a robust, all-inclusive resource. Click on the JobWeb logo to open a page FULL of links to specialized portions of the site including: Online Career Fair, Resumes & Interviews, Career Development (which contains assessment and exploration tools), Internships/Co-ops, Salary Info, Job Market Research, and After College. Contains a tremendous amount of career information so if you can't find what you're looking for, use the "Search JobWeb" feature.
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Career Fields, Employer Profiles, International Info., Interviewing, Job Advice, Job Fairs, Resume Services Finally, a database for journalists: JournalismJobs is a partner with Columbia Journalism Review, a respected publication in the journalism field. Post your resume and have employers contact you, or select criteria to match your qualifications and have jobs emailed to you.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Funded by one of the largest ad agencies in the world, this site allows excellent stories of layoffs, job fairs, hot HR issues, etc. Good demographic links as well as a virtual job fair.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Advice, Job Fair, Job Search (General) This site provides information, quizzes and newsletters/articles on colleges, MBA programs, career choices, study skills and financial aid. Resources include tips for success on the job, writing resumes and cover letters, informational interviewing, careers in the FBI, volunteering and self-employment. A business newsletter contains GMAT tips, critical-thinking quizzes and reminders
    CATEGORIZED: College Choices, Training & Development Karrier Online (Hungary).
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (Global), International Jobs (Europe) The Global Programs Office in the IU Kelley School of Business has provided this Overseas Opportunities publication for students seeking internships and study abroad programs. Information concerning location, the time period, housing, and coursework is provided for each program, as well as an overview of each program and the IU contact and overseas contact.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Easily access information for Northwestern's admissions and degree programs, courses offered, various faculty and departments, and the career management center.
    CATEGORIZED: College Career Services One of the largest temporary placement agencies in the world. Place professional staff as well ad administrative and technical support staff. Many smaller employers rely on hiring from their temps so it can be an entry way into senior level jobs. You can post your resume and email it to the local Kelly Offices in your area.
    CATEGORIZED: Temporary Agencies The leading provider of information on search firms anywhere in the world. Their newsletters, directories, and conferences are value leaders for employment professionals (and professional level job seekers) for information on search firms and web career related search sites.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Contact Directories, Search Firms This recruitment service has 38 years of staffing expertise and has moved their services to the internet. Backed by nearly 2,000 experienced recruiting specialists, Kforce offers services including online resumes and job postings, interactive interviews and job placements and career management strategies. Kforce is one of the nation's leading full-service staffing, consulting and training companies operating through more than 100 offices in 45 markets in North America.
    CATEGORIZED: HR Services, Job Search (General), Search Firms This is the site for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine and includes article highlights, business news items, money & market information, and tools such as a car finder, portfolio tracking and calculators.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Financial Services HR consultant in performance management and evaluation. Focus is on criteria in rating systems with a standardized scheme for goal setting and writing effective evaluations. Software includes job descriptions, personal policies, industry specific competency modules, team building, and coaching.
    CATEGORIZED: Performance Evaluations describes a personality indicator that gives insight into how and why people understand and approach the world in such different ways. It's called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument. This instrument, also referred to as the "MBTI® Instrument" or "the Indicator" provides a useful way of describing people's personalities by looking at their preferences on four scales (extraversion vs. introversion, sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs. feeling, and judging vs. perceiving). There is a fee for this assessment.
    CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools The world's largest "Train-the-Trainer" company, Langevin Learning Services offers hundreds of workshops on instructional design, web-based instruction, presentatin skills, and programs typically taught by HR training professionals and consultants.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Read The Los Angeles Times at this site, search the online archives, join a discussion or search for a job.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications LatinoWeb offers plenty of Latino resources for your job search. You can register for free email, sign up for a free LatinoWeb home page, pursue Latino-related publications, and yes, browse jobs.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Central and South America) Founded in 1997, is the leading employment source for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking professionals throughout the Americas. They provide access to the most progressive, high-growth companies, using personalized tools to make the process effective, efficient and convenient. Candidates can post resumes anonymously, receive emails instantly announcing new job opportunities that match their profile, and read expert advice on job-seeking.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Central and South America) A comprehensive legal destination and provider of legal application solutions. Offerings allow you to manage your practice with web-based and desktop applications, track breaking developments in the law, research issues and cases, attend online continuing legal education seminars, explore nationwide job openings in the legal industry, and much more. Providing the legal community with the tools and intelligence to compete and succeed in today's wired world.
    CATEGORIZED: Law One of the earliest Internet services dedicated to law, Law.Net effectively provides a wide range of services valuable to anyone desiring legal information. Their web hosting services provides attorneys with affordable websites to effectively acquire new clients. You may also post questions and answers about any legal matter or list job opportunities in the legal community. The Law.Net directory lists legal resources by category or use the search engine to make it easier to find resources by key words and geographical areas. You may also subscribe To Law.Net News for regular updates on legal issues and events around the world.
    CATEGORIZED: Law, Professional Associations Classified ads from the National Law Journal. Provides job openings for the legal profession. Gives clues on what attorneys do and their salaries.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) provides legal information that helps businesses, professionals and consumers navigate through legal issues that affect their professional and personal lives. An extensive database of materials covers more than 400 legal topics ranging from business issues, such as commercial, taxation, bankruptcy, real estate and intellectual property law, to consumer-related issues, such as estate planning, health, family and employment law. And with a searchable directory of more than one million lawyers and legal professionals, and tips on how to find and interview potential counsel, simplifies the prospect of hiring legal counsel.
    CATEGORIZED: Law Formerly ViaGrafix, this site provides thousands of free step-by-step tutorials, tips, and Q&A forums for everyday life as well as affordable online, CD-ROM, and video courses. Use these options to enhance your business skills at the fraction of the normal costs by choosing the right mix of content, technology and services to meet your needs.
    CATAGORIZED: Training & Development Learnativity is an online source of information for anyone involved in education, organizational learning, and training. Assists in locating links to training opportunities on all types of topics held in various locations.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Although the 1999 conference was cancelled, be sure to hit this site for information regarding information for the 2000 event.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Learning Tree has provided public or on-site training sessions to more than 20,000 organizations since 1974. Check out their site for course descriptions. There is a fee for these services.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development LearnItOnline is a unique Website specializing in self-paced computer skills training. Designed for employees who can’t make it to the classroom or who need a quick, just-in-time review, LearnItOnline uses realistic, interactive software simulations to teach computer skills. Check out the course descriptions as well as the online demo.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development LEXIS-NEXIS is the world's leading provider of online research. This site includes the Congressional Information Service and LEXIS law publishing.
    CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles This site is primarily for UC Berkeley students, Staff, Faculty and Bay area residents. However, you may search to find links to career exploration sites which may be useful to those from other geographical areas. This can be found through the ELECTRONIC REFERENCE RESOURCES menu.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields MetLife provides you with information on helping consider and make a job change. Practical advice about careers, job hunting, and obtaining health and pension benefits.
    CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Job Advice
    CATEGORIZED: Search Engines The Edward Lowe Foundation provides a massive keyword searchable management database of several thousand documents geared toward small businesses. Contains a database of several hundred business magazines and a reference guide.
    CATEGORIZED: Small Business
    CATEGORIZED: Search Engines The largest employer in the USA. Temporary agencies work with managers, engineers, technical and professional staff in addition to secretaries and administrative assistants. Excellent way to get a foot in the door, recognized, and moved-up. Jobs are searchable by location.
    CATEGORIZED: Temporary Agencies This site helps Web users explore millions of towns and cities worldwide. Users can display addresses on a map, view nearby businesses, get driving directions, and plan a trip with Mobil Travel's rated lodging, restaurant, and city information. The MapQuest site is consistently rated as the top Travel site on the Web, and one of the top 20 websites overall.
    CATEGORIZED: Maps, Travel Service is a combination content travel and commerce site serving travel, recreation, and education/reference consumers. The Mapping Services Group is a leading provider of digital mapping products and services for business, government, and education. The Education Division produces three Web based curriculum services for the K-12 market. Currently, there are over 3,000 schools across The U.S. using these services.
    CATEGORIZED: Maps, Travel Service You can conduct searches of without registering. But should you choose to register, you can save your preferences and create an address book with your home and work addresses, plus your favorite restaurants, stores, parks, museums, and more! It's FREE!
    CATEGORIZED: Maps Market Guide has provided the professional investment community with investment information for over 15 years. New Companies are added and updated continually to make the database the most timely and comprehensive financial database in the industry. Provides, to the individual investor, the same quality information on over 12,000 publicly traded companies.
    CATEGORIZED: Investment Advice The site links to marketing jobs in key metro areas across the country, or you may browse the fully searchable job database. Free services for registered members include posting your 100% CONFIDENTIAL career profile, granting access to employers prior to viewing your Real Resume, viewing resume articles & examples, receiving a free resume critique, receiving new jobs via email, searching employer profiles and more.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) The American Marketing Association site contains excellent data on the marketing profession. The worlds largest and most comprehensive society of marketers. Surf this site being sure to hit the job site, referral services, and resource guide.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Job Search (Specialized), Marketing Locate hotels by city, state, and/or country and reserve and cancel online. Find out information regarding specific hotel locations as well as partner hotels. Also enroll to receive Marriott Rewards when staying at any of their 1,700 hotels worldwide or find the perfect location to host a meeting with their Meeting Planner.
    CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides Through the MasterCard International website, you may access financial services for individual, business and government clientele. These include an ATM locator, news about special events & promotions, and a travel planning service for Gold & Platinum Cardholders.
    CATEGORIZED: Credit Cards, Business Publications, Financial Services, Travel Services MBA 101 is designed to enable business students and professionals to find the information they need to make an educated decision -- all within a couple mouse clicks. You can research business cases, books/papers, organizations, and education. There's also an "MBA Survival Guide" where professors, faculty members, and second-year students at ten of America's most recognized business schools contribute survival advice and lessons.
    CATEGORIZED: Graduate Study, MBA Job Services An online community focused on - and marketed to - MBAs. But much of the content on the site is of great value to anyone who is interested in the education that an MBA represents. This site attemps to "tame information overload" by providing informative links and articles, market research, and recommended readings. Also provides tools and resources to foster cross-program networking and collaboration (i.e. mentor program, file vault, interactive calendars, class notes, disucssion forums, expert marketplace, etc.) And it allows it's members both collectively and individually to define their experience with customization, the ability to add new content and vote/comment on existing content. A very comprehensive and detailed site of MBA resources.
    CATEGORIZED: Graduate Study, MBA Job Services A job matching service that provides email access to experienced MBA professionals. This site is for "free agents" who are searching for opportunities outside the traditional full-time arrangements, including interim positions, one-off consulting projects, temp-to-perm positions, and sweat-for-equity opportunities. MBA helps employers meet these short-term management and project needs.
    CATEGORIZED: MBA Job Services This site is targeted at both those who have, or those who are pursuing an MBA. You can create, publish, and update your Professional Profile online. The profile allows for a level of privacy where you choose how much of your personal contact information is published. If you prefer to be anonymous, you can publish your Profile without your name and address, supplying instead, for example, just an email address or phone number. Then, recruiters interested in your skills and qualifications can contact you directly to discuss employment opportunities.
    CATEGORIZED: MBA Job Services, Resume Services MBA Style magazine focuses on the MBA job search, career-wear for men and women, and interview preparation. Highlights include "How to tie a Tie" and links to visit books they have reviewed and feel are worth mention.
    CATEGORIZED: MBA Job Services Medicine OnLine, published by UltiTech, Inc. of Stratford, CT., offers medical information and education in oncology, Medline literature searches, Daily Oncology News Digest, Cancer Forums discussion groups, and reports from medical meetings in Conrad Notes for health care professionals, patients, and other interested consumers
    CATEGORIZED: Health Services Provides access to several medical areas such as the clinical management series, practice guidelines, treatment updates, journal scans, full journals, conference summaries and schedules, patient resources, and more. And if you can't find what you're looking for, use the search options to perform simple or advanced searches on full-text articles, MEDLINE, the World Wide Web, or any of Medscape's nine databases.
    CATEGORIZED: Health Guides Specializing in job postings for individuals in Science, Biotechnology, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare since 1994. You can post your resume, search a job database, and access articles about your career search.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) This site provides reports oriented to the needs of senior management regarding such topics as human resource strategy and implementation, corporate growth strategy, and problems involving competition, regulation, finance and public policy. Resources include global comparisons of salaries and benefit packages, along with information on the latest laws and rules affecting employee benefits worldwide.
    CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Compensation, H.R. Services, International Info. Mercuri Urval: An international recruitment agency based in Australia. Features job openings in Australia and Europe. This site is your direct access to hundreds of qualified positions throughout Europe, in Australia and the United States. You must subscribe in order to use this service.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Australia) MEXICO OnLINE® is an online information service and consulting business, providing resources for individuals and businesses interested in Mexico, whatever the topic might be. Since the focus is on a region and not on any particular topic, the scope of content ranges anywhere from Business Opportunities and Trade, to Travel, Cultural Information and Retirement Options. Top news, classifieds, and a people search are a few of the resources available on this site.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Central and South America) As a free registered user, you will receive a weekly email newsletter, a free copy of one of Mutual Funds Magazine's sister advisory publications, access to the fund and loan performance calculators, and information regarding the top performing fund of the day. Become a charter member at $9.99 a month and you will receive unlimited access to current and all back issues of Mutual Funds Magazine, see closing quotes on all funds, performance rankings, profiles on over 4,000 funds, as well as access you personalized page to monitor your own portfolio.
    CATEGORIZED: Mutual Funds This McGraw-Hill site offers Internet and offline correspondence courses, print-based materials, computer-based training (CBT), and multimedia.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development The first of a comprehensive and new on-line service geared toward Internet users in countries of the near and Middle East. It helps individuals and organizations to promote their products and services as well as help them advertise their needs (e.g. for consulting, know how, agents, finance, etc) in the "MidEast Opportunities" section. The "Hot Links" section offers categorized links to the most useful contents in the Middle East and the rest of the world.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) MightyPeople provides the perfect job search strategy. Upload your resume and profile into MightyPeople's database and you'll reach the world's best companies.
    CATEGORIZED: MBA Job Services Provides descriptions for 150 military occupations. Each description includes information on work duties, requirements, working conditions, and training provided. Covers civilian counterparts for transitional purposes. Covers all of the U.S. Military services and how to make contact with the recruiters.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Academic Career Services in Finland: The JobBoard is a national electronic noticeboard for the Academic Career Services in Finland. The ResuméBoard is a free service which allows you to leave your job application and improve your chances of securing temporary or permanent employment. There is also a direct contacts list of links to the recruitment pages of Finnish companies where they give information about job openings and/or the company in general and an international area where there is an extensive list of links of jobs abroad.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) The Minority Career Network has been designed specifically to help minority professionals find positions that best suit their interests, aptitudes and needs. You'll gain free, instant access to thousands of positions nationwide and valuable information you can use to manage your career and to adapt to changes in the constantly evolving workplace.
    CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment Established in 1978, MIS Consultants has been a leading Toronto resource to the IT industry. They arrange career placements throughout Canada and the United States. On this site you view all available IT postions or search by keyword. Click on the job you are interested in and a description along with contact information will be made available to you.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Canada) Check out this site for the massive amount of links available regarding MITs student resources, campus activities, and academic programs. Navigate using the buttons provided, or use the search engine to go directly to your topic of choice. Also provides a map and virtual tour of campus.
    CATEGORIZED: College Career Services Contains a vast amount of FREE investment information. This site allows you to do everything from reading the most up-to-date market reports to tracking your investments. Also get quotes, check out stock ratings, do mutual fund research, and more.
    CATEGORIZED: Investment Advice MonsterTRAK in partnership with the BPO Undergraduate Career Services Office provides full-time, part-time, temporary and internship opportunities targeted by employers to Indiana University students and alumni. Formerly JobTrak, MonsterTRAK still offers the same great services with the added features of

    The INDIANA UNIVERSITY password to login to the MONSTERTRAK site is PROFILE12 (no spaces, lowercase only).
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Internships, Job Advice, Job Search (College) is a career network that job seekers can use to expand their careers, providing continuous access to the most progressive companies, as well as interactive, personalized tools to make the process effective and convenient. Features include: My Monster, resume management, a personal job search agent, a careers network containing a global link to 15 different countries (with more countries coming soon), chats and message boards, privacy options, expert advice on job-seeking and career management and free newsletters. Specialized links to MonsterTRAK which is targeted toward college students/graduates, ChiefMonster for those senior exectives, and Monster Talent Market designed specifically for "free agents".
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, International Jobs (Global), Job Search (General) Click on featured mortgage employers to find current jobs or click on Find Mortgage Jobs to search ALL Job Store postings. Completely manage your career by posting your resume or confidential career profile so employers nationwide can find you, editing your career information & more. And sign up for the job search agent which will email jobs that match your search requirements. Also view employer profiles of employers hiring nationwide and participate and view the salary survey.
    CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles, Job Search (Specialized) This site provides comprehensive news coverage, including business news.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications This is an online music store.
    CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping Association focuses on advice to provide to the thousands of foreign students who study in the US. Topics include Visa concerns, recruitment strategy, and research.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (International Students), Professional Associations One of the most respected professional organizations in the United States, the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) is a communication link with more than 47,000 purchasing and supply management professionals. Anyone can search the job database for free, but become a member and you receive: Purchasing Today®, the award-winning monthly publication; access to an extensive database of information, articles and other resources; discounts of up to 50% on NAPM sponsored programs, products, and annual conferences; and more.
    CATEGORIZED: Professional Associations NASFAA is the only national association with a primary focus on student aid legislation, regulatory analysis, and professional development for financial aid administrators. The Association advocates student aid and gathers timely, accurate regulatory and technical information for its members. Its efforts are also complemented by a number of paper and online publications, as well as electronic services, distance education, and the Standards of Excellence Review Program.
    CATEGORIZED: College Choices, Professional Associations National Drug Screen is a leading provider of personal drug screens, corporate drug testing programs, random drug testing, and drug screens for career profile enhancement. They can provide high quality drug tests to individuals and employee drug test services to corporate human resource managers with a network of over 5000 drug test collection sites and a network of national drug testing laboratories to meet all levels of drug screening needs.
    CATEGORIZED: HR Services A great tool for training specialists and educators who want their students to experience adventures, expeditions, maps, atlas', etc. Contains many resources for anyone who teaches and wants to keep student attention.
    CATEGORIZED: Encyclopedias, Training & Development National Job Fairs is committed to hosting high-quality, targeted (Accounting, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Management, and Sales) career fairs nationwide. The founders of National Job Fairs have over a decade of targeted job fair and recruitment experience. Locate a job fair near you now!
    CATEGORIZED: Job Fairs Search for a job opening right from the opening page by clicking on the Search Jobs link. You can also sign-up for P.J. Scout, one of the better email agents, which sends jobs to your email address. The value-added part of this site comes in the lists of specialized job databases it maintains. You find speciality job areas, such as Accounting, Administrative and Clerical, Advertising, Education, and dozens more.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) Naukri is an exclusive Indian careers website on the internet. It is a forum where employers, placement agencies and job seekers can exchange information, quickly, effectively and inexpensively. You can search for jobs, upload your resume, create your home page, visit employers' home pages and visit other Indian and International career sites.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) Official site for finding Navy jobs. The site has superior graphics and snazzy, well-designed layout. Navy opportunities show you great opportunities in healthcare as well as in high-tech and scientific areas.
    CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs The National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc. (NBCC), an independent not-for-profit credentialing body, was incorporated in 1982 to establish and monitor a national certification system, to identify for professionals and the public those counselors who have voluntarily sought and obtained certification, and to maintain a register of those counselors.
    CATEGORIZED: Professional Associations The National Career Development Association (NCDA) is a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA). The mission of NCDA is to promote the career development of all people over the life span. The NCDA provides service to the public and professionals involved with or interested in career development, including professional development activities, publications, research, public information, professional standards, advocacy, and recognition for achievement and service.
    CATEGORIZED: Professional Associations Today's employment climate has initiated a strong demand for professional temporary workers in management, engineering, finance, health care, informational technology, human resources, sales, marketing, operations, etc. This site is one of the largest players in the temporary employment market. It cost nothing for the "consultant" to post their resume to this site. Jobs can be searched by location, contract employment, full-time employment, or keyword. Resumes are required through the use of spiders that access dozens of Web resources. The job tools and search agents and networking facilities make this one of the most productive sites for individuals who are interested in project work.
    CATEGORIZED: Temporary Agencies Most positions are located Canada. Search the database by employer, position title, location, etc. Not a "high volume" site for number of listings, but lists are "high quality."
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) New Scientist's ScienceJobs offers a comprehensive listing of current scientific, technological and academic vacancies in the U.K. Updated every Thursday, you can view the over 2,500 jobs available in science using this fully searchable database.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) A comprehensive newspaper job listings website which posts openings in all aspects of the newspaper industry. From advertising and public relations to management and editorial, we hope to make these openings more accessible to women and minorities. All jobs listed on the site are available on an Equal Opportunity basis. You'll find everything from job-hunting tips and other job banks to information about upcoming minority job fairs.
    CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment This website is dedicated to the non-profit sector of today's business and economic world. It is a complete, one-stop resource center for non-profit organizations, individuals seeking job opportunities in a non-profit organization, and people who wish to volunteer.
    CATEGORIZED: Non-Profit Jobs, Volunteer Jobs What you gain from visiting the Internet Nonprofit Center is immediate access to almost every nonprofit organization in the United States and many abroad. If you have a target organization in mind, chances are high that you can find the organization via this site. One nice feature is the mapping utility, called the Nonprofit Locator, which can find over a million tax-exempt organizations for you. After you find an organization, you see all the pertinent information, such as income, assets, and contact name.
    CATEGORIZED: Non-Profit Jobs The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent agency of the U.S. Government, established by the National Science Foundation Act of 1950. Their goal is to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense.
    CATEGORIZED: Science/Math This society has chapters in Austin, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orange County, Phoenix, San Antonia, San Francisco, San Juan, and Washington, DC. It provides information on upcoming events, membership, their scholarship program, and a career connection that lists job opportunities. This site also links to several of the affiliate chapters.
    CATEGORIZED: MBA Job Services, Minority Recruitment The society publishers "Engineering Times". Excellent career information for engineers, computer technologists, consultants, and anyone interested in a technical or semi-technical assignment. This site has a good list of firms interested in technical talent.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Professional Associations At the Northwest/KLM website, you may check flight schedules and fares; book flights; and gather information on Northwest's frequent flyer program, services & products, career opportunities and vacation packages.
    CATEGORIZED: Airlines, Travel Services This site provides access to n.b., a monthly magazine about new books which includes critical reviews, book excerpts and feature articles; The New York Review of Books; and GRANTA.
    CATEGORIZED: Online Publications Read The New York Times at this site and search the online archives.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications OANDA is the Internet arm of Olsen & Associates. This site offers currency converters, currency power tools, foreign exchange protocol, and financial forecasting services.
    CATEGORIZED: Travel Service Octopus, an international contract and permanent IT recruitment agency, supplies skilled computer and associated project personnel, throughout Europe, for a wide range of market sectors, including finance, industry, commerce and government. On this site you can search the many job openings in the UK and throughout Europe.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) OfficeTeam provides temporary office support professionals; their website includes a search engine for temporary jobs in the U.S. and Canada, along with resume tips, publication lists and a free salary guide for administrative professionals.
    CATEGORIZED: Compensation, Search Firms Ohayosensei: The newsletter of teaching jobs in Japan. This newsletter is free and is published twice monthly. O-Hayo Sensei is written in a concise, easy-to-scan format that gives job-seekers the kind of detailed information they really need to know -- about salaries, contracts, benefits, professional/educational requirements, visa requirements, application procedures, housing, training, contact people and specific job duties.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) Well-established site for Ohio jobs: The site is well maintained, and the Ohio links are especially valuable. By checking these resources, you can find a good selection of the large and small employers hiring in Ohio.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) A temporary staffing service. One of the fastest growing services in HR. Provides staff in skill categories such as office technology, accounting, finance, systems, engineering, and marketing support with over 900 offices.
    CATEGORIZED: Temporary Agencies Through OncoLink you can get comprehensive information about specific types of cancer, updates on cancer treatments and news about research advances. The information is updated daily and is provided at various levels, from introductory to in-depth.You may begin your search with a guided tour or go on your own.
    CATEGORIZED: Health Guides This site's main objective is to provide you with useful information about working, studying, volunteering and traveling abroad. It contains a global database that lists virtually every country in the world and provides some information on work, study, volunteer and travel programs available in each country as well as visa requirements, guide books and links to sites on history and culture.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info (Global), International Jobs (Global) You can look up flight schedules, availability, fares and even check to see if a flight is on time! Going abroad -- look for discounted fares. If your travel plans are flexible enough to accommodate some restrictions, you may find highly discounted international air fares here. Look up domestic and international hotels and reserve the hotel of your choice. Also see was car rentals are available, check prices, and reserve.
    CATEGORIZED: Travel Service Check this site out if you are thinking about teaching abroad. The Teaching Jobs link outlines the basic paperwork and other requirements for teaching in Korea, gives you access to announcements of job availability in schools around the country and allows you to see contracts and photos from around the school of your choice before making your decision.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) There's no better way to further your career than with an MBA. Of course, there's also no more convenient way to get that MBA than with Indiana Wesleyan University's MBAOnline Program. The courses are designed for today's working professionals. They overcome time and geographic barriers by delivering courses via the Internet.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development This is an excellent site for individuals interested in sports employment opportunities such as an assistant in sports administration, sales positions in athletic retail, physical education professors, an adult baseball league job, and more. Post resumes in an open resume database for free.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Shop for selected items "at cost" and through auction.
    CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping This site provides a leading source of nonprofit jobs and career opportunities. If you're a job seeker looking for a challenging new position in the nonprofit world this site connects you with a full range of employment and human-resources-related information and services. To find the perfect job, do a quick search, or use the advanced search to see jobs listings by city, state, or organization or position type.
    CATEGORIZED: Non-Profit Jobs On this site, you will find recent sample issues of many information services, which focus on the economy, business and politics in major markets in Asia and Latin America. In addition, the site frequently posts new stories and articles on recent trends and business developments in Brazil, China, and Mexico that might be of interest to executives who are doing business in these and other markets. Sign-up for a "free-trial" or subscribe (for a fee) to the various publication options.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (Global), Business Publications A virtual home for American teachers abroad. This e-zine for americans going abroad includes jobs, teaching positions, etc. Users can get free email subscription as well as an online bookstore, teacher's forum, information on money and taxes, and much more. If you are interested in teaching overseas, this website can help you with everything from finding an overseas job, to arranging for your children’s education, to dealing with legal matters, and much more.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) One of the fastest growing real estate listing databases on the Internet. Over $35 Billion in residential real estate (over 200,000 homes and properties) located across 50 states has been marketed since its launch 1996. In addition to providing the most listings of any service in the United States, provides all of the services, consumer tools, products, and educational content necessary for users to successfully buy and sell residential real estate. It is estimated that individuals can save an average of $10,000 on their real estate transactions.
    CATEGORIZED: Housing Guides This page is the place to get started for ESL/EFL teachers around the world. Some of the many links you will find include a job information journal which includes job experiences from from around the globe; a job wanted forum where teachers can post their resume for potential employers worldwide; a job offered board that includes daily posting of international ESL/EFL job vacancies; Korean related links containg a job board and discussion forums; and much more.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) The Andean Executive Placement center connects companies with top-notch executives in the communication, systems, chemical, mining and mass market sectors in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Central America and the Caribbean. Submit your resume to be among those candidates!
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Central and South America) Through this site, you can access articles from and websites for magazines such as Time, Fortune, People & Entertainment Weekly.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications A great magazine for research: At the Fortune 500 index, you can check out information about the companies listedincluding vital statistics, contact info, web addresses, as well as sections on top performers and industry medians. The Global 500 index, a list detailing the top 500 companies in the world, is a must-see resource for international job seekers.
    CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories, Employer Profiles At this site, you may find out about PBS’s programs and explore related information/links. Services include resources for teachers.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Television PC Today features include PC Products For Sale listings, Marketwatch, Hardware Reviews, Head-To-Head Comparisons, and more. The new design allows you to easily find sources for products and services featured in the Processor publication, such as midrange/mainframe systems, components, and peripherals, as well as workstations and high-end servers, connectivity products, telecommunications, and much more. Plus, without leaving the PC Today Supersite, you can catch up on the latest in PC technology and how to use it—all in "plain English" from the Smart Computing publications and Website.
    CATEGORIZED: Computer Vendors Anything you would ever want to know about "The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love." From general agency information to online application. It's all here.
    CATEGORIZED: International This site provides job search tools, salary information and articles dispensing career advice for IT professionals, all free of charge. Pencom employs more than 100 recruiters in nine cities and supplies full time placement and contract programming services to Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. As part of its recruiting service, Pencom offers relocation guidance, information on salary negotiation and executive searches.
    CATEGORIZED: Compensation, Employer Profiles, H.R. Services, Job Advice, Job Search (Specialized), MBA Job Services, Search Firms A human resource information systems vendor with a quality software package at a reasonable price for small to mid-size firms.
    CATEGORIZED: HR Information Systems An employment network containing a job search database and an advice center. The database posts jobs available in London, Wales, Ireland, and other places in Europe. You can also create an online resume and sign up for job alerts to be sent via email.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) One of the most comprehensive software packages used by HR professionals with the IT organization. Maintains workforce information on recruitment, training, development, health skills inventory, EEO compliance, benefits, payroll, and insurance claims.
    CATEGORIZED: HR Information Systems People Unlimited Consulting, Inc., established in 1978, is an industry leader in providing staff augmentation and tactical outsourcing in leading edge and mainstream computer technologies to clients on all levels. All positions listed are contract unless otherwise specified. Be sure to check out the career resources section that provides assistance creating a resume, preparing for an interview, handling problems on the job and more.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) International Pharmajobs Ltd is an Internet-based job market specializing in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. Current job opportunities cover pre-clinical research to marketing, entry level through upper management positions. You can search Pharmajobs by field of interest, region, country, and/or company. Opportunities are posted with the company logo prominently displayed and linked to their homepage. Postings also provide direct access to the appropriate hiring manager via email or other choice of contact information. Should you not find what you are looking for, then you can post your resume, or CV, into a database where it can be accessed by companies that are currently looking to add new talent to organization.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global), Job Search (Specialized) Peterson's provides search tools for colleges, graduate schools, study abroad and summer programs, summer jobs, private schools, jobs and executive education programs. The job search resource database is organized by employer and also includes some articles on search-related topics, such as resume writing. Other resources include graduate school and MBA discussion boards, financial planning software and GMAT & LSAT TestPreps.
    CATEGORIZED: College Career Service, Employer Profiles, Job Advice, Job Search (College) This online journal hosts information and jobs for nonprofit organizations. Search current jobs by region, category or title or register for their free email subscription service which keeps alerts you of job openings. You can also find good salary information for nonprofit pros.
    CATEGORIZED: Non-Profit Jobs The Professional Placement Group was established in 1986, and is one of the pioneers of the Irish Recruitment Industry. In September 1999 The Professional Placement Group integrated Marlborough Accountancy, Finance and Insurance to form the largest professional recruitment consultancy in Ireland - PPG Recruitment Consultants. This site provides a fully searchable database consisting of positions in accounting, finance, human resources, insurance, or law.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) Contains presentation tips, online advice, and many resources for electronic presentations. Useful for students, executives, managers, faculty, and job interviewees.
    CATGORIZED: Training & Development This site allows you to plan and book your trip all online! Features include air, hotel, and car reservations and vacations and cruise packages. Also contains information on hotels, sights, and restaurants -- plus pictures and videos for over 200 desired destinations.
    CATEGORIZED: Travel Service This site provides assorted articles containing advice on job hunting online, long-distance job hunting, planning and undertaking a job search, networking, using career fairs and employment agencies, and resume/cover letter preparation. In addition to articles, the site links to other job search resources, including an internship search engine, the Birkman Career Style Summary, and information on colleges and graduate/professional schools.
    CATEGORIZED: College Choices, Internships, Job Advice, Job Search (General), Resume Services Newswire is an insider site frequented by authors, journalists, marketing professionals, and public relations professionals. It’s pretty much the number one source for breaking corporate news and doings.
    CATEGORIZED: Online Publications This site comprises a guide to graduate careers and postgraduate study in the U.K., Ireland and other countries. It includes profiles of various jobs and typical educational backgrounds/requirements and a search engine for positions in the U.K. The page links to useful career sites, including job search databases and company listings, throughout Europe.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, International Jobs (Europe), Job Descriptions The Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) offers many different career opportunities in the Canadian Federal Public Service as well as information on recruitment programs. This site also offers information of specific interest to employees of the Public Service, including: career development and learning programs; career issues for executives; staffing for managers and HR professionals; assessment tools for selection and development; dispute resolution mechanisms in staffing; and more.
    CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs, International Jobs (Canada) PSD is an international recruitment services organisation listed on the London Stock Exchange and operating throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. They focus on 12 different sectors including electronics, communications, systems, e-commerce, IT, and much more.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) Penn State University’s list of Colleges and Universities is the most efficient list of academic institutions on the Web.
    CATEGORIZED: College Choices This website by the American Psychological Society is your one-stop source for the latest information about the Society and the field of psychological science. Resources include up to date job listings, APS puplications, etc.
    CATEGORIZED: Science/Math Contains full text versions of hundreds of the best federal consumer publications available. View them for FREE or you can purchase printed copies from their online ordering site. Various categories as well as a complete search feature available.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications Find out about Purdue and what it has to offer on this comprehensive and well designed site.
    CATEGORIZED: College Choices This site offers a variety of tools and services, including the latest market numbers; investing advice; mortgage calculators & rate comparisons; insurance quotes & a planner; a tax estimator; credit reports; and much, much more.
    CATEGORIZED: Financial Services, Investment Advice Shop for term life insurance and receive free quotes on annuities, international travel health insurance, and term life insurance. In addition, this site provides information about the insurace companies listed in the QuickQuote database, an estimator to help you determine how much insurance to buy, and subscription to the QuickQuote newsletter.
    CATEGORIZED: Financial Services At this site, you may obtain instant term life quotes, auto insurance quotes, medical insurance quotes, medicare supplement quotes, annuity quotes and whole life quotes.
    CATEGORIZED: Financial Services Find, book and cancel reservations online. Join Radisson Gold Rewards and you're on your way to enjoying a free night's stay faster as well as other great rewards with any one of their network partners. Utilize "My E-scapes by Radisson" which is a personalized service that emails you with notices of special vacation packages that are customized for you and how you like to travel. Also check out their hot deals on last-minute travel (updated every Wednesday). Learn about their Bed & Breakfast breakaways, airline bonuses and value-added packages that offer event tickets and accommodations.
    CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides * Must have password to access company profiles
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields REAL-JOBS is uniquely designed to serve real estate professionals and businesses who require searches for jobs or employees. It focuses on general skills, (i.e., sales management, sales and communication) and also allows the user to discuss selected experiences or unique skills.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) This is where the professionals and real estate connect. Job seekers can register and request that positions matching their skills be emailed to them. Jobs can be searched by title, company, keyword, etc.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Job Search (Specialized) At, you can review over a million property listings! Outline your search by location, price, bedrooms, baths, garages, etc. Also find out information regarding neighborhoods, or select a professional realtor to help with your endeavor. You can jump right in with no guidance or you may prefer to follow a step by step guide. To access a variety of useful information, including general educational content, practical tips, printable checklists, and expert advice, click the numbered process steps on the horizontal blue process bar, which is always located across the top of the screen.
    CATEGORIZED: Housing Guides This site provides access to the online publications -- The Relocation Journal & Real Estate News and Newsbreak -- and bookstore of Mobility Services International, a company providing worldwide employee relocation services to FORTUNE 500 companies and government agencies. This site contains a wealth of country-specific and more general information, including a calendar of relocation-related events and news on corporate relocation, relocation real estate and the household goods moving industry.
    CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services, International Info. Another comprehensive site that allows the user to search by state as well as see floor plans and virtual tours. Contains in depth information regarding relocating such as truck rentals, movers, where to buy/rent furniture, disconnecting/connecting utilities, and more.
    CATEGORIZED: Housing Guides Strictly a cover letter/resume distribution site containing over 9,000 recruiters. The "basic zap", which includes sending your information to 3 self-selected industries with the option of geographic filtering, costs $49.99. There are additional fees associated with any additional services.
    CATEGORIZED: Resume Services Resumix sells software to employers that reads, stores, searches, views, and tracks resumes. The technology is based on optically scanning thousands of resumes that many large employers receive. Let Resumix teach you how to prepare a resume that is easily scanned. A resume builder software purchase walks you through the process. Some of the best advice online for resume preparation from the industry leader's resources.
    CATEGORIZED: Resume Services The position results are delivered to you in a user-friendly chart that tells you the position title, company, location, and reference number; you can view a detailed job description if you want. Each job description contains contact information to follow up on. The site also emails position announcements to you.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Robert Half International Inc. (RHI) currently has more than 300 locations in North America, Europe and Australia offering temporary, full-time and project staffing. Operating seven separate divisions, they serve individuals in the fields of accounting and finance, highly skilled temporary administrative support, information technology professionals, attorneys and specialized support personnel within law firms and corporate legal departments, and creative, advertising, marketing and web design professionals. This site showcases RHI's publications for job hunters and hiring professionals, including books on navigating the job market and annual salary guides for accounting, information technology and administrative fields.
    CATEGORIZED: Compensation, H.R. Services, Search Firms, Temporary Agencies International Career Information is a U.S. subsidiary of Recruit Co. Ltd. which is one of the largest publishers in Japan and a leader in the employment information business. ICI publishes an employment and career guide (International Recruit Magazine) and maintains a database that includes more than 40,000 students and recent graduates as well as mid-level professionals in the U.S. and Asia. Many additional sites are available from this site.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia), Job Fairs One of the largest "outplacement" firms in the world, they have offices in nearly every major city in the United States. Uses a very strong thorough job search process in assisting outplaced employees of clients. Only client resumes are place on Right's resume online service and employer's must have a password to review them. No headhunters are allowed to browse this database. Site contains some of the best career advice attainable for the experts.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, HR Services, Resume Services One of the largest search firms specializing in accounting, finance, treasury, and information systems. Provides excellent career information and salary guide lines for the financial profession.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Compensation, Search Firms RSI is a professional and technical search and recruiting firm that specializes in high technology engineers and information systems professionals. Search the database for opportunities by specific region and apply online.
    CATEGORIZED: Search Firms The Accounting Research Center supports RAW to this huge site that offers links to information on taxation, finance, auditing, professional associations, accounting firms, and links to firms recruiting information. Also link to the American Accounting Association from this site.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Financial Manners International is a multifaceted consulting corporation that provides etiquette and protocol workshops, instructional videos and interactive software titles. Their workshops and digital media products are designed to meet the growing demand for effective manners, etiquette and protocol improvement solutions.
    CATEGORIZED: Interviewing empowers individuals and managers with the data needed to achieve a win-win in the compensation and employee retention game by providing accurate, applicable, authoritative salary information online, at no charge.
    CATEGORIZED: Compensation, Cost of Living A web site providing salary, bonus, cost-of-living, and benefits data with information on over 31,000 jobs in over 45,000 U.S. and Canadian cities. Find the average salary by selecting a job title from a list of the 774 most common U.S. jobs (or download a free edition of SalaryExpert to expand the number of titles to over 30,000) and entering a zip or selecting a state/metro area.
    CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Compensation, Cost of Living Dedicated to promotion Hispanic careers and education and publishes the "Saludos Hispanos" magazine. The career center includes job listings, resume posting (free), career information and an archive of career articles written for the magazine. Excellent links to www sites of interest to the Hispanic community.
    CATEGORIZED: Minority Recruitment Need funds to get your business ideas off the ground? It may not happen here, but you'll find a directory of thousands of companies who have used SBA services. Provides facts on federal aid and business counseling. Many tips on starting financing, and expanding your business including an SBA Resource Locator.
    CATEGORIZED: Small Business Guide Links to college and high school pages. Gives advice on the college application process from a non-commercial point of view.
    CATEGORIZED: College Choices At this site, you may place trades, get stock quotes and check out the latest financial news and economic reports.
    CATEGORIZED: Financial Services This professional organization manages an excellent site for research and development professionals to find employment and consider all career options. The job ads are similar to the classified ads normally placed in their professional magazine. Jobs can be searched by discipline, state, country, education, organization or keyword's. Candidates may register the email and have openings sent to them. There is an abundant amount of science career information that facilitates the job search, networking, and graduate education programs.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Job Search (Specialized), Professional Associations, Science/Math This site offers services for both non-members and members. Free services for non-members include job- and resume-posting; 1997 salary information; a searchable directory of employers; and information on events of interest to Intelligence professionals, such as career development symposia.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Compensation, Employer Profiles, H.R. Services, Job Advice, Job Search (Specialized), Resume Services The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission offers a wealth of information on investing, small business information, as well as technology and other employment opportunities available at the SEC.
    CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles EDGAR, (i.e. Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system) performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Its primary purpose is to increase the efficiency and fairness of the securities market for the benefit of investors, corporations, and the economy by accelerating the receipt, acceptance, dissemination, and analysis of time-sensitive corporate information filed with the agency.
    CATEGORIZED: Employer Profiles Silicon Graphics, the world's leader in computing technology, offers a website full of excellent information to the prospective employee. Some offerings include: employment opportunities, including contact information, executive bios, maps to their headquarters and SGI's strategic vision.
    CATEGORIZED: Employer Showcase This site offers hot deals at Sheraton hotels and resorts as well as a meeting planner guide. Make reservations online or call 1-800-325-3535.
    CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides Showbiz list job opportunities for the film, television, recording, multimedia and entertainment attractions job markets. You can select openings by company, job category, location, posting date, etc. The large entertainment organizations often post on this media site.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Job Search (Specialized) The Society for Human Resources Management(SHRM) is the global voice of the profession. The 100,000 plus HR professionals are likely to be using this site for any job searching that they do for themselves or for their company. While the site offers a wealth of information, especially to its members, here are some of the highlights:
    • Browse HR positions by location, title, post date, keyword search, etc.; register to have them emailed to you.
    • Peruse the Information Center and Library which offers articles on Benefits and Compensation, as well as a Job Description Databank that contains hundreds of job descriptions catagorized by function and industry.
    • View up-to-date information regarding SHRM Conferences and Seminars.

    CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Compensation, HR Services, Job Search (Specialized), Professional Associations, Training & Development This site is extremely useful in finding high-quality technical jobs in the New York tri-state area. For $45 for employers and $25 for job-seekers, employers can reach the tens of thousands of tech-savvy job-seekers for two weeks!
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) Access StockTalk where you can get information from personal investors regarding specific stocks. And Market Tools allows you to view a quick snapshot of key indices and indicators, recent changes to key analyst opinions, key bond pricing and yield curve, and shows you what's hot and what's not. Also informs you with the latest financial, political, sports and entertainment news, and more.
    CATEGORIZED: Investment Advice Earn Delta sky miles while shopping at speciatly merchants. Currently includes,,,,,, and many more.
    CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping Provides hundreds of links to help small and growing businesses win customers and make money on the Web through their suite of world-class Internet-empowering services.
    CATEGORIZED: Small Business Guide Pick from 350+ courses covering computers, finance, hobbies, and more. You can join SmartPlanet for free which would give you access to a sampling of the courses offered, but does not give you access to all courses. You may find a free membership a good way to get started with us. After your trial membership, you may decide to pay for courses as you go, or purchase a one-year standard membership. A one-year standard membership with SmartPlanet gives you unlimited access to all courses designated Standard or Free. The current price of membership is $69.95 per year for people who choose to come on board during our inaugural period. Effective February 1, 2000, the regular price of a standard membership will be $99.95 per year.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development The Sydney Morning Herald online allows you to keep track of what's going on in Australia and the world beyond. Link to the Classifieds and you'll be directed to the FAIRFAX MARKET which features thousands of job listings, comprehensive information tools, and advice to help you achieve a more rewarding working life. You can search the jobs by sector, location, arrangement, or keyword.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Australia) At this site, you may monitor your portfolio; get performance charts, research & Dow Jones News related to your holdings; access the Salomon Smith Barney daily online newspaper; read articles on investing; and use calculators and retirement planning tools.
    CATEGORIZED: Financial Services
    CATEGORIZED: Search Engines Surfing will find you an impressive list of openings for sales, marketing, financial, accounting, banking, and systems. One of the largest employment and search agencies.
    CATEGORIZED: Search Firms Spencer Stuart is a leading management consulting firm specializing in senior-level executive search and board director appointments. For 45 years, they have been at the forefront of the industry, creating a blend of management consulting and executive search that is best described as executive talent management. A global company whose core practice has reached 50 offices in 24 countries since its founding, the Spencer Stuart network continues to be strengthened by an expanding suite of services and an active commitment to quality. Registration is required.
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partner, International Jobs (Global), Search Firms Searching for an internship or your first full time job in the sports and recreation industry? Perhaps you currently work in the industry and are searching for that next opportunity. Either way, using this site, you can access the hundreds of sports oriented positions currently available. It is simple and has features two primary functions. Job Postings & Personal Brag Sheets. There is a monthly fee.
    CATEGORIZED: Internships, Job Search (Specialized)
    CATEGORIZED: Television This web site, containing a database of more than 2,500 provider listings, is designed for HR professionals to help locate search firms specializing in finding qualified people for available positions. There is a fee charged by the search firms. Job seekers could also use this site to help identify search firms to use as a source.
    CATEGORIZED: Search Firms Find multiple links to hot career related sites providing handouts from popular workshops through the student portion of this site. Also find several executive summaries.
    CATEGORIZED: College Career Services The site holds opportunities for restaurants from all over the world. Restaurant chefs, managers, sales, marketing, etc. are just a few of the opportunities listed. The search engine allows you to review resumes and post jobs. There is excellent occupational information on culinary careers and a good introduction to the educational programs from schools throughout the U.S. A although the site is not exclusively oriented for jobs and resumes, it offers a great occupational information resource.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Job Search (Specialized) A quick reference guide for job search, featuring the best job sites on the web, best career resources, and handy links to help you get a government job. Awesome site with many links to job search databases, articles, and anything you could possibly want to know about government jobs. Many of the sites listed can already be found in Career Resources.
    CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs, Job Search (General) The U.S. Department of the State website contains a wealth of information divided up into categories such as Countries and Regions, International Topics and Issues, Travel and Living Abroad, and much more. Link to the over 40 Bureaus and Offices that are organizational components of the State Department, or link to the Employment section where you can find out anything you need to know concerning goverment employment. This site provides an abundance of information that could prove to be invaluable when pursuing a job search in other regions of the world.
    CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs, International Info. (U.S. Students), Travel Service The Internet Job Source was founded in 1997 and operates a network of local sites in the nation's largest cities. They currently have sites for New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, California, Texas and Silicon Valley but have future sites planned for Atlanta, Ohio, Seattle and Florida. You may search the state jobs database by location, category, keyword, or ALL of the above! You may also post your resumes for potential employers to peruse. Subscribe to their online newsletter with valuable tips on job hunting via the web.
    CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs,1 StepStone is Europe's leading Career and Recruitment Portal, currently attracting more than 1 million user sessions to StepStone websites EVERY WEEK. Will match qualified candidates with relevant career opportunities and notify you with email updates on relevant matching company job listings, according to the profile you submit to them. Provides quality career opportunities, training and educational courses and editorial content and tips that will help to secure the right job.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Europe) Although this is an alumni site for the MBA Program of NY, its value to non-alums is the links to executive recruiters, corporations, and career information.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, College Career Services, Search Firms This site, by the Economist Intelligence Unit, provides all the cost of living data you need from around the world. Covering living costs in 129 cities, and based on the collection of more than 50,000 prices, it allows you to advise confidently on compensation packages for expatriate staff, wherever they may be based.
    CATEGORIZED: Compensation, Cost of Living Listings for thousands of study abroad programs in more than 100 countries throughout the world. You will also find hundreds of links to study abroad program home pages.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) This site is a guide for international students studying or planning to study in the U.S. The site provides information on U.S. colleges & universities, required testing, financial aid, choosing an intensive English program, getting a visa, applying for admission and staying safe on campus. The site's Resource Guide appears in English, Spanish and Japanese.
    CATEGORIZED: College Choices, International Info. (International Students) Successories believes that the way people live, think and work can be positively influenced by their environment. They provide products to do just that -- to create an atmosphere that inspires a positive attitude and helps people to succeed. The products are really tools - tools that promote individual and team excellence.
    CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services Verizon (formed by the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE) has integrated and into a more robust, easier-to-use directory and shopping resource site. The site currently offers access to nationwide Yellow Pages and residential directories, online shopping, Consumer Guide product reviews and recommendations, classified ads, local discounts and deals, and maps and driving directions. In addition, SuperTopics provides users with upgraded editorial content, resources, and links on the most popular topic areas and for every city nationwide.
    CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories, Employer Profiles If you are looking for a person, email address or a business, is for you. They offer both online white and yellow pages. This is a great place to start!
    CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories An information resource of special interest to educators and human resource professionals who design delivery of course information. Provides resources on trends online that use latest technology for delivery of content. Topics include course development software, classroom technology, web/CD delivery systems, distance learning, electronic textbooks, etc.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Easy to access to information regarding attending Syracuse, as well as open viewing of information current students/faculty can access. Check out the career services, found under Alumni, where you can find up-to-date information on market trends and link out to various job listing sites.
    CATEGORIZED: College Career Services Provides information to prospective students as well as Thunderbird almuni. Check out the International Business Information Centre (IBIC under Research Centers) where you will find information in books, journals, databases and other resources. It is more than a traditional library, since it provides resources not only in the building, but electronically from other sites around the world. The IBIC has thousands of books and periodicals, newspapers in ten different languages, and a large video collection of foreign language film and documentaries. It also provides over 50 databases, and has computer workstations throughout the building to access the many electronic resources.
    CATEGORIZED: College Career Services, International Jobs (Global) As a non-profit organization, Tallent Alliance offers your company the opportunity to benefit from the latest Internet technologies and human resource strategies for career management. Once your company becomes a member of the network, you may request a password access to our 12 Career Centers, 57 Workshops, and the proprietary Career LifeLine services. These services provide you with interactive skill development resources, personal survey instruments, online learning sources, job search tools, outplacement support, career planning strategies and industry research to help you pursue your field of work.
    CATEGORIZED: Assessment Tools, Training & Development This is a nationally recognized site for training professionals features a job market, business showcases, training links, development issues, and FAQs on training and development topics. Individuals searching for work or contracts can create and maintain their resumes/profiles in a database; seek out new career/project opportunities; and register for notification service. Also provides tips, advice, and news for job seekers and employers; as well as a "community center" where job seekers can chat with each other or potential employers.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized), Training & Development Teach For America is the national corps that calls upon outstanding and diverse recent college graduates to commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools. The site contains information about our program as well as an online application feature.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (College) This site provides over 70 comprehensive Guides. Each guide presents a focused technology topic in practical, objective, and understandable terms. is your one-stop IT resource, providing how-to advice and strategic insight to guide IT and business professionals in technology project planning and decision-making. All the Guides may be viewed and printed at no charge.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Technoskill, sponsored by the Canadian Advanced Technology Association, offers employment in the technology industry. It provides links to various sites that will aid you in your search for a technology related career. Included in these links are a career portal, career fairs, and corporate job boards.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Canada) Texas, especially Austin, Houston and the Dallas/Fort Worth area, is humming with job opportunities. The Texas Career Network offers an on-line career database. In addition, they offer a Personal Career Agent, which allows job seekers to search for a job free and confidential. Job hunters can register a profile card and receive jobs via email that match their specifications.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) The Blue Line is a monthly publication featuring public service job openings for police, fire, EMS, dispatch, corrections, and administrative positions all across the United States. They specialize in saturation coverage in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Michigan. As a subscriber (there is a fee) you will receive the most current hiring and recruitment information available anywhere! It's a must for anyone looking for career information in the law enforcement field.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) The Immigration Superhighway: A broad listing of references for foreign nationals studying in the United States who wish to remain here.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (International Students) Browse the Roget’s Thesaurus through the alphabetical index of headwords, the six broad categories into which Mr. Roget classified the entire vocabulary of the English language, or simply do a search. Also allows for translations of the english language and links you to
    CATEGORIZED: Online Publications This site provides insider's look at Wall Street. The Street brings you timely, accurate financial news and commentary so you can make informed investment decisions. Use the site on a 30-day free trial membership. Then you have the option of subscribing monthly at $9.95 or annually at $99.95
    CATEGORIZED: Investment Advice Launched in January 2000, is a free career site for job seekers. Job searches, online resumes, job alerts, industry news, and career tools, are a few of the many features available. With dedicated recruiters, the hiring companies are positioned to locate your next career opportunity.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (General) Thomas Register offers free membership to their site which allows you to search through more than 155,000 manufacturing companies for information about their products as well as contact information like email addresses and website information.
    CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories, Employer Profiles Investigate Thrifty’s rates & reservations, special offers, international locations and franchise opportunities at this site.
    CATEGORIZED: Rental Cars Learn about TIAA-CREF and it's products such as retirement plans, SRAs, IRAs, mutual funds, personal annuities, life insurance, long-term care, trust services, and saving for college. Or access your existing account information.
    CATEGORIZED: Mutual Funds Subscribe to TIE’s newspaper and online services to gain access to hundreds of Job Ads placed by American overseas and international schools worldwide. TIE's 5 issues (Oct., Dec., Feb., April & June) are subscribed to by teachers, administrators, schools and institutions worldwide. Schools can update their job openings weekly, thus giving subscribers year round access to the very latest job vacancies. Subscription fee needed to use this site.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) Shop for airline tickets, hotels, and cruises at discount prices. Also offers sports, theater, and concert tickets.
    CATEGORIZED: Travel Service HKI Asia Pacific, which started as TKO in 1983, is an online recruiter for software jobs in Japan, Korea, and China and provides career services for international (Asia/Pacific) professionals, managers and individual contributors for the semiconductor, software and communications industries.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) Anywho Directories offers the ability to search the web for toll-free phone numbers, people, businesses and websites. There is also a link to a site that offers mapping services.
    CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories The leading web site for electronic products and services that facilitate international commerce over the Internet. A "brand name" on the web since 1995 for news, information and sophisticated database products that help companies and individuals navigate the far reaches of trade, importing, exporting, sales, marketing, logistics, research and e-business in today's global marketplace. A very large site that offers subscribers more than 50 gigabytes of constantly changing global trade information, resources and business tools that are easy-to-use, comprehensive and up-to-date.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. The matching of jobs and applicants is focused on a niche market of training professionals. Provides career advice in training and access to development materials in their bookstore.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Transitions Abroad: Work, study, and travel programs. An online magazine that requires a subscription fee in order to navigate through the whole website, but it's a good place to look for international travel and life. Also on this site you will find links to numerous overseas programs and information resources.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info Although this is the official site of the Singapore Tourism Board, you may also get information on other countries such as Australia, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and many more. Site has a lot of graphics so tends to be a bit slow.
    CATEGORIZED: International Contains airline ticket ordering and destination information and assists with lodging and auto rental. One of the biggest and best sites.
    CATEGORIZED: Travel Service Book an international or domestic flight, rent a car, reserve a hotel room, and more from Travel Secrets. This site is still under construction so check back for added features.
    CATEGORIZED: Travel Service Offers airline tickets, hotel bookings, and car rental services. May have the best listings of hotels from around the world. Be sure to check out their special deals.
    CATEGORIZED: Travel Service Through this site, you may obtain a credit report, along with information on credit fraud.
    CATEGORIZED: Credit Reports, Financial Services
    CATEGORIZED: Television This site provides a centralized place to locate a wide range of broadcast related jobs and available positions throughout North America. There is a subscription fee to look at the jobs and post your resume.
    CATEGORIZED: Job Search (Specialized) At the TWA website, you may check flight schedules and fares; book flights; and gather information on TWA's frequent flyer program and vacation packages.
    CATEGORIZED: Airlines, Travel Services This site provides environmental news and ecotourism information for the Americas. As a traveler's resource center, it provides more than 8,000 pages of short articles and in-depth scholarly reports.
    CATEGORIZED: International At the United website, you may check flight schedules and fares; book flights; check on visa, customs & currency information; book hotel accomodations; check weather reports in your destination city; find out about United's frequent flyer program; and find out more about the company.
    CATEGORIZED: Airlines, Hotel Guides, Rental Cars, Travel Services, Weather Reports The University of California, Irvine, has a list of helpful international information. There are numerous opportunities to work abroad as a student or recent graduate through short-term work exchange programs. The Center for International Education's focus is to assist students to find these exchange programs, as opposed to permanent career positions abroad. This page contains links to work abroad related web sites, as well as listings of some of the more well-known programs that exist.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Global) The University of California's Benefit Site is an excellent example of large employers benefits package and various components. A great resource of information on medical benefits, pension funds, etc. for the UC system. Shows how employees can change their benefits by filling out online forms.
    CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs Provides a complete career resource center dedicated to helping U.K. job seekers find employment. Use the nationwide job search database or narrow your search by clicking on the appropriate category (which include Computer & IT, Administration, Industry, and Social). The service is FREE!
    CATEGORIZED: International The University of Kansas' Virtual Interviewing Assistant (VIA) provides complete details about the interview process and many interview articles. Very focused information especially useful to interviewees, interviewers, and HR professionals.
    CATEGORIZED: Interviewing, Job Fairs Provides information for hundreds of occupations. The collection includes career specific books, career planning books, job futures books, and occupational files on hundreds of occupations as classified by the National Occupational Classification system.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields This intuitive site takes you through information a prospective student would need to resources for alumni. Also provides information for visitors as well as faculty and staff.
    CATEGORIZED: College Career Services Whether you're looking for a volunteer experience, a short-term job, or an international career, the Overseas Opportunities Office can help you clarify your search and find the information you need faster. They have a large collection of work-abroad related resources in our office with information on short-term, long-term, paid, volunteer, and teaching work abroad. They are building and maintaining one of the most useful and informative work abroad sites anywhere.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (U.S. Students) resumeTutor provides an interactive workbook designed to make resume writing easy and fun. While resumeTutor won't actually write a resume for you, it will teach a lot about how to write a resume. PLEASE NOTE: If you want a web site to assemble and format a resume for you, this is not the site for you. This is a teaching tool, and it is recommended that you print your workbook pages and use them as material from which YOU will assemble and format your resume. This web site will not save any of your work, so it's up to you to print out your workbook pages!
    CATEGORIZED: Resume Services The Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) is pleased to provide information on recruitment in the UN family. You will find useful information on employment opportunities with the UN Secretariat in general, as well as openings in other organizations of the UN family. You will also find information on how junior professional posts are filled, and how to apply for the Internship Program.
    CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs, Internships, International Jobs (Global), Job Search (Specialized) VCampus is a completely outsourced, remotely hosted and totally scalable distance education and training delivery solution. Their services enable clients to easily manage the enrollment, registration, tracking, testing, grading, administration and certification of distance learners. With a courseware library of more than 1,100 web-based courses and hundreds of thousands of course registrations already implemented to date, VCampus is a industry leader in a web-based learning environment.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development At the US Airways website, you may check flight schedules and fares; book flights, rental cars & hotels; and find out about US Airways' frequent flyer program; and find out more about the company.
    CATEGORIZED: Airlines, Hotel Guides, Rental Cars, Travel Services The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management. Click on the Current Job Openings link on the opening page to find a menu of six job areas: Professional Career, Entry Level Professional, Senior Executive, Summer, Clerical and Technician, and Trades and Labor. You can look at jobs alphabetically or by series. You will find thousands of jobs at this site, including positions for archeologists, park rangers, statisticians, loan clerks, firefighters, etc. Allows you to create a resume to keep on file. Very complicated website.
    CATEGORIZED: Government Jobs The official site of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It offers many links including a listing of chamber events, a directory of chambers, associations, and the latest news in the U.S. and around the globe. Also contains great material for anyone who is planning to work in the private sector. This site is loaded with information, from monthly newsletters to outstanding training resources.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (Global), Professional Associations, Small Business Guide Through this site, you may post car ads (currently a free service), search listings of used cars for sale and look up Kelley Blue Book values.
    CATEGORIZED: Auto Purchases Search this site for information on careers, colleges, graduate schools, financial aid and scholarships, and campus life. This site allows you to conduct line-by-line comparisons of up to four schools for admissions, demographics, financial aid and more. For those conducting job searches, the site provides over 1,000 career profiles; a listing of "hot job tracks;" advice on using want ads, search engines and headhunters; the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey; and advice on resumes, cover letters, interviews and salary negotiation.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, College Choices, Compensation, Cover Letters, Graduate Study, Job Advice This site is packed with information. Go to the Student Center and you will find invaluable articles, insightful advice AND a networking directory. Other offerings include sample resumes and cover letters for different industries, salary benchmarks, "a day in the life profiles", and relocation tools, as well as message Boards that provide students with a forum to seek advice and discuss school life, summer internships, and recruiting. Use VaultMatch to post your resume and be contacted by potential employers, or search an extensive free job board that contains thousands of top job openings. Subscribe to targeted e-newsletters with breaking news and exclusive stories in various industries.
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Career Fields, Employer Profiles, MBA Job Services If an internship is what you’re looking for, this is the place to be. If it’s career-related information you need, it's here too. You have FREE access to more than 50,000 internships worldwide (based on what’s most important to you—company type, location, job type, etc.), not to mention advice on all aspects of the search process. Don’t see exactly what you want? Set-up a Virtual Agent to be your headhunter. It will search for an internship match even when you’re not online and when it finds something you might like, it’ll let you know. Fill out your resume online and hundreds of eager employers will be able to check out your credentials and see if they match their internship hiring needs.
    CATEGORIZED: Internships The Visa website provides information about products & services, promotions, consumer tips, ATM maps, and information for business customers.
    CATEGORIZED: Credit Cards, Financial Services You may order some of their most popular items from tehir online catalog, or request a copy of the Buyer's Guide which contains the complete line of products. Also check out their software center where you may download many useful software products for free!
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Provides access to training magazines and newsletters, as well as information regarding upcoming training seminars and conferences.
    CATEGORIZED: Training & Development Shop and find out about job opportunities at Wal-Mart on this site.
    CATEGORIZED: Online Shopping A direct link to wall street online! Access quotes, graphs, real time market commentary and analyst reviews, intra day news and portfolio, 10K, 10Q reports, Vickers Insider reports, J&J fund reports, and numerous predetermined search results of stocks and mutual funds during the course of the day for FREE. Upgraded access levels available for $9.95 or $34.95 per month.
    CATEGORIZED: Investment Advice Wang & Li Asia Resources is an international services recruitment firm for greater China. In addition to providing current job listings by category and/or location, they provide networking information and market reports.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Asia) Read current and archived articles from The Washington Post. The site contains employment and career planning information for job seekers and employers. Also provides information regarding homes for sale or rent, apartments, neighborhood information for ease of relocation.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Housing Guides, Weather Looking for your first job? An internship? Washington Jobs, powered by the Washington Post, provides a guide to success that containts career profiles, expert advice, job horoscopes, a networking center, an entry-level and internship search, and much more. The site offers generalized career advice to government job hunting tips. It also allows you to post your resume via CareerPath.
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Government Jobs, Job Advice, Job Search (General) At The Weather Channel’s website, you may investigate "Breaking Weather", "This Day in Weather History" forecasts for around the globe and the latest Doppler Radar and satellite images.
    CATEGORIZED: Weather Provides a service to corporations that allows them use the Web to quickly and cost-effectively post jobs, attract and evaluate talent and manage the hiring process. Also great for job seekers with options to post resumes as well as review job postings from several sites.
    CATEGORIZED: H.R. Info. Systems, Job Search (General), Resume Services Find and reserve a room, join their rewards progam, or just check out their list of hot deals. Also available, a way to book a complete vacation, whether it be a romantic vacation for two or one the whole family will enjoy.
    CATEGORIZED: Hotel Guides Offers a wealth of entry-level job search information. A highlight of this site is an excellent Company Interviews section which include pertinent information regarding hiring opportunities (including qualifications requirements), compensation packages, corporate culture (including the advantages AND disadvantages), their recruiting process, what to expect in an interview and much more. Also sign up for the free CareerWatch newsletter covering internships, the undergrad and MBA job market, salary, and industries such as financial services and consulting.
    CATEGORIZED: Premier Partners, Employer Profiles, Interviewing, Job Advice is primarily a website dedicated to finding people. There are options to search by first name, last name, email address and regular street address. This site also offers links to, a premier career research site, as well as links to online resume banks.
    CATEGORIZED: Career Fields, Contact Directories, Resume Services Windham International, a division of GMAC Global Relocation Services (GRS), is a comprehensive global relocation management and consulting firm. They provide clients with a complete range of services that mirrors the responsibilities of the international human resource function, but provide publicly-accessible data on their website, including brief reports and an online article library addressing topics such as global relocation trends, hardship rankings, hiring a nanny, the cost of business attire, currency exchange & regulations around the world and relocating pets internationally.
    CATEGORIZED: Benefits, Compensation, International Info., H.R. Services, Training/Development A great guide to career resources online with links to job opportunities, resume referral services and on-campus recruiting. Most access to such resources are available to either students or alumni only.
    CATEGORIZED: College Career Services Working Woman online offers magazine articles, online chats and special databases, including rankings of business schools & companies for women, and a salary survey.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications WorkLife was founded by career development professionals with more than 25 years of experience in bringing career consulting services to major corporations across industries and throughout North America. They specialize in the design, development and installation of intranet solutions for career management. WorkLife offers a secure, flexible and modular approach to content in four categories related to career management: Recruitment and Retention; Assessment and Retraining; Redeployment and Transition; Workforce Management Intelligence Consulting.
    CATEGORIZED: H.R. Services Once registered at Canada's Biggest Job Site, you may submit your resumé, apply for jobs online, and sign-up for CareerAlert! (a personal job search agent that alerts you when jobs you want are advertised). Customize a My workopolis page and you can maintain your resumés, CareerAlerts! settings, saved job searches, personal job list, and much more.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Canada) WorldatWork, formerly the American Compensation Association and the Canadian Compensation Association, is a global, not-for-profit association of more than 26,000 compensation, benefits and human resources professionals. It allows recruiters to post positions so their members can view openings by title, posting day, or location and includes links to seminars and other related sites.
    CATEGORIZED: Benefit Programs, Compensation, Job Search (Specialized) The World Chambers Network (WCN) mobilizes the worldwide network of over 10,000 chambers of commerce to work together at one Internet location--the only website designed by chambers of commerce, for chambers of commerce worldwide. WCN fosters a comprehensive exchange of business information, on a wide rage of subjects including technology, products, services, markets and resources. Features for its members include a database of business opportunities with an easy-to-operate search facility; an index of Chambers of Commerce; international trade information from country reports to trade and customs information; worldwide business and membership directories; and access to the products and services of chambers of commerce worldwide.
    CATEGORIZED: International Info. (General) Worldpages offers both yellow and white pages as well as the capability to search for email addresses. Another nice feature is their mapmaker where you can find where a business is located and get detailed maps to help you find it.
    CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories The interactive edition of The Wall Street Journal provides access to some news articles (full access for subscribers), the latest market numbers and links to other business-related sites. Additional services include access to free company annual reports and a free fund prospectus.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Job Advice One of the web's most recognizable search engines, Yahoo is a great place to begin your web search. In addition to online white and yellow pages, there are also multiple categories that simplify and narrow your search, such as a business and economy section that includes employment links.
    CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories, Search Engines Before you interview or company call, you need to read the up-to-the-minute articles about the businesses that were recently in the news. Find headlines and short stories about hundreds of organizations.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Employer Profiles Yellow-Page offers the ability to search for businesses by category, name or partial address. Once you have located a business, you can then print maps to help you get there.
    CATEGORIZED: Contact Directories CThis site contains information about jobs and employment for youth (between the ages of 15 and 30) such as finding out about careers, about abilities and interests, education and training, job opportunities, and much more. The YEI site brings together all the youth employment information available from the Government of Canada. It also has information about youth employment from groups, organizations and businesses other than government.
    CATEGORIZED: International Jobs (Canada) This site provides a wide variety of services including articles, job search tools, market quotes, business advice and software product reviews. This site requires a thourough search as it has a lot of information.
    CATEGORIZED: Business Publications, Financial Services, Investment Advice, Mutual Funds